Saturday, May 29, 2010

musketeers rocks!

one pic says it all. hehehe :)

Jac dalring joined our lecture today. hehe. no work today too :))
attended a wedding in Mater Dei. sang at the choir with dalring. it was funnn ^-^

the best man is hot. *wink wink*
he's so fair, look like Edward Cullen's brother. hahaha!!

had sho much fun in lecture. hmmm actually ok ok lah. bo-o-ring. :D
played with Bobby's camera. i am now in love with his camera. *~*

all the pix in this post were taken with his camera. zomgggg.
so nicee can?!

hahaha ! this pic is henry's(i think?) drawing. he initially wrote the word 'mlm' then drew this pic. LOL !
kik kik kik ;D

and the hello kitty keychain was a gift from Jac. haha! so cute rite?
i love the calculator pic too. so artistic! :)

i want Bobby's camera!!!

pwetty please?    :3


P/S ya la ya la you very efficient liao lah Bobby Tie. hahaha !

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