Saturday, July 31, 2010

day at the beach

bahh. had a sudden urge to have picnic with the people at Zaika by the beach. watch the sunrise even. LMAO!
me and my stupid suggestions. hahahaha
we were supposed to leave at 6am. but you know me, in the end we left almost 7am. hahaha

so obviously we missed the sunrise.
as for the picnic? zomggg no time to make any food. so i brought some Tiger biscuits and mum prepared some guavas for us.
guess what?  i was the only one eating wtf

the indian chefs never, i repeat NEVER, eat anything that is not cooked by them. -____-
idk why. :\

we took some pix, played in the water blabla. then halfway suddenly my brother emo. WTF
he's like, you all go ahead.
then i followed the others and when i turned to check he was walking towards the beach. i have no idea what he was doing there. pee-ing eh? HAHAHA

only the three chefs, Cathe, my brother and I went. the others couldn't wake. ~.~
actually wanted to cancel also cos i was sooooooooo lazy and wanted to continue sleeping. but.... told them already so suan le bah.. haha :D

nice view!! for a small town like MIRI. :)

every time he sees me holding my phone in his direction he walks away. -.-
so camera shy bo!! :(
but i manage to snap this pic. it's as if he's posing for me. LOLOL.

and you know how i always complain about my hair. it's because it really is that shitty.
so dry. so frizzy. eeeeewwwwwwww D:

look like ghost anot. hua hua hua :D

oh ya. this is my natural eye color!
everyone is so used to seeing me with color contacts they thought i'm not wearing contacts now that i'm using the normal transparent ones. LMAO.
Kri even asked, what color you using oh? blue?
HAHAHAHA *shiok sendiri*

:D :D :D

last day of work today!! will definitely enjoy it. hehehe :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


today, i realized that...
there is nothing more important than standing by your best friend's side.

even if you think that she's at fault, or if you think she's gone overboard. whatever, screw it.
she's your best friend and it's your duty to stand by her and show your support.
yess. i've realized that now.

i'm sorry i sounded like an old hag, nagging you on things that i shouldn't even be butting in on. i guess that's just what you do when you care about someone.
i'm sorry if i acted like a total bitch, i know you're pissed at me for what i've said and done..

but just know that, no matter what, i'll always have your back, okayy? :)

love you, my best best best friend.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i've got something to tell. but i don't know who to tell, nor how i should say it out.
of course, some know about this because i've let it out before. long ago.

i just wanna say that, sometimes when i think of you, i feel fluffy inside.. like.. this weird indescribable feeling.
i guess it's what people normally refer to as "butterflies in my stomach".

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fucking perv

you know, working at Fratini and Zaika (both under same management) was a pleasant experience. it really is.
except for a certain fucking asshole pervert who boils my blood whenever he appears before my eyes. 

i really really hate him. i sincerely hate him.

so let me tell you more about this wonderful being.
he was my manager when i was in Fratini. oh thank God i'm at Zaika now.
and hell, i hated him. the only time i actually thought he was a decent person was the first day i met him.
of course la, first day meeting people you put on a fake act. pffft
then the next few days of working at Fratini, he wasn't there because he went to Brunei. (best few days of my life)

the day he got back, everything changed. it's as if working there wasn't as fun anymore.
firstly, he's so bossy, and money minded. whenever he sees a big guest/regular customer/ang moh, as long as the customer looks important, he'll run to their side and lick their shoes, literally.
and i hate how he doesn't let me do anything. for example, i get a dish from the counter and walk over to serve the food, he sees me then runs forward (this is the part where i roll my eyes inside my head), and smiles warmly (PUI) and takes over the dish.
so i walked all the way so i could pass the dish to you? macibaiiiiiiii

suan liao lor. so sometimes i'm lazy to deal with him, so i just stand at the door. waiting for customers to come or leave, so i can put on a fake smile and send them off.
hah. how wrong was i to think that this would get him out of my face.

a customer was leaving, and i was already at the door. obviously i open it for them la right? if not i stand there for what?
but nooooooooooo~
he saw me there, he made eye contact with me, yet he still came and stand opposite me. then when the customers came, he said loudly "thank you sir, maa'am", so all the customers looked at him. and i was invisible. WTF I FUCKING HATE YOU MAN.
i was already damn pissed at the time.
then when i looked, the table was not cleaned up yet. and there he was sitting on one of the tables looking at his phone. fuck you fucking fuckhole. fuck you.

so the dirty work is for us to do is it????

then you do all the fake smile and serving, making people think ooh~ you're so niceee. PUI!!!!
once he even asked me to get water from the bartender. i get lor.
it was wrong!!!!! HE GAVE ME THE FUCKING WRONG ORDER. then when i went back to the bartender he got pissed at me. imagine, suffering because of YOU'RE MISTAKE. FUCK YOU

few weeks at Fratini, i was switched to Zaika. praise the Lord.
but no, he just wouldn't leave me alone. keep coming back to haunt me.

he works at Fratini. why the hell come up to Zaika leh?? i don't see why you have to stick your nose here. you are so not welcome here okay. i don't care if i'm only speaking for myself!!!
oh wait. i'm not. i'm speaking for everyone. nobody likes you !!!

every time he sees me he goes "hi melo~". if he called my name in normal voice, i might not hate him that much. but no, he sounded sooooooooo pervertish. and the way he said "hi melo" is like the way you talk to babies or something, trying to cheat them into going to sleep. idk how to describe la!! all i know it annoys the hell out of me. seriously, whenever he says that i get goosebumps!!

as if calling out my name of pervertly wasn't enough. need to touch my hand somemore. omg i swear every time he comes up, i hide. serious.
i quickly go to the customer area so i won't have to face him talking to me. and touching me. eeew

so every time he comes up, repeats the same routine on me, i smile weakly. but once, few days ago, he said "hi melo", then touched my hand, "happy birthday melo" (fuck he's been telling me happy birthday since my birthday til today. WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM EVERYDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY IS IT MAGU) , touch my hand. then i just looked at him. i wanted to die.


so i said "UGHH" then walked away from him. then my face was so so pissed. i thought he got the message that i feel uncomfortable with people touching me, especially people like HIM. but no, hell i was so wrong.

he didn't come up to Zaika for a few days after that incident. then one night, my bro and i were leaving for home. i passed by him, BAD CHOICE OF PATH. i walk so fast he also can touch my hand and say bye. fuck.

i walked away without a backward glance.

then yesterday. he came once again. my friend was writing something. and he touched her too. wtf
so i heard her saying "aiya all bones lah no need to touch"
but he still did!!
how pervert-ish can one be??
something really much be done to stop him lor!! WTF

so i was slightly more clever yesterday. i saw him, i quickly walk away. then when i went back, i stood further from him. hehehe
i stood with my other friend (he touched her chin once too WTF). then suddenly he walked over and stood behind us. very long.
both of us sensed that something was wrong, so we slowly turned back. omg there he was. stand so fucking close EEWWWWWWWW
he was looking at the plaster on my middle finger. hah that middle finger's for you. you want it? i can chop it out for you

he asked me what happen, and tried to grab my hand. omg thank goodness i have ninja reflexes so i pulled my hand away and walked to the bar counter, where everyone was.
he kept asking what happen, cut by knife? i glared at him and said yes. though that wasn't really what happened but who cares right. why should i tell him??? i don't see how that was any of his business. hmmph

i really cannot stand him anymore. i don't want to hide from a pervert anymore. i feel like scolding him in his face, but would that seem rude? HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT AS IF I CARE WHETHER I'M RUDE OR NOT.
he deserves no respect.
today, if he comes by today and touches me. i will tell him nicely.

"i'm sorry but i don't feel comfortable with you touching my hand."
and if he ever touches me again i swear i'm telling my father. i will make sure you go jobless and have to beg by the streets. and when i see you i won't have the slightest sympathy for you, because you don't deserve any.

i shiver at the thought of how many female workers you've harrassed. no wonder the workers never last. it's because you are there.

so get the fuck away before the place goes bankrupt.

oh, did i mention this guy has a wife? pity woman.
if i ever find my husband touching other girls, i will cut his dick (not that he has one), get his property and feed him to dogs. ;)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

you don't spell love, you feel it.

dearest bloggie,
            i am so so sorry for neglecting you. i was busy with work. but have no fear for i am here! i will update youuuu, woohoo~ no distractions this time! :) 

last Wednesday was my birthday. hee~ :D
[imma drop down every detail that happened on that day, so that if i ever read back on this post, i'd remember how i spent my 19th birthday and how lucky i am to have such great friends.]

as mentioned in my previous post, Susan was supposed to sing birthday song for me via msn! sadly, the internet connection sucked, so the plan failed. but still, i was touched by her efforts. haha
thank you so much oh, hehehe.

round midnight, my phone was flooded with birthday greetings. so many people whom i didn't expect them to remember my birthday greeted me. i was touched.
thanks for remembering, people!
and even my friends who are overseas remembered - Sing Sien, Terry, c3, Daryl and Da Jie.
most shocking of all, is Hao Hsiu messaging me. it's like he disappeared after form 5, the last time i saw him was during our awhyo KL trip in January. he even said he reads my blog? hmm don't know lar!

in the afternoon, Crystal suddenly called asking whether i was at home.
there she was at the gate wtf. i cannot believe she gave me a present lor. Hello Kitty marshmellows! <3 it's pink! :P

4.30pm, went for ABC with Carrie. i think it was supposed to be 4pm cos i had work at 5.30pm, but owh well... certain bad habits never change. =/
in the end it was only the two of us, Doris couldn't make it and PL was in school (thank goodness)
the very cute son of the owner was there, he's so cute lor. entertained us while we eat. ahaha~

then it was back to work. :S
after work, my bro and i walked to our cars. we drove separately cos i went to abc earlier while he was still at home sleeping like a pig.
neways, there was a car parked beside my bro's. and when my bro entered his car, suddenly i heard someone say "hi~"
so being the busybody that i am, i actually tip-toed to see who's the person. wtf lah me.
i didn't realize it was Jac til she was right in front of me, reaching out her hand to greet me. ROFL. i think i stopped breathing or something.

and can you believe it i was so shock i blurted "omg i love you" after she said happy birthday to me. HAHAHA

me: walauuu how long you waited here oh?
Jac: i'm not the only one waiting lor.

and she pointed behind me.
that's when i realize that Carrie was there too WTFFFFF !
and the two people inside her car quickly hid when i turned to look. LOL! --- Doris and PL. ahaha.
really shocked dao. i can't believe they all took the effort to surprise me.
i also cannot believe i actuallly got surprised! i mean, i thought i know everything mah T_T

then we headed to my place. when we reached, mum was still awake. usually she's already in her room sleeping at this time.
turns out she stayed up late to greet me ler. awww :')
she even bought me a cake. wahaha~~
but she refused to join in the celebration with my friends. she said she's underdressed. -___-

ignore my sakai face. i like this pic cos my hair looks so curly here woohoo~ \m/

cut cake!
green tea cake. it tasted weirddddd. loool~ but lately i've been nommming it, and it's actually not that bad. wtf
no wonder i gained weight. stupid cake. ~.~

aww they bought me a SR cake too, i had that for breakfast the next day. wuahaha <3
it was getting late, so Carrie, PL and Doris headed home first, as they have school the next day. after they left, Jac and I went to Ming's, our all time favourite hang out spot :P

we ordered roti banana, roti cheese and roti bom. ahaha~~
the guy was shocked ! LOL

so while eating we chatted of course. bonding time ;D
she gave me a hello kitty box filled with hello kitty stuffs. wahaha~ <3
and also her mushy card made me laugh. LOL!!

couldn't finish so we dabao-ed, and continued talking in the car. and outside her house. LOL!
we damn talkative one  -___-
round 2am? our mouths finally gave in and we bid our goodbyes. ;)


the next day, Doreen came over to my place round 12.
when i invited her in, she was acting a little weird. the first thing she said to me when she saw me was : "wow you're ready already?"

(i cannot believe i actually fell asleep while blogging -__- but you can't blame me it was like.. 2am? heh forgot liao. muahaha. anyways, i'm continuing now @ 3.26pm Sunday.)

loool~ in my head i was thinking, huh? can't i be ready? LOL!
then i was also blur lor, not sure whether we're going out now or wait a little later. cos seems like she wasn't ready to leave.
then Doreen asked me to go upstairs. so i went and played computer while waiting for her 
not long after she went up to join me, then suddenly say wanna go downstairs to get her bag -.-

then when i went out of my room, (i think i wanted to go to mum's room to check how i look in the mirror LOL!) i saw Chang walking up the stairs, with a cake filled with lighted candles. ZOMG!

shocked ! loool~ can't believe i was surprised... twice! -.-
ahaha.. ok ok i'm very happy actually :P
so i get to make a wish again cos i have another set of candles to blow out. wakaka!!

yay i'm taller than Chang. HAHAHA!! \m/

 why my hand so tanned one :(

ANYWAYS, we ate the cake while listening to Doreen bragged about her last minute plan being a success. ahaha~ after that we set off for Parkson!
met up with Phoebe and Darren. we had Pizza for lunch, then wandered around Parkson. lolol. i bought this baby ----

wahaha  <3
become so broke after that. wtf
had iglool. the mango yoghurt one is damn nice! :3
and our dinner was @ Bintang Bistro? i think.. outside Parkson one. wooo~ not bad also.
so in the end left rm3 only. ahaha! so funny XD

we watched Inception at 730pm. whole day spent with Doreen Phoebe Darren and Chang ler. :O
loved the movie. the Arthur guy is so hot. <3
and the rich man's son also engtao. too bad i forgot his name. hehehe
more importantly, the plot was nice. and i get to watch it with great friends! :)

why am i so short?? zzzz
but Doreen cheat one she wearing high heels!! :P

the movie was damn long ler, 2hours ++. we went back after the movie ended, was so so tired at the time.
then bro messaged me, telling me that i was invited to join the party at Zaika's office. someone's birthday. LOL!

so i went XD
soooooooooo much food. too bad i was bloated at the time. D:

haha my bro so cute here! XD

the birthday girl's beside me. :)

so i stayed til almost 1am. couldn't stand it nemore, my eyes were closing so i left for home! ;D
but still slept at work the next day -__-

me and Cathe
Rita, me and Chee. ;D

love them all lah. hehehe. except for a certain perv currently residing at Fratini. yuck 

i love this pic. edited by yours truly. *proud face*

and just just now, Bobby Tie Huo Zong and PTA stopped by my 'office' and they gave me a pressie.! wooh~ :D
thank you so much!!! :)

okayy so i think that's the end of my super long post! finally -__- wtfff
sorry if i missed out anyone? :\ i sure hope i didn't!!
anyways, i'm gonna be late for work (it's 5.05pm already!) if i don't wrap this up now.
so... enjoy the pics!! :D

haha. who else? --- from my dalring, Jac <3

the shirt = gift from awhyo <3
paiseh the heart abit out of shape in this pic! ahaha. but it's shaped perfectly in real life thank you very much! xD

i took pic of the box too cos it's too cute! :3

Hello Kitty bag from Bobby and PTA! ;D

from my brothers. ahaha
youngest brother gave me the potato chips, 2nd brother gave me Cadbury!! :b
neways, his note is damn cute laaaa.

"to christianne,
              dear christianne,
                       this is my present for you, hope you like it! others who reads this shall not eat it!

 from Ryan
21 July 2010"

hahaha you say cute or not! couldn't stop laughing after reading it ;D

and well, the earliest present is of course from my parents -- the lappie i'm using to type this very post! ahaha~ thanks mummy and daddy <3

btw, today's my 2nd brother's birthday! -- Ariston
celebrating at Zaika tonight. lolol. 

rofl. Chee dancing to some music. we were too bored! 

nice anot my eye? ahahhaa!!!

and last but not least.....

awhyo gathering at Hotspot. this was a long time ago, we went there to watch the Germany vs England match.
good times, good times. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

awwww. thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. really really appreciate it.
and also to ah Vian, who wrote this post for me. haha really touching :')
thank youuuss <3

honestly, i was kinda dreading my birthday :S
the closer it gets, the more i worry. it's actually because i'm afraid that nobody remembers.. like, that'd suck right?
who knew.. i have so many wonderful friends who remembered. ;D

last night Kri dropped by my house. she needed my help on something. hahaha!
then while she was here we webcam-ed with Susan.
after Kri left Susan kept wanting to webcam. i was like, huh?! miss me so much meh can't stand not seeing my face even for a while? ROFL XD
turns out she wanted to sing happy birthday to me. hahahah! OMG Susan Ling Ying singing?? EPIC YO! :D
so yeh i'm really really touched. :P
but too bad the internet connection sucked, and by the time i realize it i was talking to myself. wtf

okay it's already 930 and i haven't bath! i shall bath now.

i want this okk? mum, dad, you hear me? ;DDDD

PS: please don't rain? T3T

Monday, July 19, 2010

happy birthday susan ling ying! :D

hua hua hua!!
happy birthdayyy darling! :D :D :D

all the best in Penang. come back soon ya! :)
i miss talking cock with you in our gatherings!! T3T

much love,

paul the octopus is a stalker.

look how little hair i have left. (pulls hair out in frustration) << LOL WTF

last night i had a reason to blog. somehow now with the blogger page opened and photos uploaded, i have no clue what i wanted to blog about. -___-

omg.. it's been hours, stilll nothing. LOL!! i guess i'll just upload the pictures.

Zaika !! was too bored so i took this pic. it's me trying to take an artistic picture!! :D epic fail

Cathe!! my buddy in Zaika. lol lol she always make lassi for me :P
feeding me like a pig. wtf

my bro! yes we work together lol lol !!

i don't like the uniform lor.
long sleeve - damn hot. plus it's transparent!!! D:
inside need wear one white shirt, adding even more hotness. eeeesh
 oh ya, need to tie up all my hair in a bun. (refer to picture above)

bad news - causes hair to suffocate, and die a slow and torturous death
good news - i can master how to tie a hair bun, instead of my usual pathetic one.
bad news - not only is my skill not improving, i'm also losing hair. wtf

spongebob cake!! but i don't see spongebob anywhere. LOL!
anyways, this ain't my cake. it was a little girl's. her family celebrated her birthday at Fratini's

working at Zaika's fun. i have no problem with the people there. unlike Fratini..... :S
there's one person in particular whom i despise there. grrrrrr not gonna talk about it cos it makes my blood boil. don't believe me, ask da jie!! :P

seems like i have nothing else to say :X
i shall end with two more highly edited camwhore pix. hahehihohu.

omg. just clicked on the Paul the Octopus prediction thingy again. hahaha
this time, he said "you will be in a financial crisis." 
cham liao cham liao!

but the question is, how the hell did he know i was checking out phones just now? O_O

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro. damn nice !!
anyone know the price in Miri?? please tell me! :P