Saturday, July 3, 2010

damn girl

after the first day of work, i thought my legs were gonna break, and that surely i'd lose some weight from all this torture cos i hardly had anything to eat all day!

but after today, the third day, i think i might be wrong. oh yes my legs still hurt like hell, every step i take hurts so damn much, even after sitting down i feel them (my feet) gasping for air. :(
however, unlike the first day, i've been well fed today wtf.

as my relationship with the other staff their grew closer, they kept offering me food.! wtf wtf
not that it's a bad thing, it's just not that good a thing :|
i mean, whole day is like eat eat eat. zomg. just now the chef cooked pasta for us again. D: so i ate.
then the bartender was making Banana Oreo Vanilla shake and i was watching. then when he was done, there was extra in the blender. he poured it in a cup then put it in front of me and said
"thank you for watching.

i was dumbfounded. i stared at the cup of heavenly delight as if it fell from the sky. don't know why i was so happy. -_-

then after dinner, (which was very late, totally not a good thing if you don't wanna be even more fat), garlic bread. zzzzzzzz!!

noooooooo !!!
tomorrow onwards i shall reject all the food offers!!
can you believe that this whole day, i didn't feel the slightest bit of hunger at all???

losing your feet is bad, but if i lose some weight from working then it'll seem more worth it.
lose my feet AND gain weight? screw that shit.
it's so not happening to me...  right?? 


P.S. now that you know where i work, come visit me leh!! hahaha :3

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