Saturday, July 31, 2010

day at the beach

bahh. had a sudden urge to have picnic with the people at Zaika by the beach. watch the sunrise even. LMAO!
me and my stupid suggestions. hahahaha
we were supposed to leave at 6am. but you know me, in the end we left almost 7am. hahaha

so obviously we missed the sunrise.
as for the picnic? zomggg no time to make any food. so i brought some Tiger biscuits and mum prepared some guavas for us.
guess what?  i was the only one eating wtf

the indian chefs never, i repeat NEVER, eat anything that is not cooked by them. -____-
idk why. :\

we took some pix, played in the water blabla. then halfway suddenly my brother emo. WTF
he's like, you all go ahead.
then i followed the others and when i turned to check he was walking towards the beach. i have no idea what he was doing there. pee-ing eh? HAHAHA

only the three chefs, Cathe, my brother and I went. the others couldn't wake. ~.~
actually wanted to cancel also cos i was sooooooooo lazy and wanted to continue sleeping. but.... told them already so suan le bah.. haha :D

nice view!! for a small town like MIRI. :)

every time he sees me holding my phone in his direction he walks away. -.-
so camera shy bo!! :(
but i manage to snap this pic. it's as if he's posing for me. LOLOL.

and you know how i always complain about my hair. it's because it really is that shitty.
so dry. so frizzy. eeeeewwwwwwww D:

look like ghost anot. hua hua hua :D

oh ya. this is my natural eye color!
everyone is so used to seeing me with color contacts they thought i'm not wearing contacts now that i'm using the normal transparent ones. LMAO.
Kri even asked, what color you using oh? blue?
HAHAHAHA *shiok sendiri*

:D :D :D

last day of work today!! will definitely enjoy it. hehehe :)

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