Wednesday, November 16, 2011


last Friday (11/11/11 :D), Doris, Kri and I had steamboat. 

went through a series of unfortunate events before finally arriving at the place. but it was all worth it! 

firstly, we actually wanted to try out the new steamboat place at Boulevard area. but alas the place was packed with people and we had no booking. saw Joanna sapo there too. lolol. a funny incident happened but i think it's best not to mention it HAHAHA (you know i know lah xD) 

so we decided to just find some place to eat in Permy Mall, since it opened on the day. i was already starving by then, and seeing the line of cars to the mall definitely didn't help. finding a place to park was a hard task, and the funny thing was, we saw the steamboat place that Doris showed us on facebook. so yeah, we ended up eating there :p

the place was jam packed too!! D: but thankfully, we managed to find a place. and believe it or not our luck was so rotten that day the moment we stepped into the place, it blacked out. -_- 

but like i said, all is well. and we had a great steamboat :] 


 just look at the size of that prawn!! :O


sooooo sorry i had to eat you. muahaha. 


didn't manage to upload the pics on facebook. technical problems i guess. but my gosh look at our steamboat pot. wtf wtf. *DROOLS* 

and after our wonderful dinner, we walked over to Permy Mall. it was already 10pm++ and yet the place was filled with people. haha all so sakai go see the new mall, including us! 

 a shot of the Christmas Tree on the way down the escalator. oops the star's missing! Haha

at the end of the night, we were all oily and tired. but i insisted on a picture cause well, need proof that we spent 11/11/11 together bah right? xDDD

on Sunday, my lil' bro received his first Holy Communion! :D 

wuahaha sorry i'm obsessed with my own lil' brother. :O 

 family photo without my 1st bro. he was working

eheh nice candid shot of everyone EXCEPT ME WTF SPOILER. 

anyways moving on. 

i have nothing more to say. i love food. but food makes me unphotogenic. cheh. stupid life and it's hard choices. imma go sleep now. nights! 

 look at their adorable faces. haha

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