Monday, January 19, 2009

window shopping.. ^^

so in the end I really did went shopping with them XD
woke at 11am.. then com till.. 1++?
then Karen called, and she managed to convince me to go.

we had a blast.
Su bought the most things today.
I didn't bought anything.. cause no money bahh =/
but hell I had fun !!
Parkson now so damm nice liaos..
see le.. jiu feel like..
dunno larh. haha
very nice jiu shi le!
b4 we left, Karen and I said to OUR future Guess bags, :
wait for us .

anyways, when we just arrived, there were two clowns there too.
so Poh Lim went and took a pic with him.
the clown kinda looked like Agan loh.. @@
but duno larh. haha
then the clown gave him a balloon!

the clown cute bo?

dunno how long we walked in Parkson..
but the whole place seemed empty dunno why,
like nobody at all ~.~
went to the shops outside too,
suddenly felt like very UNhigh class there, compared to Parkson's new wing.
plus outside there very hot,

saw an exec at McD.
lols larh ==
and I saw this cute thingy which I wanted to buy for so long le..
sooooooo cute larh!!!!
it's like a thing you put inside your car,
then when the sun shines on it it'll go up and down liddat.

omg look at it,
just look at it!!!

but costs rm40
so sad

after Parkson,
we went to Boulevard to 'visit' Emily.
plus Susan wants to buy wedges..
eeee lah, 22nd we're celebrating SingSien's birthday at her house.
and I'm not sure whether I can make it!!
but I sure hope I can..
I won't want to miss it.. my ai ren bahh =/

then something funny happened.
Em was telling me bout her friend's bf's brother.
she said that he works in Boulevard too.
then I think think think loh..
then she told me work at where de,
then I try recalling the faces of the guys that I saw there.
then she was like,
he has how how how de hair.
then I think...
then like kinda have the picture le,, kinda know who liao larh.
so I said,
is it his face a bit long one?
then she said yes.
I said, his eyes got a bit small one har? dan yan pi?
again she said yes.

then just at that moment, I saw him pass by behind Emily.
so I was like,
is that him?

Emily turned and said,

we both laughed and jump up and down.
or maybe I was the only one jumping ._.
not so sure cause too high liao.
funny larh..
what a coincidence he happened to pass by.
then after that Emily peii me go 2nd floor cause I have to use the 'special' entrance to go out. ==
since I'm a staff there.
but in the end I didn't use that way out.
lols.. just quickly run out the other way. =p

then Karen even chia-ed us all Ice Cream!!!
so yumm larh *~*
love her =p
too bad her com rosak liaos.. she can't see this post. haha

look at us eating ice cream..
are you drooling?
you know you want to.. ^^
ps. at the ice cream not us.
haix.. why my face so round T_T
and where is Em's ice cream!??!?!?

miracle happened today.
Karen actually didn't buy anything!!
and I also didn't spent a single cent.
even more unbelievable ==
I can finally say that I'm a certified window-shopaholic.
woots ? XD

something scary happened also.
when we were heading back,
Susan as the driver of the day,
then when reversing, suddenly heard a sound.
our car hit a car behind. cause we were reversing at the same time I think.
we all didn't noticed cause we were busy talking ._.
anyways, it was shocking.
Su was so nervous, I never saw her like that before..
luckily the driver said it was okay..
didn't ask us to pay or anything.

after dinner,
helped mum make cookies too!
kueh momo lehhs T___T
so yummy..
tommorrow must run to work liaos.
and while making cookies, talked with mum too.
wow.. haha, like so shuang the feeling.
being at home, relaxing instead of working till so late at night.
makes me dread going to work tomorrow even more..
at least it'll all be over at the end of this month..
just hope Bou doesn't underpay me ==

yummy yummy kueh momo!!

thinking bout going to Form6..
but dunno larh.
the idea of wearing uniform all over again,
makes me want to..
I also dunno larh.

look at this cat
like so yeng liddat.. I come so close still not siam ==
omg I hate cats.

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