Monday, February 28, 2011

camera freak

shit. i've been driving myself insane with my need to buy a camera.

i mean, there's no harm in it if i actually saved enough money to buy one right now. but obviously i don't. because if i do i won't be talking crap here while sitting in front of my laptop scrolling through a thousand different cameras. wtf

so yea, just to drive you all insane as well, (yes i'm very nice i know), here's a list of cameras i've had my eyes on. some for quite a while, and some maybe for a few hours only. LOL

#1 Sony DSC-HX5V/B 

come on... just look at it. so gorgeous. i saw it in Sony Centre. rm1299.

so i told myself it ain't worth it (plus i'd never save up to that much) so i changed to another camera. a Sony as well.. because well, i love Sony. haha

#2 DSC-W350

was all over this camera but lately i've been seeing so many negative comments about it. *poker face*
blargh plus it's not selling in Sony Centre as well.

#3 Canon S95
somehow i have this weird craze for all-black cameras..

#4 Samsung ES25
finally i decided that i shouldn't have to splurge so much on a camera. i have friends who bought decent cameras at affordable prices then why can't i too? right??

that's when i saw this camera in the Courts Mammoth brochure and it's only rm299. wtf

when i went home i immediately did my homework - researching on my new found love. all was perfect til i found out the ugly truth ------ it uses battery. D:

like... batteries in remote control kind of battery!!! D: D: D: *heart shatters*

#5 Samsung PL 150

ain't this camera lovely? love the design of Samsung cameras.

#6 Canon 1000D

was reading a blog and noticed that the pictures taken in her blog are damn gorgeous. so i did a lil' stalking and found out she owned a Canon 1000D so the pics were probably taken using that.

and i was like :O :O :O ~~~ HAHAHAHA

-end of camera + dreaming + drooling spam- 

hehe. so i was chatting with Jacq about all this and then i realize, i don't even have a job now how am i to save for any of the above? rofl.

it's like i'm waiting for money to fall from the sky.

then she said, "actually all you have to do is add a billionaire boyfriend into your list. then you can throw away your list liao."


why didn't I think of that???

#7 Billionaire Boyfriend

薛海( 罗志祥) 
just look at that smirk, i'd do anything for you <3

hahaha okayyy so technically he isn't a billionaire, but he is, in the drama. hohoho <3

ahhh <3

or as Doreen would say - "holy titty fuck"

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