Sunday, August 30, 2009


had a short trip to Brunei yesterday~

with my family

realized that the past few days weeks, my updates were all about hanging out with friends etc etc

finally get to spend some time with mahh family
hoohoo ♥

pics! ~
2nd bro. -- Ariston.

stupiak youngest bro :P
so enjoy~
I bet he doesn't even know I took this pic of him.

woo 1st time take pic of myself in car leh!

with my mum sitting in front.
need keep check make sure she wasn't looking then dare take XP

biggest bro(but still younger than me) didn't go.
say what go tuition.
jiajia one lahh~~~

love the cars in Brunei...
omggggg all so luxurious and flashy one lerh!

just looking at those cars makes me feel happy!

neways, went Brunei to attend uncle Andrew's birthday party.
we were early (unbelievable) so we went shopping 1st!



I think I might be falling in love with Converse now! haha
neways, yesterday's shopping trip reli made me....

want to shop right here right now!!


I realized, that I haven't been pampering myself much this year...

unlike the years b4, I'd always go shopping and buy lots of things...
but this year,
most of my money were spent on FOOD!


lemme tell you,
FOOD IS EVIL!!!!!!!!


okayy back to the post!

my bro trying out the pig's ear!

look at his expression already know whether nice or not lah

not bad lah the food~
all cooked by uncle himself, I think?

my fav of course has to be~~~~~

Fruit Salad!!!

so sakai took so much, then in the end realized it's too sweet liao! D:
my mum's nicer :)

after eating a while jiu went back liao~ lolz
not bad larh this trip,
kinda happy lately, cos feel like I'm closer with my family liao :P

this morning!
after church, we all thinking bout where to eat our breakfast.

decide so long, in the end still went to dad's fav place.


[unfair much.. grown ups always win!]

sakai brother ._.
I do not wish to acknowledge him

big bro. hoohoo
did I mention I saw his gf in Parkson that day?

he told me, he received our msgs at the same time that day...

gf: heyy I think I saw your sis.
me: I see my sister-in-law. muahahaa

and couldn't be bothered to reply mine!!!

youngest bro and dad.
wow my dad very yeng lerh. :P

mum and 2nd bro. haha

2nd bro and me :O

youngest bro.
omg so engtaoo~~~ hahaha

big bro, again!
my youngest bro took this pic
wonder what he was looking at hor

maybe he's looking at me thinking:
wow I'm such a lucky fella' to have such a chiobu sister.

ROFL LMAO! *evil laugh*

ok so that's it I guess.
nothing much lately.

now for some update on me hamsters! ^O^

Bean Bean(super fat one) and BB Jr!
both so cute larhh~~
Bean Bean seriously overweight larh! LOL!

beh tahan already, but then he's just so adorable, being all fat and furry like that
plus he's butt is huge.

luv him !

BB Jr also damn cute one! his/her eyes very big!

this is another hamster~ haha
haven't name it.
emo-ing there. lolol!

the evil Yin Yin.
omg I seriously hate her.
sometimes when I come and check on them, I'd see her walking up to the lil' hamsters, and bite them!

sometimes she even wrestles Bean Bean!
so kelian lah...
the babies all scare of her, then they all rush into the lil house and hide with Bean Bean.

Yin Yin is pretty much useless,
except in the field of reproduction!

can you believe it?
5 more newborn babies!!
(one died btw ._.)

why.... if you aren't a sex reproducing machine as you are now,
I'd give you away!

*wonder what Bean Bean sees in you -___-*

lastly, before ending this post of mine!

another pic of Bean Bean and BB Jr!

omgggg Bean Bean's sleeping face is just soooooooooo~ adorable!
so cute

he is fat man.
almost thrice the size of the lil' one. haha
[can you see his humongous butt?]

I've come to realize that I do not take good pictures lately.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

'a love poem' is so NOT lame!!

went to the beach on Thursday. 27.08.09
took lotsa pics.. haha
had fun there! ^O^

of course we didn't forget our dear friend, Ee Hau's birthday.


though we can't celebrate your 18th with you,
but nevertheless,
AWHYO will always be with you no matter what.

hope you read this post! haha

our birthday wishes, which we wrote on the sand.

quite creative right? :P

notice that I circled MY wish??

hmmph~ Olic Ting lo..
mine and Karen's wishs were written upside down lah!

you must read clearly ohh!
don't leave out Karen and mine! haha XP

okayy picture time! ^^
enjoyyyy ~

5 of us~
Karen left liao =(
and Bryan put aeroplane. =.=

PL and c3.
cute lah c3.. haha xD

laopo and me.
si Doris tell me knot see face one ._.
see my face so sakai


c3 wrote the words.. nice rite? :P

this one with Doris as photographer.. haha

me and Doris dear ~

me and Karen babe!

with c3 my qing fu! ;D

c3 lehhh, gebo gebo wanna jump!
so this is our jumping pic.. haha
only me and Kri jump dao lerhh :P

I jump damn high one HAHA !

(looks like Kri hit dao PL like that hor? HAHAHAHA)

playing water~ :O


today! (few hours ago.. lol)
watched 'Aliens in the Attic'

Jac darling and I were late...
due to certain reasons *cough*

in the end we went up late round 30mins?
the movie was okayy lahh~

the actors/actresses not THAT good looking
you know...
like drop-dead-gorgeous-drool-worthy-take-my-breath-away-speechless kind of good looking-ness.


but not bad lah~ I like the kinda nerdy guy (Tom)
he's cute (:

after the movie,
went to Warisan Sajian (or is it the other way around) to he cha~

so scary lah, while chatting there was thunder..

maybe I too much bullshit liao! xD


Karen babe and I!

Karen and Doris.. haha~

Kri and Jac

Kri laopo and me~~~

laopo and me again. ♥

me and Jac darling~

and lastly~

c3, bry and his date left liao~ :(

the place service not bad la..
it was raining quite heavily, and we were all worrying bout how to go to our cars!
then the people there gave us umbrellas lerh!
so nice

rainbow coloured umbrellas lagi ! cute!! :O

this gathering is very very special to me lerh!


cos my Jac darling went with AWHYO!

so happy like both sides of my friends can hang out together :P


guess who visited Curtin the other day??

why... it's none other than...

spidermanwoman herself!!

showing off her wall climbing skills.


beh tahan ahh
kept on laughing at the study area there... hahha

I bet everyone was glaring at us,
but we all laughed and hid our faces ~
so don't know lahh~~ :P

and also,
gave one of the baby hamsters away!


when I put it inside the box,
it like looked into my eyes....

and I can see in his/her eyes,
it's as if she's pleading for mercy....

"please don't separate me from my brothers and sisters..."


I almost cried....

*change topic*

wee and me.

ok la~
no more pics liao!

byes everyone~ go tidur luuu~~~ :P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

how do I let go, what was never mine?

rather lazy to update..

but since I have nothing to do
*ignoring all the assignments waiting for me in my bag*
I shall post up some pics from my phone!


come to think of it, I slept so long yesterday!
damn happy lahh !!

I actually fell asleep while lying on my bed,
slept till 1am.
shiokkkk :P

long time didn't sleep so long liaos !
plus, after waking I slept from 2++ till 6. yay ^^

because of that (me being overly tired),
I now have to be in my room by 10pm. (wtf?)
kelian ahh !

now my lovers are probably enjoying themselves singing k~
whereas here I am,
wasting my time~ lolol!


me and CY.
we wore the same shirt today ! haha

not really same la~ like similar. lolz

da jie's phone~

that day at Ming's ~
us enjoying our roti's !

though I seriously think the drinks there need TONNES of improvement lah!

Bryan and C3!
bry joined us awhile only de boh !
so fast jiu gtg liaos.

haix !

c3 and Karen babee

me and c3

c3 and Kri laopo ~~
laopo look like doll here lerhhh haha

PL and c3.

prince and princess.

and lastly, ~

Doris dear and me. ;D

so much love~
woo dun jealous ohh XP

Monday, August 24, 2009

some things are just not meant to be...

ate breakfast at Mosjaya this morning!
with c3 ~ hehe

we decided to arrive at c3's house at 9am,
but in the end only departed at 9 haha!!

awhyo trait --- never on time!

this is what I had for breakfast!

omg so nice ... haha
but I forgot what's it's name liao... =X
nono.. should say, I dono how to pronounce the name

after eating ,
we all hang out at c3's house.

the two sapo's that knot stay away from com de jiu there playing Restaurant City lo~
forgot is who liao lahh . haha

but sad lo only stayed there a while jiu have to go to school liao =X
miraculously enough, I wasn't late!

now I wanna intro a sweet bought by my dad oh! ;D

here's its appearance!
looks very normal rite?
I saw the whole pack there and didn't even bother to touch it,
cos doesn't look yummy AT ALL,
plus, looks like those hot hot sweet.haha

then after dinner,
my dad opened one and I was like,
macam mana punya??

walau wehh can you believe it, it's actually chocolate!

all this while!
I left it there all alone




I feel so guilty


also, I took pics of the sapo who insisted I waited till 8pm then I can play computer.

very cute lah him.. haha

my lil' bro ! ;D

love him love him !
finally found someone who's cuter than me! :O

sorry for the breakdown just now...
thanks James for the chat, feel much better!

definitely feeling superb now.. after all that crying.. haha

I'm gonna be okayy peoples!
dun worry bout me (: