Friday, January 30, 2009

6 more days!!!

just back from work..
*gosh, the tiredness of it all*

chatted with dad when we arrived home..
he was like,
"like that one lah companies, need to give notice beforehand one blablabla..."
then he said,
"but if you really insist on quitting tomorrow,
you tell them to just let you stop,
then if need to deduct salary I'll pay for you."
sooooo touching lehhs like seriously ><>

then just now I sent him a letter I typed de marh,
letter of resignation,
and I told him to change a bit if got grammar mistake
guess what,
I might as well save my strength and let him type the whole letter ._.
cause the letter.. so lmao lah..
nothing is what I wrote
excluding the address and signature ==
soooooooo funny lah!
I read liaos the letter keep laughing there XD

here's the letter,
written by none other than my dad.

'as you must be aware, my employment as a cashier is just temporary pending start of my studies. The time has come that I need to prepare for my further studies since it will be starting soon. It is with regret that I have to tender my resignation with immediate effect if possible. However if I need to give a one week notice as what I was told then I will continue working until 6 February 2009. I would really appreciate if you can let me go with such a short notice considering my status.

I enjoyed my time working with this company and I learned a lot even with the short duration of my employment. I thank the Management for giving me the opportunity to work and gain experience and the support from my supervisors and colleagues.'

as you can see from the letter,
only the words which are bold are written by me ==
like lmao rofl lah!!

okayy nothing to write liaos..
I know it's my 2nd post for today.. like suddenly sooooo keen on blogging again .. hahas
but still,
saw Karen's comment in my chat box just makes me sooooooo want to kacau her

I am so not telling you who the 'Him' is LOL!!!
*evil laugh*
all I know is,
today whole day can't le lah.. though I had fun talking playing.. etc etc..
but still. some part of it was emo-ing..
why emo? cause of certain reasons lohh .__.
haix haix haix..

I have all those signs like shit lah ==

yea right I wish ==

boys just don't bother =/

love love love..
love is mostly one sided..
don't you think? =(..

my qing ai de,
just know her not long in Boulevard..
she shared some things with me just now..
well.. made me feel better at least I'm not alone..

let's just see how long this 'missing him' feeling lasts...
I hope..
it'll end soon..

it's 12.10am now!
*desperate to be unemployed*

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