Thursday, February 10, 2011

I ♥ Argentina

yea! bought me Argentina bag woohoohoo <3

too bad the shape weird weird one. LOL!

hehehe. i'm seriously in love with Argentina.

so this morning, had lunch with Wee and Shin Zhi at Pete's, after that went to visit da jie! :D
i wore my Argentina shirt today. ahaha so happy. wear Argentina shirt go buy Argentina bag. <3

and guess what! da jie gave me an early birthday present. :))

hello kitty ear phones! woots <3
thanks so much da jieeee !

the day before, had lunch then abc with my aunt and cousins.
my little cousin was so mean to me :(
he used to love me so much but lately he's been hitting me every time he sees me. whatever have i done to deserve this?


 playing with his iTouch.
cuteness haha

 ooh we went to Marina Bay as well.
orange is the cute lil evil cousin and in white is my hot cousin.

i blush every time i see him. ZZZ



mysterious ho cannot see dao his face. :p

and this is him. he fell asleep while watching tv. my bro and i turned on all the lights just to take this pic. LOL! lousy phone bo bian.

at night, went to Jac's open house with the prayer meeting peeps. damn so many nice foods haha no wonder my tummy is still bulging.
played a new card game called "Bullshit". not bad quite fun! :D

gambled a little, we both loss money to her dad. LOL!!


moving on to another day before.

hanged out with Doreen and Sanjeet. we checked out RipCurl bags. guess what? Doreen was looking for a backpack as well! wahaha

great minds think alike. weehoo~ ^_^

after that we had sushi at Sushi King, and dessert was Citrus' waffles. lolol
the two sakai's kept going on and on about how great their waffles are. haha and yea it's not bad. too bad no pics with me :p


on Monday, went shopping with Jac! :D
we had McD!! I hadn't had McD in like a month!!!
ugh how am i even alive?

bought some Hello Kitty stuffs, and a coin pouch. quite cute one~ ngehehe.

and i really think we're aging too quickly because all that shopping made us so so tired. :\

after Parkson we went to Merdeka Mall to check out the bling bling shop but it wasn't open. boooo and after that we headed back to Parkson to settle something. haha

by this time i was feeling quite uncomfortable. felt like i had fever. :o
then went visiting at Jac's place. she gave me some meds then my body got hotter. haha. but we still played poker anyways.

that night i slept early, 9pm i think. my body was so hot, i didn't switch on the aircond and i could feel the hotness coming out from my body. SO COOL. HAHAHAHA *sakai*

okay lah the next morning i felt so much better, it was as if i never got sick at all! wtf
those drugs Jac gave me worked wonders. ahaha :)

okay end of boring post. just wanted to show off the fact that i bought the bag. muahahahahahah

-the end-

oh, some more pictures including CNY ones. :D


 my uncle and aunts surprised dad (and me too) with a funny speech and 50th birthday cake. haha
just look at the flame! there was 50 candles on the cake that's why it's so big.


 she slept for like, the whole afternoon. -__-

 i think this bro of mine looks like Ming Dao lor!!! wuahahahha

 hello kitty!! woo woo woooo !

 too much eye liner on first day of CNY! :/

few days later, my cousin asked me why wasn't I using ink to paint my eyes like the other day. FML

wow. this post is seriously dreadful with a capital D.
i have officially lost my blogging mojo. boohoo.

and skill too. not that i ever had much skill to begin with.. bloody hell

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