Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KFC date.

why is my face so hammmmm? D:
or should i say, why are my faces so hammmmm??

i like, have a report due tomorrow. but imma blog bout today first. :)

had lunch at KFC just now.  :D :D :D
so shiok. not because first time eat KFC, but because first time eat with Mr Roy. !

Mei Yuk went with us too. hehe. had so much fun.
Mr Roy is so funny. but we were even funnier.

Mr Roy was our driver for the day :)

can you believe that his car plate is blinged? !! *jealousssss

camera shy. see Mei Yuk so anxious wan take pic :P


and this is me cam-whoring at the passenger seat. ^-^

the best part of being Mr Roy?
no need to worry about finding a parking space because he has his own personal parking spot. 


kacangsoya said...

ur dream lunch came true liao...

MeLo♥ said...

alor! uknow... i'm startin to believe that dreams really do come true. :)