Monday, July 5, 2010


it's been raining all day.. kinda brings my mood down a lil' when it's raining. :|
neways, i was just wondering, what would you do if it rained on the day you wanted to get married? (tragic much)

will you postpone the whole thing?
or or, what if, all your life you dreamed of getting married on one special date, let's say Valentine's Day, your birthday, or 20th of May.
you planned everything and suddenly on that day it rained. what would you do? :O

i sure don't want to get married when it's raining lor! spoil mood nia.
hmm.. i really don't know what i'd do. being so superstitious i'd probably think the rain is God's way of telling me i'm marrying the wrong man. hahaaha!! what the hell.
okayy i seriously think too much :P


can you believe it?
when i arrived home from work last night my laptop was gone. so i thought dad brought it to Brunei to help me install Microsoft Word, cos my lappie didn't have the software.
NOW then i found out that he hid both me and my brother's laptop to punish us.
walau ehh.

sad sad. i miss my movies already. :(

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