Saturday, August 7, 2010

i read your diary

awwwww adorable!  *squeals*

i am so in love yo <3
ToysWorld is having sales!! this baby above is only RM24.90. original price is RM50 ler!!
so if you wanna buy cute car accessories, go there now! :D

had dinner with ah Wee at Sajian Warisan on Thursday.
hated the service! the waiter's face so bu shuang like that. then the portion of the food reduced! :\

played Wii at C3's house on Friday.

she made spaghetti, sushi and lemon drink for us <3

we felt so at home, PL actually fell asleep there.

Olic brought her Wii over. most of her games so silly one laa. but damn cute and funny! haha
played boxing with PL and i won!! wuahaha. but now my biceps hurt. :(

then at night, Musketeers had a picnic by the beach! ahaha~ it was fun-ness to the max. ;D
first stop, we bought some burgers at the burger stall in front of Soho.
6 burgers for rm11. hahahaha the person counted wrongly ! :x either that or he gave us huge discount.

wooh~ the picnic was fun. weirdly there were so many people at the playground. i mean, it was so late at night how come still so many people, right ?
then they started crapping, saying that they aren't really people. wtf *change topic*


and this morning. went breakfast with awhyo. is today a special occasion or something? because alot of shops weren't open!! eeeesh. kept changing place. finally we settled at 9696 cafe at Pelita.
ok lah the food. not bad.

before leaving, we stopped by Toysworld. xD
(points to beginning of post!)

i'm tired :(
and there's so many things on my list that i wanna buy.
i think i'm destined to never be able to save up for a new phone. wtf

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