Monday, February 28, 2011


gek sai face. struggled to open my eyes wide cause every time i take a fuckin' picture of myself with this camera, i can't seem to find my eyes. wtf

yeahh today was the first day of school. also the last day of February. to me, February is like, the month for love. haha. okay what am i saying. too bad, i saw him today, but... somehow there were no more butterflies.  >:(

on a brighter note.....

i look so sohai-ly excited for school. wtf

happy that i can finally use my Argentina bag, but also kinda shy cause i never used backpack to Curtin before.
not to forget my adorable accessories hidden inside my bag. muahaha~~

 too bad i'm all talk. i kept telling myself i'd study later. but it's 11pm now and i didn't touched anything lei! some habits never change..

 have i mentioned how much i wurve you??? <3


not only that, i also bought a fish to accompany me during my late nights ('studying' *cough)

eesh see the water dirty already. she's so high maintenance. :x

:O haha

note to self:

please study tomorrow.  

camera freak

shit. i've been driving myself insane with my need to buy a camera.

i mean, there's no harm in it if i actually saved enough money to buy one right now. but obviously i don't. because if i do i won't be talking crap here while sitting in front of my laptop scrolling through a thousand different cameras. wtf

so yea, just to drive you all insane as well, (yes i'm very nice i know), here's a list of cameras i've had my eyes on. some for quite a while, and some maybe for a few hours only. LOL

#1 Sony DSC-HX5V/B 

come on... just look at it. so gorgeous. i saw it in Sony Centre. rm1299.

so i told myself it ain't worth it (plus i'd never save up to that much) so i changed to another camera. a Sony as well.. because well, i love Sony. haha

#2 DSC-W350

was all over this camera but lately i've been seeing so many negative comments about it. *poker face*
blargh plus it's not selling in Sony Centre as well.

#3 Canon S95
somehow i have this weird craze for all-black cameras..

#4 Samsung ES25
finally i decided that i shouldn't have to splurge so much on a camera. i have friends who bought decent cameras at affordable prices then why can't i too? right??

that's when i saw this camera in the Courts Mammoth brochure and it's only rm299. wtf

when i went home i immediately did my homework - researching on my new found love. all was perfect til i found out the ugly truth ------ it uses battery. D:

like... batteries in remote control kind of battery!!! D: D: D: *heart shatters*

#5 Samsung PL 150

ain't this camera lovely? love the design of Samsung cameras.

#6 Canon 1000D

was reading a blog and noticed that the pictures taken in her blog are damn gorgeous. so i did a lil' stalking and found out she owned a Canon 1000D so the pics were probably taken using that.

and i was like :O :O :O ~~~ HAHAHAHA

-end of camera + dreaming + drooling spam- 

hehe. so i was chatting with Jacq about all this and then i realize, i don't even have a job now how am i to save for any of the above? rofl.

it's like i'm waiting for money to fall from the sky.

then she said, "actually all you have to do is add a billionaire boyfriend into your list. then you can throw away your list liao."


why didn't I think of that???

#7 Billionaire Boyfriend

薛海( 罗志祥) 
just look at that smirk, i'd do anything for you <3

hahaha okayyy so technically he isn't a billionaire, but he is, in the drama. hohoho <3

ahhh <3

or as Doreen would say - "holy titty fuck"

Friday, February 25, 2011


如何让你遇见我 在我最美丽的时刻





Tuesday, February 22, 2011


woo let's start with a camwhore pic of myself. haha!! how considerate of me, i didn't put the pic as X-Large. so say thank you, please? :))

it's 1:31am now. it's officially PL's Bday! so.....

Happy Birthday Sim Poh Lim!!  


look at him, all teary eyed.

 Terry's farewell dinner was held at 72 bian.  (few days ago)

only one food pic because i was late.

 we celebrated PL's birthday few days earlier at Sports Cafe. wanted to sing k but sadly everywhere was fully booked. :C

 i honestly think they make a cute couple :>

the cake is so pretty! and yummy too. :D

we sang a few songs while we were there. not much drinking just one glass. bleh.

this afternoon, we went to Terminal to sing k again. the occasion was the fact that Kri, Olic and PL got their STPM results today :o
so yea, sing k to celebrate/sing away your sorrow. whichever suits your situation most LOL!

 lucky number 5!

 look at our hairssss :)

 singing emo emo 就好

gosh i love that song. love the MV more hahaha!

seriously, this lousy camera's flash is so blinding if you take a camwhore pic it'll turn out like pic #1. FAIL!! 

lai, a picture of PL. so pro at multitasking. can sing while playing facebook.

Hello Kitty chocolate from c3  :]

and i also did some shopping today! which makes me an extremely happy and poor girl. woots.

 firstly, a pink + sweet looking basket to store my hair ties! :D :D :D

 whatever board you call this thing.

took me like forever to hammer the nail thingy into the wood. wtf
mum just sat beside me laughing  -0-

 hehe. love this <3
but for now i'm taping the string onto the wall. and i'm scared it'll fall off sooner or later due to the weight. any ideas on how to solve this problem? D:

okie that's all for today. some more random shots before ending. ^-^

was taking pictures of my gorgeous Raybans. this perasan brother of mine thought i was taking pictures of him so he hid behind the umbrella! hahaha

 and guess what! bro's back from KK and he bought me a Hello Kitty pencil case.

how sweet of him :))


 hair tie from one of his friends. before you think (whatever it is you're thinking) too much, it's a she. haha thank kiusss <3

i'm happy so a picture of me smiling with my teeth revealed.
i haven't smiled like this (on camera) for a damn long time.

 thank goodness it's blurry.

look at the brown one's eye. :((

wonder what the white hammie did to it.

i'm starting to love these two fellas. hehe.
urm they're new btw. don't think of me as some cold blooded owner who only starts loving her hamsters after posting pictures of them on her blog. LOL!

hey don't give me that look!