Friday, December 18, 2009


my new spex.
kinda, sort of like it? o.O
but it's too loose and hence, uncomfortable :(

is it like possible to tighten it in the store or something? ~_~

went swimming and then sauna with Curtini yesterday.
sadly Sushi didn't go :(
cos she's in KK

we had tonnes of fun, playing in the pool, jio-ing each other as always.!

ah Wee damn violent one lor -,-
keep wanting to push me into the water T__T

after that we went Sauna,
but b4 that we washed our hairs together (sounds funny idk why) then conditioner.

1st time I went sauna lor,
kelian arh my life.

it was really hot in there, like hard to breathe.

then turns out they all use mouth to breathe only me sakai go use nose breath =.=
the hell.

after everything, had dinner at Pete's!

om nom nommm!! *drools

really nice. haha
I had Fish and Chips (seems like I eat this all the time hor =.=) 

yummy! :D

wait for ah Wee to update the foodblog on it larh hor :D

it was nice talking with each other like old times (:

and guess who received an early Xmas pressie??!

none other than mua of course!


Jac darling dropped a pressie for me last night. she shouldn't have :/


Hello Kitty! woots! haha
lovessss it ♥

haix, it's almost 12. gots to go to the airport soon!
byes everyone. hopefully I'll have a great time there, hehe.
please dun gain weight T_T
I'm fat enough already!!

 I weighed this morning. I'm 1kg heavier than yesterday. CCB!!!!!

want to kill people liao lor WALAU EH!




Thursday, December 17, 2009

I is still alive

 my two idiotic brothers :D

last night was funnn! (:

went to sing k with Awhyo. it's been awhile. so long didn't go sing k liao lor :(
finally, at long last we went! hehe

me and ss ai renn! pretty as always :P

after singing we went he cha, our usual routine.
we jokingly asked whether they still have abc special so late at night, who knew they reli have!

so SS, Terry and I all had one. D:
so the very disastrous for our diet plan.

but owh well, the damage's done. no use crying over spilt milk, right?
(walau I sound so wise *proud*)

me and them at the tennis court the other day. (:

wei I love hanging out with awhyo so damn much lar!
can't wait for our KL trip this Jan ^^


as for now, I think it's best I go pack my bags
(haven't started packing *gulps)

leaving for Philipines tomorrow!! *jumps up and down


dad says we're gonna shop at the Biggest Mall in Asia. 

(I think this is the one? ~_~)

I simply cannot wait anymore. yay yay yay     \o/

ok lar, I still have a very looong to-do-list waiting for me. T~T
don't think I'll be updating, so don't miss me. hehe
or maybe I will, who knows? XD

bye bye BYE!


Monday, December 14, 2009


this cute lil shi tzu pup larh!!

ccb it's so cute with it's head all brown and body snowwy white!

haix. :(

should I?

Friday, December 11, 2009

ten things you ought to know by now

who am I? 
that's a secret I'll never tell

 just joking! I'm not Gossip Girl okayys!
no need to keep my identity a secret

I've realized, that I've never really done a post on myself. like.. introducing myself blablabla

        lol. so here I am, writing this shit.

and if you haven't noticed, 
one of my eye is bigger than the other. T~T

let's make it #10 things you should know about ME. by now.

#1 I love PINK. not the singer, the colour.

   if only my room was this pink and this cute and this clean.

       this girl is way more obsessed with pink than I am.

#2 I adore shopping. this, my friend, is my obsession.

sadly, big luxurious shopping malls aren't available in Miri.

 Parkson, aka Bintang Plaza - Miri's most famous gathering spot for teens.

#3 My all time favourite brand is...

if you don't know this you might as well slap yourself. no wait, bitch slap yourself better. Just Do It. :P

I'm a big Nike fan. hehe

I lurveeee Nike stuffs idk why :/
   there's just something bout its designs that draws me to it.

just look at the Gold bling-ed shoe.! *drools

#4 I hate, H.A.T.E., beaches.

don't get me wrong, the view is stunning and all,
 I just dun like the beach water. it's salty, eew. and who knows there's jellyfish?! double eew!

scuba diving. oh my gosh where should I begin?
  I hate hate hate scuba diving!!!!
every year whenever we go for our holidays, mum definitely will drag me to scuba dive! wtf?!

every year I refused, but every year I succumbed to her and scuba dived.
   thus, every year I get a new 'souvenir' from scuba diving, if you know what I mean.

every single freakin' time I scuba dive, I manage to cut myself without fail. no matter how careful I am. T~T

 need I say more?

#5 Hello Kitty is loveee ♥

I love HK, it's just sooooooo irresistably cute!
 idk why so many people are against it, but I love it.

 I want this room! RAWR!

adorable! :P

#6 Bling is my thing. :P

this is the 2nd time I've bling-ed my phone.

this was how it looked like the 1st time.
  I improved, rite?

more pix of the bling-ed phone and tips to bling HERE


#7 My all time favourite food is ABC!!!

ABC special in Pujut2 is my favourite! foodpost on it HERE.

I just love it. and you can't explain love.

#8 I love Gossip Girl.

 and any Chick Flick Romantic Comedy staring beautiful flawless people.

            Blair & Chuck FTW! \o/

#9 Top on my guys-to-drool-over-list is:

Chuck Bass! from GG.
 *wink wink*

basically, I change love from time to time.
  but no matter what, I will always love Calvin 辰亦儒 ♥ the most!

Calvin Chen Yi Ru. one of the member of Fahrenheit, a famous Taiwan boyband.
  1st time I saw him was when singing K with friends.(inside the MV obviously.)

his smile is so so so.. charming. and melted my heart. woots!

last but not least...
  despite how materialistic you think I am after reading #1-9,

#10 What I treasure most, is and always will be my friends and family. (:

awhyo family, consisting of 13 members.


 memories will never be forgotten.

our first awhyo toast.

the girls. love them all. ♥

Curtini. pic above is us selling drinks for moral project. good old times.

 have the most crazy and fun time with these beeyotchs! ;D

ah Vian. knew each other thru Friendster 1st, then our friendship grew. hehe. (:

Jac. the pretty one. she loves watching movie one haha.

of cos, I also love my super fat and super cute,


looks so pure here. ahaha

fat, right?? :D

*ps couldn't find any family photos in this com D: will add one in once I find one*

wahaha. finally done with the post. meh I don't think it's really everything about me, but yea it's the happy part of me. lol

rereading this post, I think it's more of a,
"10-things-that-I-love-post" LOL!

what the =.="

okayy it's 4.42am, better head to bed! :/ nites!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

can u believe that Chuck Bass is only 4 years older than me??

went out with Doreen yesterday.

brunch at 925, with Manda and her big gang.

then headed to Parkson. (where else? Miri's so damn small :S) 

Doreen messing with ah Yan's (new friend) sunnies.

she's nuts I tell you

told you I wasn't kidding. ;D

my serious face. wuahaha

 we met Phoebe at the bowling place, she's always there idk why :P
after awhile we went to McD

makan ice cream~

om nom nommm!

there was this guy sitting behind Manda, then Doreen pointed him out, saying he's hot.

Amanda threatened to get his number for her.
ZOMG it was hilarious.

Doreen kept begging for mercy. *evil laugh*

we took this in the car, in front of the traffic light. ROFL

very happy. Manda's friends said Doreen and I look like sisters :D
they thought we were sisters! wahooo~

oh wait, I should be sad. having a retard as a sister is definitely not good D:

saw Joanna sapo too.
actually she saw me 1st, as she is constantly stalking me. *LAUGH OUT LOUD!

after goofing around in Parkson, we headed to the beach. Esplanade !

Doreen, me and Amanda.

no idea what we did there. just hang round, took pix and act all crazy. haha

ah Yan and Doreen.

Fira and her E71 !!!! (left one, blinged PINK)


a better pic of her phone. RAWR! nice rite her bling. :3

and I love this pic cos behind her there's three retards. HAHA

plus the trees behind makes the view even better :D

we even saw this cute lil' doggie. !
Hush Puppy man. haha


went to a BBQ at night, Doris' friend's one. haha
not bad lar, quite fun de. even got sing k session at the end. lol~~

and yay Olic Ting owes me a 'very expensive dinner' now. muahaha!!!

and and and, all three of us (Doris Kri and me) tied hairbunnsss to the BBQ! :D
should have taken a picture or something :(

neways, had fun, cos we were treated like VIPs due to our 'special social status', if you know what I mean.
*wink wink