Sunday, May 30, 2010


i am back with another update! :))

today was blissful. feel so blessed.  <3
in the morning, played accompaniment with Jac dalring in church. so nervous. our hands couldn't stop shaking hahah!!
but it went well. hehe i think? :O
because my dalring pro maa. hehehe ^-^

arrived home, played piano. sang to some of the songs. really made me feel alot better.
wasn't feeling so well yesterday... something bad happened. :|
but i'm not gonna elaborate on it. i'm leaving it in the past. moving on with my life.
or at least, trying to...

went out with Wee. we ate sundaes at Desserts. wakaka~~
so nice of Wee. she knows how much i like eating cold stuffs, so she went with me.. really touched dao.

chocolate brownies

Melba something. ahaha~
yumms!♥   >:)

after all that fattening stuffs, we left for Imperial! teehee~
walk walk. no idea what to buy actually. simply looking around. lol !
saw this cute Nike bag!! gahhhh ~ pink color kok !
was totally in love.
i even told Wee in my determined voice : "you are going to see me using that bag sooner or later."


but after walking awhile, jiu lose interest liao. -__- what the hell ?
instead, fell in love with VAIO. ! hot pink VAIO to be exact. ahhh hahaha. so nice ler.. 10" screen 2k. will dad say yes? HAHAHA!
damn but it's soooooo cute! :3

Wee bought masks, i bought eyeliner. and hello kitty hair tie. wtf? :b

but the happiness i felt when i saw all those hello kitty stuffsss ~
 i wish i can feel that way every day :)

after Imperial, we went to.... Servay! hahaha but it was too boring D: walk few minutes then we beh tahan. went to Toys World! cute cute stuffs. T3T

saw this at the entrance too! hahaha
musketeers ftw \m/

thennn we ate kuehs at the shophouses near bou. ! hohoho ~

yumms! <3

i'm feelin' much better nao. thanks Wee for the wonderful time. thanks for caring. haha
everything's gonna be alright. i know it is. ..

pix to end the post. :)) ~ cheers !

this toy is so cute! hahaha !

hello kitty hair tie :))  ♥
actually i bought it cos the shop owner was friendly... i was looking at it, then suddenly she told me the price. rm3.90. quite cheap right? haha! then she proceeded to show me where all the hair ties were and i asked me to choose one.
and when paying, she said to me, "you really like this brand (hello kitty) hor?"
of course i smiled sheepishly while nodding my head. :P

eh eh why so many cam-whore pix? LOL!

my bad.. :b

going tennis now. woots  :))

Saturday, May 29, 2010

musketeers rocks!

one pic says it all. hehehe :)

Jac dalring joined our lecture today. hehe. no work today too :))
attended a wedding in Mater Dei. sang at the choir with dalring. it was funnn ^-^

the best man is hot. *wink wink*
he's so fair, look like Edward Cullen's brother. hahaha!!

had sho much fun in lecture. hmmm actually ok ok lah. bo-o-ring. :D
played with Bobby's camera. i am now in love with his camera. *~*

all the pix in this post were taken with his camera. zomgggg.
so nicee can?!

Friday, May 28, 2010

dream happy dreams

ahh just got back from the Dance Battle thingy in Curtin. it was fun. ah Vian was muh date for the night ;)
we were late... fashionably of course.
ok lah joke. nobody even noticed us cos it was so so dark.

on the way to Curtin, we saw a wedding car decorated with beautiful ribbons. and this brought us to the topic of weddings.
weddings are so beautiful. it gives me such joy whenever people get married. haha idk why!
when i see a wedding car passby, i'll watch it drive pass with a smile on my face.

we talked about how there's so many couples getting together and couples getting married nowadays.
 wonder whether it has anything to do with 2012 or not! haha :P
Vian said how nice to get married on the 10th October this year.
then the date'll be 10/10/10. cool huh?

i've heard people saying that if you make a wish at 11.11pm, it'll come true. haha!
so it'll really be nice to wed on 11th November 2011. don't you think? ^-^

my hair so dry :((
i just did treatment this morning ler.. then still so dry. :|

sad sad. but i don't got no monehh to go saloon treatment nemore, or even to buy treatment cream.
shitttttt !
i'm poor again D:
no more backup savings in my drawer wtf !
how how how did i use it all so fast? i didn't even blink! LOL

just now during the event, saw him pacing around. haha. he was so busy ler. *heartache* wtf
Crystal was there too. when she walked towards me. wao. got wind ler :P
nett nett !!

cham liao lor. lately follow dao my best friend, aka Pui Chee Yong talk liao. hahaha
kik kik kik. nett nett nett. hahaha!! all follow him :D

ohh and this week's math's quiz was hard like shitzzzz. (my dalring said i can't use mlm so now i change to shitttt :b)
ughhh we only did like half of it? in the end overall 50++% just leave it there. totally hopeless.
next time should do in the school lab with those brainy people.

i mean, isn't that what friends are for? *wink wink*

and the highlight for tonight:

while Vian was somewhere talking on the phone with her sister, HE CAME AND TALKED TO ME WALAUU EHHH !! 

when i saw him coming over i was like omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

i seriously forgot what we talked bout. too nervous liao lol lol !

i'm gonna go sleep and dream happy dreams. woo~~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KFC date.

why is my face so hammmmm? D:
or should i say, why are my faces so hammmmm??

i like, have a report due tomorrow. but imma blog bout today first. :)

had lunch at KFC just now.  :D :D :D
so shiok. not because first time eat KFC, but because first time eat with Mr Roy. !

Mei Yuk went with us too. hehe. had so much fun.
Mr Roy is so funny. but we were even funnier.

Mr Roy was our driver for the day :)

can you believe that his car plate is blinged? !! *jealousssss

camera shy. see Mei Yuk so anxious wan take pic :P


and this is me cam-whoring at the passenger seat. ^-^

the best part of being Mr Roy?
no need to worry about finding a parking space because he has his own personal parking spot. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010




 alot on my mind. am i thinking too much, or is it normal to feel this way? i don't know. i really don't know..
oh please let this feeling pass.


Monday, May 24, 2010

let me be the one.

i realized i've been too into Korean actors lately +_+
hence the flood of korean actor pics in my last two posts. haha sorry lahh sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do, which in this case is - sharing pics of super hot korean actors :O ~

i'm now blogging to share the Musketeer gathering pix from last Friday. Bobby finally uploaded them on FB. how efficient, NOT.

in case some of you were wondering... what in the world are musketeers??
actually i had no idea as well cos every time someone asks me this question, i go err nehhh ......

A musketeer (French: mousquetaire) was an early modern type of infantry soldier equipped with a musket. Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies, particularly in Europe.

 does this answer your question? next time don ask me liao ar *death glare*


like i've mentioned in my previous post, we went to Piasau Boat Club after Ming's ;D

we played with the swings first. got bored then we went to the beach. wanted to sit on the sand and gaze at the stars, but too bad my #1 not there not romantic one. HAHAHA
ok lah joke. the idea of sitting on the bare sand and dirtying my pants just turned me off.
next time must bring towel so we can all sleep under the stars wtf.

i'm so lame -_-

it was fun. our first musketeer meeting/gathering. hehehe.
after goofing around, we camwhored in the washroom. then then, went back to the swings. haha!
finally we all damn tired, so we sat on the bench, overlooking the whole playground, and sang to our hearts content.
round midnight the angmohs hanging at the restaurant left. maybe they thought we were some drunktards serenading there. lol !

owh well. ^_^
we had fun. hehehe. we sang til.. 1++ am? i think? not really sure. then headed home. wuahaha.

enjoy the picss~~ no more koreans, i promise. ;)

PTA and Jac

PTA and Bobby

vice president and president. :P


what's this, bobby? the musketeer dance? lol lol.

P.S Andre Mieux's Let Me Be the One is so nicee <3
listen to it here.