Sunday, July 4, 2010


sighhh. i'm sure alot of you Argentina supporters are feeling low, just like i am now. SIGHH. ...
i know it's really non of my business, but somehow i got too emotionally involved, as always. -_-
double sigh. sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.. :(
Argentina, good luck in the next World Cup kayyys ? :))
as for you, Germany. i hope u lose the next round. grrrr!!

oh dear. i'm really getting older. for a sec there my mind went blank and i couldn't remember what i wanted to blog about. *smacks forehead*


received this message from Doreen. quite meaningful lor..
so i'm gonna share it! ^-^


好好珍惜现在说拥有的吧~  :)

ok a translation for those who can't read chinese! (see i'm so nice)

once upon a time, there was a cup.
he felt lonely, so someone poured hot water into him. the cup felt warm, so he thought to himself: this must be how love feels like.
slowly, the water started to cool. now the cup felt comfortable, and he thought: this must be how living feels like.
when the water cooled down, the cup felt afraid and insecure
finally, the water became cold. this made the cup uneasy, he wanted to pour the water out.
when the water was poured out from the cup, he felt comfortable once again.

suddenly, the cup fell from the table and broke into pieces. at that moment, he realized that there was still water on every piece. even after the water was poured out from the cup, it still left a few drops behind.
that's when the cup realize that he still loves water, and wishes to have another chance...
sadly, it's just too little too late.

why must we wait until we lose something to realize how important that something is?
this story teaches us to treasure our love ones before it's too late! :)

hehehe ;D

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