Sunday, August 29, 2010

lame #2

this morning before going to church, we stopped by my 12-year-old-brother's friend's house as he spent the night there.
my gosh, you should have seen the size of the house, or should i say, mansion.

as the gates opened, we saw a garage at the side. i didn't paid much attention as i was still half awake but i did noticed two land cruisers. the ninja turtle king sized one. the price of the two added together is already more than my house! (i think?) and yeah, there were even more cars there.

when my brother entered the car, his face was plastered with a goofy grin. i guess sleeping inside a mansion has a way of making one happy.
anyways, he mentioned his friend's uncle owning two Ferrari's.
so i quickly looked back at the garage, and sure enough, there they were: two freakin' yellow Ferrari's. why in the world would someone need two Ferrari's is beyond me.

that morning during breakfast, i cracked a lame joke. hehehe

me: who's your friend oh... why so rich one? 
bro: *Alvin (name altered to protect privacy)

me: your friend got brother or not? *hamsap face* 

-mum heard me say this- 

bro: no oh.. but cousin got lah. 

mum: how bout his uncle?...

bro: already married.

HAHAHA never knew my mum had a funny bone in her ROFLMAO! and it was funny how my brother didn't wait for mum to finish her question and straightaway answered her. hahaha
mum and i couldn't stop laughing after that conversation.
the lady who brought us our drinks gave us the wtf?! look.

dad asked us what we were laughing about. mum told him and immediately i got a whole lecture on how i should not "be with a guy just because he's rich", lecture included how rich men can easily cheat because they have money, and also how rich men won't have enough time to spend with their children because they're too busy making more money.

P/s that's just my dad being well, dad.  so if you're a rich man, please do not be offended ;]

Saturday, August 28, 2010

true love exists??

oh yeah! i am color contacts free! ... for the time being ;P
bought a pair pink contacts from Lovely Lens House thru FB. turns out the seller is my friend wtf -_-
she evil lor hiding her identity from me. but still.. support her yeah!! cos the lens damn nice also. ahaha <3

neways, went to a birthday dinner just now. my dad's friend's 50th. it was fun. food okay okay only, i was so full D:

but the speeches were very funny and touching at the same time. their children, 3 of them are in the phillipines and couldn't come back to celebrate his birthday with him, so they wrote letters, and close friends read them out on stage. almost brought me to tears :x

oh dear, look at my fringe.

nerdeh glasses is <3. 

i was gonna type a long speech on how i suddenly believe that maybe, just maybe, true love does exist in this world, but my english just ain't pro enuf to express what i want to say. *SIGH*
so... thus ends my post. muahaha!

it's like 1.27AM and i'm still wide awake, right after promising dad i'd bath and sleep early from now on. :s

well... at least i bathed earlier than usual, right? ;D

i love youuuu <3 but i love Bean Bean more =|

PS: i have no idea what is going through my mind lately. it's like, i'm not thinking at all! the things i do, the thoughts that go through my head... it's just so wrong. i'm torn to pieces feeling this way. but sometimes i just can't help feeling attracted to you? (wtf you see these are the forbidden thoughts i was talking about!)
but i know fairly well this is WRONG. as in, capital letters wrong. bah. not gonna elaborate.
NITES! >:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

musketeer 3rd monthsary♥

hee~ went out for dinner on Wednesday. celebrated our Musketeer gang's 3rd month together.
we started out with 3 members, then added another 3 more ;DD

so now we're 6.! ;]

not much to elaborate. dinner was at Citrus, overall price was kinda ex but we had fun there. hehehe
so... pics! to brighten your day :P

love you guys ttm <3

PS. we really needs a camera, don't you think? :| 


Thursday, August 26, 2010


i need a man job.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 16 - A picture of your dream cell phone

yesssssssss my dream phone is iPhone !! hahaha. white color one. T3T
so so nice  :3

dun reli like the iphone 4 cos it's so... square-ish ahaha. shit  can't wait for my phone to spoil so i can buy new one ;D
that's all! can't wait to finish this challenge -_- but what would i blog bout then? :s

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 15 - A picture of yourself

hehee 2nd post for todayy ;]
can't wait to complete this challenge!

and tomorrow's challenge is a good one. :P

byesss <3

Day 14 - A picture of you and a few friends

hehehe. 7 out of 13 members present. ;D
last night, my airen chia-ed us Pizza Hut cos she lost a bet. muahahaaa~

yay had fun spending time with them. sorry to Kri and Doris though.. they have exams the next day yet i still force them to come just cos i want to see them :s

and todayyy~ SS, C3 and Daryl came to Curtin! wooh~ hahaha
showed them around campus, nothing much to see actually. heheh i think SS only interested in looking at guys lor *ahemm
but so nice lah they come visit though the weather was so so hot D:

have a safe flight tomorrow, airen!! (:
Daryl Soon too!

can't wait for Raya to come. Bryan, Susan and SS coming back again. haha plan for our sushi trip kay!? i broke also must go!! wakaka <3

Sunday, August 22, 2010


maybe.. beneath that i-don't-give-a-damn attitude you portray, there's actually a small part of you that cares.
maybe, beneath that emotionless face, there's actually a heart that feels and hurts, just like a normal person does.

maybe, i was filled with so much hate, that i didn't realize how blind i was.

sigh.. i'm so so sorry. i'm always blinded by the less important things. focusing on the bad things that happened instead of being grateful that you're alright.
maybe.. maybe i'm just effing selfish.

i remember the last time we fight. we didn't talk for days. then one night, we both burst out shouting at each other. we said some pretty hurtful stuffs, and both ended up crying. when i saw your tears, i was stunned. i never meant to hurt you the way i did. i never knew you cared. i never knew you'd shed a tear. to me, you were always cool and showed no expression on your face. even when dad was scolding us, i'd always end up crying, but you never cried.

it was... scary, frightening. knowing that i did something so bad to make you cry.
i'm sorry. i guess i'm just not perfect. i will learn to forgive... and eventually, forget. i'm sorry i'm not the sister you'd wish me to be. i'm sorry for hating you, i should have stopped and think how you felt. instead of showing you my i-hate-you-you're-the-reason-we're-in-this-shit face. that must have hurt. i suck. period. please give me time to change and be a better person.

i love you too. :)

Day 13 - A picture of your friends

hehehe one of me favourite topics to blog about -- FRIENDS :) 

well.. lazy to elaborate, just check out the pix yeah ;]] 

6M primary classmates gathering 

celebrate SS's birthday at Krispe Kreme ;P 

met with Jess babe yo! (she's the leng lui in the middle :D)

delicia! (most left) 

c3 and her bf. (special guest ahaha)

abigail, candy, siaw ling, and yen ru. 

i really like this pic :D

hoho zaika friends :) 

me, Katty, Mala, Yasmin and Wee! 

with Siaw Ing and ah Bong during the site visit. lollol 


ah Vian <3

mr Roy and Mei Yuk :)) 

Alex Chai and Rohit.

Kelly ;D 

Wan Yeng ! :) 

Chee!! my love. ahaha~ 

Rita, middle one. 

Cathe. i look so round T_T 

JR! without da jie :( 

3 musketeers :D

4 musketeers ;DD 

yay yay got da jie here :))

Terry, Kri and me. wooh my hair so long LOL! 

Wee <3

Katty! <3

my ham face and hello kitty! :) 

Malaaaaa ~ 

sushi and ah ha~ 

at CY's housee ! making sushi i think :P 

HAHAHA good times!! 


with dalring. ahaha! 

Joan and Doreen <3

hahaha super old pic!! with Mr Anthony, Terry and Daryl!! 

Zahidah, Noorul and Rizal !

haha ! 

angels in disguise >;) 


nett moi!!

what was i thinking posing like that?! wtf

oh i love my ghey friends too.. ;D

sapo's. HAHA! 
Yuki ! 

remember this? :O 

my best friend and lester. xD

Yong Wei, met her while working in Boulevard :) 

Crystal! :D

retards.! ;P 

with Doreen and Amanda. crazy people! :P

 Chelsss ! :D

at pizza hut. omg PL so ah lian that time D:

sexiest bag model ever ;]

Curtini aka Jian Ren Tuan! <3

tennis. hahaha 

Anne ~

ah Vian <3

and last but not least, a picture of my youngest brother cos he's just sooooooo cute! :3

*pinch cheeks* >_< 

hahaha alot of pics ei? i know i know some of them are repetitive. but.. you have to admit some of the pics are funneyy :P 


PS: this post is so out of topic -_-