Sunday, January 30, 2011

last day of work :D

ahaha. tomorrow's the last day of work! sooo excited. can't wait for work to end, then we'll have dinner at KFC. woohoo. we planned this KFC trip since 20th i think and ahh can't wait to eat :p

it's been a fun time working at Super XL. the boss is friendly, seriously love her, both of them actually. haha.
some of the customers are friendly too. but most of them are just plain bitches. wtf

so little customers nowadays, all of us become damn lazy as well. just hide behind the counter pressing our phones. then when someone comes all three of us put down our phones and go out to serve them. ahaha no wonder they're all intimidated and walk out after a few minutes -__-

there was so little customers today that our lao ban niang even took out her wigs collection and made us pose with them  hahahaha :D

we actually took a pic with her too but somehow that pic is not with me :(

 just look at Katty. LOL!

 tried this cheongsam on for fun. ignore the face. HAHAHA i dislike my photo being taken


and i've been meaning to ask, do I look non chinese? because i've noticed lately that many people speak to me in Malay WTF
and most of the time people do so is when i'm wearing my skinny jeans. urm is it the way i dress? LOL! or my hair?

there was once we went shopping in Boulevard and the ZA promoter spoke to me in ENGLISH!
do you know what that means??
it means that she wasn't sure whether i understood chinese or not! D:

or perhaps it's the contacts? hahaha. okay lah might be my face too because i am in fact half chinese so yeah what the heck. hahaha. i sort of gave in to this already this morning. i was like so what lah they think i'm not chinese. maybe my style is sort of like those lakia's lah i must admit. i like skinny jeans i like colorful shoes LOL! what else? i like Raybans and i like thick black eyeliner :D

but that's my style and i ain't gonna change. ngehehe.

are my eyes big? hohoho.

seriously, time for new contacts. i've been using these pink ones for so long already. :/

Thursday, January 27, 2011

i talk too much

this pic is not edited ok! ahaha ;)

urm, got lots to update on. celebrated SS's birthday few days back. it was.... kik. hahaha. that's definitely one word to describe it.

gonna save that update for another time, after i edited the pictures. haiyy i really feel that i need a camera laaaa. T.T it's way nicer to take your own pics instead of waiting for others to upload them. plus, if i have my own camera i'll be the one doing the filtering, which means, NO UGLY PICTURES OF ME ONLINE EHEHE.

see what i did there? i added another 'need' onto my list. ughh i'm going to lose my mind soon if i don't stop. i need self control, lots of it. :(

why, just today, i checked out the Crocs stall in Boulevard and saw the yellow Crocs i've been eyeing since my KL trip. ughh should i get it? is it authentic? it should be right? wtf SHOULD I GET IT?? =.=
just shoot me already.

i'm so indecisive i can't make up my mind even if my life depended on it.

another thing on my list for now is that Argentina bag. MUST.HAVE.IT.  
so should i get both? or just the bag? gah... but but but i really like the shoes too. why don't i have unlimited money lah TELL ME!! :(

one more thing i find rather amusing. dalring and I went to Ming's last night. finally the roti bomb tastes niceeeee. hoho. okay but that's not the point. the more important part was our conversation.

at some point, we talked about how romantic movies are far different from real life. like, how many people actually fall in love at first sight? and at the same time? and the guy would be all gaga for the girl and can't wait to see her, get her number or whatever. then the girl of course would be stunningly gorgeous with not an ounce of fat on her. everyday is good-hair-day for her, and she wears different (designer) clothes

they meet, fall in love. go on second date. guy or girl does something that should (in real life) ruin their whole relationship and thus making them strangers once again. but no, somehow their 'soul mate' finds it in their heart to forgive him or her for her past or whatever she did wrong, and yes, they live happily ever after.

we all know that what happens in a movie, stays in a movie. things like these just never happen in real life. and yet we watch and fantasize about all these coming true. LOL! how silly. that's all i can say. but owh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - which is to dream of her perfect guy and in the end settling for someone average because this 'perfect guy' we're searching for, simply does not exist.

just wondering, how many of you even bother reading through every single word of my long ass posts? if you honestly did read my post, all of it, then please click the like button. this is an order i tell you. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

why so pretty? :p

to the most beautiful birthday girl ever! Wong Sing Sien! heheh :)

happy birthday ai ren! it was a wonderful celebration. had so much fun. ahahaha. glad to see your happy tears at the end of the day. :)

hope your 21st birthday wish comes true. ^^

all the best in everything.
 love you lots. <3 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

day 5

woohoo finally bought muh new bag. love love love it. have to admit it has its flaws, but owh well. nothing's perfect, i guess? :D

last night was fun. stayed over at Imperial Hotel. gahh slept for two hours only! D:
gonna take a nap after this brief update. :o

having dinner again tonight, then sing k after. hoho. hope i still have voice to sing later. screamed too much last night. hahaha
and it's really nice of my boss to let me have my off day on a Saturday. :) thank youuusss <3

one more thing, met with ah Wee last night too. supper at Desserts Master. oh man, i really missed her. ahaha. :p

okay that is all. really need to sleep! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

where is my golden turtle? LOL

believe it or not, i checked my watch this morning and had the shock of my life - i actually didn't realize it was Wednesday already!! this has never happened to me before. i never lose track of time day. :(

anyways, today was horrendous. firstly, i was late. what's worse was my boss was already there when i arrived wtf. usually she's only at the shop later during the day. so yeah, bad luck #1.

incident #2 was the fact that i had my period today. wtf. period pain FML. >:(

at some point, i was so annoyed at this particular customer's attitude and lost control i slammed the hanger on the table. i guess my boss saw me because at the end of the day she told us that it doesn't matter if you don't go and talk to the customers all the time, what's most important is that you keep your smile on. well guess who she's talking about? boohoo. and there goes #3. le sigh.

me no happy today. :(
well at least it's Thursday tomorrow. 20th as well. 14 more days to CNY! 12more days and i'm work free. 2 more days and my ai ren will be in Miri. :D

an ugly picture of me to end the post.
yeah, chopped off my hair and bleached it. going back to the saloon to dye it blonde tomorrow. it's so friggin dry, even worse than before. wtf was i thinking?? zzzz

Sunday, January 16, 2011


well, today i used the hair bun thingy to twist my hair into a bun, leave it on for few hours, and when i took it off my curls are bigger. whatever. i'm just too bored.

it's night time again. the time when i usually think, too much. my thoughts today?

i realize i've made a few bad decisions in the past. okay maybe not just a few, a dozen will do i guess?
anyways, i just suck in making decisions. i can't make up my own mind even if my life depended on it. and that sucks.

ask the people i've pleaded to help me make a choice, i bet they felt like strangling me at the time but my pretty lil face stopped them from doing so, every single time. hehehe

okay. back to the point. i'm sorry for the things i've done. honestly i don't know what i'm apologizing about. i guess i just wished i participated more, y'know? :x

happy birthday to a very dear friend of mine. haha none other than ah Wee!! :D 

happy 21st birthday!! you're so old. ^.^ but i love you all the same. hahahaa <3

lately a lot of people have been telling me that my curls are nice. but when i look in the mirror all i see is a mess. but thanks to those compliments i'm thinking twice about straightening. hahaha. oh, my beloved bald patch is another reason. :/ 

Friday, January 14, 2011


to make up for my lack of updates, there's gonna be two posts for today. *applause*

i've been working lately, no time for personal business at all. i haven't been shopping, i haven't been spending much time with friends, i haven't played tennis in a while, and i sure as hell didn't have time to think hence i have nothing to blog about, at all. LOL

okay anyways......

my mind's been pretty busy lately - making a never ending list of things i should get once i get my pay. well, here's the thing:

when i see something i can't afford but i simply must have, i think of all kinds of ways to find money to buy it. and that always leave me emotionally drained. my parents don't give me everything i want. money doesn't come easy for me yet i spend it impulsively without thinking. :/

all this thinking eventually leaves me miserable and pissed.

here's the list of things i've set my eyes on, but am not sure whether buying it would be the right thing to do:

1. Calvin Klein eyeglass. 
one day, i wore my old glasses to work and realize that i couldn't focus on things, which lead me to the conclusion that i needed a new pair of glasses. silly me. i don't know what brought me to the optic shop. i just went in with my friend and look at all the glasses and in the end fell in love with that particular pair. :(

it's nice, but expensiveeeee. i thought mum was gonna say yes (wtf was i even thinking:?) but she said no -0-

i was so determined that i would do whatever it takes to own them,
 but now i'm not so sure.

2. BAG! 
yesss i finally found the perfect bag! i love it!!! but there's a catch:

the nicer one is white in color, but it's dirty :( and i'm not sure whether i can wipe off the stain. sigh. the other color's purple, it's okay i guess but just not you know, perfect. :C

3. clothes!!
which i saw in this shop, that shop, and oh, that shop. wtf

4. new phone? 
like seriously.

every time someone calls me i wish they'd stop talking and message me instead. it's not that i don't like talking, it's just, my battery won't last if i make phone calls! how many times have my phone died halfway through a phone call? i stopped counting after 1000. wtf

5. bling bling shoes in the boutique next door. LOLOL!
the owner of the boutique beside the one i'm working at is damn ngiao ji. i saw the most gorgeous pair of studded bling PINK shoes on display when i passed by. wanted to buy it so muchhhhh but then we're forbidden to go into their shop. KNS!

and the list goes on and on. sigh. melo melo. please stop dreaming. haha

hair issues.

erm.. what in the world is that thing growing on my head. wtf

as we all know, chinese new year is coming up, the perfect and only time excuse to buy as many clothes/shoes/bags as you want. of course, a new hairstyle is a must for the new year ahead. :o

so.... what should i do with my hair?
cut it? straighten it? or just shave it bald wtf

from the picture it seems like i have all the hair in the world, but truth is, i've been losing so much hair lately it's a miracle i still have hair! it looks 'a lot' because it's DRY. D:

to prove that i'm really seriously balding, i noticed a bald patch on my head the other day. WTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
why is this happening to me laaa???

stupid hair. soooooooooo dry for what?? don't say i never treat you well. i always give you treatment. and you never liked the shampoos i buy for you, whether expensive or cheap. WHAT DO YOU WANT??

straight not straight, curl not curl. wtf FML

i know that picture of me is unflattering but this just goes to show that i am daring enough to post up ugly pictures of myself wtf wtf 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

money i need you!

i tied my hair like this to work today!
saw the tutorial on youtube once, (i believe Bobby showed it to me a day before exams to distract me from studying wtf), and decided to try it.

failed big time. cause i have little hair. T_T

HOWEVER, a miracle (sort of) happened when i took off the hair bands ------- i had perfect curls!!! AMAZING RIGHT?? :o
and i didn't even apply any hair cream because i'm lazy ehehe.

don't believe me? try it out! but i think it only works if your hair is curly lah. haha ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


i learnt a valuable lesson today:

if you want something, get it. it might not be there tomorrow, or maybe even the next minute. life is unpredictable so snatch every opportunity you get. ;D

another important lesson:

sometimes people tend to say things you want to hear, and those things might not always be true. which is rather sad.
honestly, i prefer if people would just speak the truth. life would be so much easier. but then again, a little white lie here and there wouldn't hurt. just saying.


Friday, January 7, 2011

FamHo 2010 Day #7 #8 #9

Day #7
16.12.2010 Thursday

arrived in KL round 7am. and guess what, the damn hotel was fully booked and we couldn't check in til 2pm that afternoon. :(

and i hadn't bathed since 7am the day before WTF
that was one of the worst feelings ever. imagine, my face is so oily, and my hair was like shit, pimples plus my peeled off skin not fully recovered yet. D:

we couldn't check in yet so we left our luggages in a room in the hotel and we walked around. we rode the MRT to somewhere and finally walked to KLCC. it was so damn tiring ughhh and made me even more sweaty and PISSED! the only bright side is at least nobody there knows me  -_-

fast forward to dinner time! :>
one of the reasons i love KL is because everything is so happening.
while waiting for my aunt to pick us, we saw this function at the entrance of the shopping mall, Fahrenheit. (our hotel is above the mall)
and they even have valet service (is that what you call it?) SO COOL LAH! in Miri where got! pay parking coupon also damn jia lat liao where got people pay other people to park their cars? LMAO.

not that i don't love Miri, i'm just crapping. heheheh

plus, i've always loved the city life. :)

 Pavilion! just stone's throw away :D

dinner was at this underground restaurant near the hotel. wtff so cool man. we used an escalator to go down. and inside was like.. huge. :o
there was even a grocery mall beside the eating place +_+

 new eyeliner! ;D
i'm really brave because i went into Watsons in KLCC looking like i just got out of the rubbish bin. :')

bought this too. ugh sucks. LOL

Day #8 
17.12.2010 Friday 

we went to Pavilion today. \m/
nothing much., took lotsa pics. i wonder what's with parents and pictures huh. when they see beautiful christmas decorations, they rush over and take a picture. not of it, with it. wtf

love the decoration? take a picture of the deco lah. why include yourself in the pic and ruin things? LOL JK

 got fat dao.

 these people also damn sakai keep take pictures. sohai! hahaha

 cute right! i was talking about the balloon. LOL!
i took a picture with the Hello Kitty one, but i've no idea where the picture is. haha
the balloon costs RM50. siao

we watched Tron Legacy in 3D. not worth it. less than half of the movie was in 3D okay.
but the lead actor is so the hot. habah habaaa :3

we finished the pop corn way before the movie started. LOL

 Lady Gaga. hahahaha

we headed back to ze hotel to wait for my aunt, dinner together again. :D
and guess what, bro showed dad his results that night and dad forced me to show mine too. T.T
he was damn angry lor but didn't scold me. guess why?
because he wanted to use faceboook. HAHAHAHAHA

isn't that like the most epic reason ever?
facebook, I owe you one ;)

bro #1 #2 and I went downstairs to the shopping mall for ice cream!

 rich oh him he bought it himself didn't want me to pay. :o

 there was this band singing. not bad la. but not much people watching luhh :/
we did clap. i even shouted leh. how supportive and nice of me. ^^

 walau. just look at my face. full of pimples.

 the ice cream so damn yummeh. and too filling like seriously i was struggling to finish it. and my bro's were like hurry eat it eat it! we're gonna meet mum now we don't want her to know we had ice cream.


but in the end mum found out because bro #2 had ice cream beside his mouth. -__________________-


hahhahahaahhahaha i bought this ducky pencil case in Pavilion!!!!!
not gonna tell you where because I DON'T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE IT MUAHAHAH <3

i love youuuuu <3 ehehehehehehe

my pimples look like freckles eh? ;D

Day #9
18.12.2010 Saturdayyy

our last day in KL. going back to Miri soon! :D 
umm. we went to IKEA i think:? wanted to go to the Curve but we didn't have enough time. :/ 

blah blah. bought a pair of shoes from Vincci. i don't know why i always go KL buy those brands that are also available in Miri -_- 
i'm hopeless. 

 my cousin so cute. haha
while the grown ups shopped, the children all sat on the bench and played. people passing by kept giving us weird looks.

keep your eyes to yourself tyvm.

 the guy on the left is my cousin. i think he's cute. ahhaha!

ahaha. finally am done with this post.

oh wait.

guess who I saw on my flight back?? :D

my beloved ai ren Wong Sing Sien of course! :DDDDDD <3
we first met at the check in counter. then who knew we sat together too. haha! this is known as fate. :))

remember those Raybans i was going crazy about? (Doreen should know hahaha)
i finally bought them! on New years eve. hehehe

spent my new years eve shopping with my dalring. hoho. after Parkson we headed to Merdeka Mall.

walked around looking for bags. and as usual she bought tonnes of stuff -0-
if I didn't stop her i think she would have bought everything in the shop. LOL! kik

had pre-dinner at Chicago 7. woahhh the things there damn nice! too bad i was kinda broke can't order more food. T.T
the next time i go there i wanna be fully loaded. ahahaha

then night time was dedicated to my family. :o
we sang karaoke til midnight then i headed to my room. heard the sound of fireworks but i was too lazy to look. LOL! i suck.

missed the gatherings with awhyo. seemed like so much fun counting down with a huge group of friends :\
i mean, they joined forces with other groups too. ahaha.
but then again, i don't think i'm cut out for it. don't know why i feel like hiding at home lately. too lazy to go out and have fun. maybe i lost my energy or something. my chakra. hahahha

the only one not so excited about celebrating was my dalring. HAHA! good good. at least i'm not the only old one here. ;D

bro singing Beat It and dad dancing.

*hides face in shame*