Friday, January 30, 2009

6 more days!!!

just back from work..
*gosh, the tiredness of it all*

chatted with dad when we arrived home..
he was like,
"like that one lah companies, need to give notice beforehand one blablabla..."
then he said,
"but if you really insist on quitting tomorrow,
you tell them to just let you stop,
then if need to deduct salary I'll pay for you."
sooooo touching lehhs like seriously ><>

then just now I sent him a letter I typed de marh,
letter of resignation,
and I told him to change a bit if got grammar mistake
guess what,
I might as well save my strength and let him type the whole letter ._.
cause the letter.. so lmao lah..
nothing is what I wrote
excluding the address and signature ==
soooooooo funny lah!
I read liaos the letter keep laughing there XD

here's the letter,
written by none other than my dad.

'as you must be aware, my employment as a cashier is just temporary pending start of my studies. The time has come that I need to prepare for my further studies since it will be starting soon. It is with regret that I have to tender my resignation with immediate effect if possible. However if I need to give a one week notice as what I was told then I will continue working until 6 February 2009. I would really appreciate if you can let me go with such a short notice considering my status.

I enjoyed my time working with this company and I learned a lot even with the short duration of my employment. I thank the Management for giving me the opportunity to work and gain experience and the support from my supervisors and colleagues.'

as you can see from the letter,
only the words which are bold are written by me ==
like lmao rofl lah!!

okayy nothing to write liaos..
I know it's my 2nd post for today.. like suddenly sooooo keen on blogging again .. hahas
but still,
saw Karen's comment in my chat box just makes me sooooooo want to kacau her

I am so not telling you who the 'Him' is LOL!!!
*evil laugh*
all I know is,
today whole day can't le lah.. though I had fun talking playing.. etc etc..
but still. some part of it was emo-ing..
why emo? cause of certain reasons lohh .__.
haix haix haix..

I have all those signs like shit lah ==

yea right I wish ==

boys just don't bother =/

love love love..
love is mostly one sided..
don't you think? =(..

my qing ai de,
just know her not long in Boulevard..
she shared some things with me just now..
well.. made me feel better at least I'm not alone..

let's just see how long this 'missing him' feeling lasts...
I hope..
it'll end soon..

it's 12.10am now!
*desperate to be unemployed*

7 days!!!!

si bei angry right now
shitty Boulevard gave me yet another reason to hate them!!
wanted to resign tomorrow, make it my last day
cause I simply can't stand working there now that I have money *smirks*
really bahh
so sien work there all the time..
and now that rou gan zai not there even worse,
feels like hell ah there .__.

but to be honest just now quite fun larh,
talked with Brandon,
he shared some stories liddat with me,
then we even took the cute thingy that put in car one arh..
and we put on our counters,. haha
just now I even stared at it till forgot that it's time to eat ==
luckily got a leng lui cashier go tell me LOL!!

but I also found out that to resign need 7day notice!!!

7 more days at Boulevard...
someone just shoot me lah ==

actually I also don't know why suddenly my mood so suckish..
maybe it's because he didn't reply my message?
or maybe it's because I'm gonna miss all that shopping spree because I have to work 7 extra days..?
or maybe it's because I can't go tuan bai with the others today?
maybe it's all of them added together bahh =(
suan liaos..
7 more days..
till my freedom~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

back from Marudi + shopping tripp

arrived from Marudi at 1pm ++
raining heavily.. as usual
dunno why lately keep raining all the time..
very sien lorh...
then our visiting plan also cancelled.
so.. got a bit sien larh ==

then Emily messaged, ask me wanna go shopping or not
actually we already said that we were going shopping today
after tuan bai that is,
but now cancelled liaos so I dunno whether dad'll let me go out loh .__.
but in the end we all went out XD!!

1st stop was Emily's house,
we just sit there a while, then left for Parkson!!
I thought it was gonna be hell of a fun time.. who knew ==
wanted to buy a purse I saw at Parkson the last time I went window shopping with Karen and Su..
but when go to the place,
the purse.. gone liaos!!!

sooooooooo sad larh!!!!
like finally have money wanna come back and buy it then it's gone

then we just walked walked nia lorh.. cause nothing else to see liaos =/
guess what?
we left Parkson in less than an hour!
that just shows how little there is to shop there ..
saw Jac Darling there ! LOL!!
people become soooooo pretty liao loh...
CNY should be become fat+hideous but dunno how come she otherwise de ==

then we went to Imperial~
by we, I mean, Emily, my brother and I.
there also same !!
almost all the shops closed!!
sooooooo pissed!!
this shopping spree wasted lah!!
U-ME closed.. then I thought maybe at least,
Rage will be opened..
because the bags there quite nice one..
who knew..
closed too!!
nothing to do liao lorh whole Imperial..
went to see mascara and eye liner..
wanted to buy liaos, but then decided not to cause thought we were going to Boulevard so just buy there.
so we left Imperial after a while.

then on the way to Boulevard liaos..
when suddenly Emily's dad called..
said wanna go open house liaos =/
so what to do..
need to drop Emily off somewhere near the house lorh..
so she can't go Bou anymore *boohoo*
ben lai wanted to show her the bag I like one lehhs~
now can't anymore... =(..

then my bro and I went to Toys World,
cause wanna buy the thing put inside the car then can move de arhh =p
who knew, drive so xin ku then CLOSED!!!!!
very pissed liao ohhh!!!! =.=

so went back to Boulevard.
bought Lekor 1st, then regret
should have bought it after we done shopping lols
but nevertheless~
the best part of today I guess -___-''

then went in,
showed my bro the bag, he said ugly T_T
so didn't buy lorh..
went upstairs to buy the put in car de thing ^^
sooooooo many new ones lehh!!!!
see till my eyes wanna drop out liaos XD
happy happy ^^

finally bought a duckyyyy~
and my bro bought a stitch stuff toy... he loves stitch very much duno why~
all in all~
petrol wasted, but not so much shopping done..
but still, happy ~ =p

here are the pics I took, some in Marudi, some just now!

my zi lian brother borrowed my phone to take his picture so that he can see how his hair looks like ._.
3 cute boiis~
2 are my brothers and another one is my cousin Yang Yang~
Ariston, Yang Yang and Abyyy ~
muahaha,, my cute cute CUTE cousin Yang YAng!!!
hoho... Parking success LMAO!!!
guess which is my car lohhh =p

the oh so cute ducky which I bought in Boulevard =D
cute bo???
random ~.~
rou gan~
not at the food LOL!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


finally I have the chance to touch the computer ._.
changed skin yesterday =p
with big help from Mr 13est of course~
cause I was at cc mar.. so I can't download the file,
then he dw for me then sent it to me
so thanks so much =)

I'm still at Marudi now,
actually I thought that I'm going back today.
but slight change of plans larhs,
cause celebrating Grandma's birthday tonight ^^
not sure how old she is~,
but still,

anyways, chatted with babe just now
omg lah I miss her so much ><
huuhhuuu glad to have the chance to talk to her again =D
she said that my blog not much pic!!
so I did what any normal human being would do---
put pics into my blog larh~

yoga !! eng tao~ XD

and also!!
wu zun also engtao larh but Calvin more my type LOL!!!
kept drooling while watching 'gong zu xiao mei' drama
even my mum watched with me lehhs

Gong Zu Xiao Mei~
nice drama XD
with two hot guys how not nice lah ._.

omg lah can faint!!
drool drool drooll!!!
1st one is Vian's distand relative,
2nd is my ex
3rd is Joanna sapo's hubby(I hope he still is)
4th is MY soon to be hubby~

hope you're happy to see some pics in my blog babe f3f3

omg lah I like him so much ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year!!

omg this is the best new year ever!!!!!
I'm so happy right now I can work full shifts in Boulevard the whole year round!!
omg.. !!!
happy happy happy till wan siao liaos !!! XD

omg omg omg omg
rou gan zai rou gan zai rou gan zai!!!!

happy chinese new year people!!! =p

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sing Sien <33

on the 22nd,
we all went to Ss's house to celebrate her birthday !
it's a lil' early, cause her birthday's today.
at 1st I thought I can't make it,
cause dunno what time I asked madam what's my shift,
then she said, full.. everyone full so I also full.
then suddenly 5pm++ a senior cashier suddenly come and tell me that I balancing at 6pm
I so shocked,
I stared at him then asked, balancing?
he was like,
yea, I thought you morning shift?


I was very late,
as usual.. but I'm just glad that I made it =p
we had so much fun there,
also dunno what we did there lah,
just eat eat talk talk play play jio jio
hahas.. XD
last Awhyo gathering bahh =/
because everyone's leaving miri already

from left,
C3, Doris, Bryan, Kri, Me, and Karen

the pic where all of us are in it dunno where T_T
nobody send me yet!!!

4 leng luis!!!
damm leng one ohh ^^

c3, Doris, Kri laopo and Ss Ai Ren <3
how lucky am I to have such pretty laopo and ai ren..

went home round 11++
the others still go out yam teh lehhs T_T
damm jealous..

Happy Birthday Sing Sien Ai Ren <3333333

love you always
very old liao wor.. XD

Monday, January 19, 2009

window shopping.. ^^

so in the end I really did went shopping with them XD
woke at 11am.. then com till.. 1++?
then Karen called, and she managed to convince me to go.

we had a blast.
Su bought the most things today.
I didn't bought anything.. cause no money bahh =/
but hell I had fun !!
Parkson now so damm nice liaos..
see le.. jiu feel like..
dunno larh. haha
very nice jiu shi le!
b4 we left, Karen and I said to OUR future Guess bags, :
wait for us .

anyways, when we just arrived, there were two clowns there too.
so Poh Lim went and took a pic with him.
the clown kinda looked like Agan loh.. @@
but duno larh. haha
then the clown gave him a balloon!

the clown cute bo?

dunno how long we walked in Parkson..
but the whole place seemed empty dunno why,
like nobody at all ~.~
went to the shops outside too,
suddenly felt like very UNhigh class there, compared to Parkson's new wing.
plus outside there very hot,

saw an exec at McD.
lols larh ==
and I saw this cute thingy which I wanted to buy for so long le..
sooooooo cute larh!!!!
it's like a thing you put inside your car,
then when the sun shines on it it'll go up and down liddat.

omg look at it,
just look at it!!!

but costs rm40
so sad

after Parkson,
we went to Boulevard to 'visit' Emily.
plus Susan wants to buy wedges..
eeee lah, 22nd we're celebrating SingSien's birthday at her house.
and I'm not sure whether I can make it!!
but I sure hope I can..
I won't want to miss it.. my ai ren bahh =/

then something funny happened.
Em was telling me bout her friend's bf's brother.
she said that he works in Boulevard too.
then I think think think loh..
then she told me work at where de,
then I try recalling the faces of the guys that I saw there.
then she was like,
he has how how how de hair.
then I think...
then like kinda have the picture le,, kinda know who liao larh.
so I said,
is it his face a bit long one?
then she said yes.
I said, his eyes got a bit small one har? dan yan pi?
again she said yes.

then just at that moment, I saw him pass by behind Emily.
so I was like,
is that him?

Emily turned and said,

we both laughed and jump up and down.
or maybe I was the only one jumping ._.
not so sure cause too high liao.
funny larh..
what a coincidence he happened to pass by.
then after that Emily peii me go 2nd floor cause I have to use the 'special' entrance to go out. ==
since I'm a staff there.
but in the end I didn't use that way out.
lols.. just quickly run out the other way. =p

then Karen even chia-ed us all Ice Cream!!!
so yumm larh *~*
love her =p
too bad her com rosak liaos.. she can't see this post. haha

look at us eating ice cream..
are you drooling?
you know you want to.. ^^
ps. at the ice cream not us.
haix.. why my face so round T_T
and where is Em's ice cream!??!?!?

miracle happened today.
Karen actually didn't buy anything!!
and I also didn't spent a single cent.
even more unbelievable ==
I can finally say that I'm a certified window-shopaholic.
woots ? XD

something scary happened also.
when we were heading back,
Susan as the driver of the day,
then when reversing, suddenly heard a sound.
our car hit a car behind. cause we were reversing at the same time I think.
we all didn't noticed cause we were busy talking ._.
anyways, it was shocking.
Su was so nervous, I never saw her like that before..
luckily the driver said it was okay..
didn't ask us to pay or anything.

after dinner,
helped mum make cookies too!
kueh momo lehhs T___T
so yummy..
tommorrow must run to work liaos.
and while making cookies, talked with mum too.
wow.. haha, like so shuang the feeling.
being at home, relaxing instead of working till so late at night.
makes me dread going to work tomorrow even more..
at least it'll all be over at the end of this month..
just hope Bou doesn't underpay me ==

yummy yummy kueh momo!!

thinking bout going to Form6..
but dunno larh.
the idea of wearing uniform all over again,
makes me want to..
I also dunno larh.

look at this cat
like so yeng liddat.. I come so close still not siam ==
omg I hate cats.