Friday, February 27, 2009

awhyo, my love x33

I can't believe I actually fell for such a guy!!

last night I asked him whether he really is in Taiwan and he said yes!!
I was so scared..
can't believe that my nightmare really came true!!
so of course I didn't believe at 1st.
then my gan jie said got a guy in the newspaper looked kinda like him.
(she said newspaper showed their pic, like saying a group of people go to Taiwan to study or something like that)
I realised that he might be telling the truth..

so of course after a while,
thinking thinking then tears start to fall lorh..
nightmare all over again,
only this time,
it's true..
devastated larh..

cry till so cham ZZzzzz
so long didn't cry my heart out like that!
and guess what,

I was so pissed with him that I keep on scolding him,
I even told him I hate him,
which is quite true seeing as how he cheated me like that!!
I can't believe I actually wasted my tears on him.
and he didn't even apologize!!
I hate him!!!

moving on to some happier memories
yesterday afternoon went out with Susan darling~
1st went to Curtin.. and then went to Emart
and wth lah..
after hearing all of Susan's comments on my driving,
I now know for sure that I suck at driving!

probably even worse than TErry...
then again, maybe NOT!!!

there were so many bumps on the road to Curtin, (inside campus)
then I think the bottom of my car hit 9/10 of those bumps?
zzzZZzzzz talk bout suckish ==
I think sooner or later I'll get a flat tyre..
or maybe the air cond will get spoilt or something..
omg T_T

1st time went to Emart also~
quite big larh the place.. but filled with.. *ahem*
Susan and I we just wore soooooooo ...
not that nice de clothes larh. but hor,
we were the best dressed there!
omg LOL!

ate ABC there..
yummy~ =p
then then..
oh yea.. there's actually a PBB Bookstore there too ._.
never knew!! hahass..

then dunno why, we didn't feel like going home,.
so decided to ask the others go out yam cha~ hahahaha
damm shiok one.
so msg msg..
then Su and I sit in the car talk talk from 5 till almost 6 like that.
cause the place opens at 6 I think.

so go there eat chicken leg.
then talk so long..
we left there round 7.15? cause like sit there too long le.
plus Su said there was a lot of mosquitoess

headed to Boulevard to continue our talking
went to Food Court.
only me ate.. =="
guess I was the only one who's starving.. =D

then we kept on talking. haha
discussing what we'll do when HH come etc etc~
even thought bout singing K again..
but don't know whether can or not cause there's so little of us..
not enuf $$ hahas.. =p

anyways, SPM result is coming out soon..
hope I won't be slaughtered T_T

Awhyo !!
from left:
Doris, Terry, Poh Lim, HH, Bryan, EeHau, Me, Susan, Karen, Kri, c3, and Daryl..
(only SS is missing in this pic ==")
love you guys!!
my fav pic ~ ;D

thanks Terry..
seeing your comment made me feel better.. =)


I can be happy bahh.. ;)
just need some time..
to forget bout the idiot and move on with my life!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

stupid dream.

had a nightmare last night!!!

I dreamt, that he's leaving for Taiwan just like his cousin.
and and and..
I asked him to meet me for the last time,
and he said yes.
then I waited ..
and waited and waited..
but he never showed..

omg lah!!!
I woke up with tears in my eyes okay!!!
and I'm starting to cry right now..
what if he really is going too har?!?!?!?
omg lah... sad..
so I quickly messaged my jie tell her,
then she comforted me by saying that,
their interests are different so it's impossible that he'll go to TAiwan too..

that made me feel a whole lot better.. :(
but still..
who knows?

what is wrong with me?
I'm falling apart..
I really am.

I don't think I'm ready for uni life..

it's so hard for me to let go of you...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm gonna be okayy ;)

done editing the pic for my blog,
I think this one looks better than the one before... ehh??

ate breakfast with all my lovers at 2020 just now~
Poh Lim went too.
he's leaving for KL today.
when we reached there,
it suddenly started to rain so hard ._.

so Susan and I waited in the car for the others to arrive..
they so slow lorh..
when they finally arrived the rain already stopped sia =="
then makan~~ =D
talk talk talk so long there,

after dunno how long, we went to Imperial.
go there see see handphones,
cause Doris wanna buy new hp !
omg lah. see all those phones also make me want to buy

soooooooo scary lah just now!!
when going home I'm all alone marh, cause all the others went with Doris' car,
they're going to Boulevard whereas I had to go home already.
*being the good sister that I am,, *ahem**

then then,
need to go out from the Imperial area right,
then got a booth like pay for the ticket..
I turn too close to the side le, so like..
dunno how to say -__-"
like.. my tyre go up the side thing ahh..
so I reverse..
twice lehh!!!
but no difference..
so I also dunno how..
so I just drive over the thing,
and hoping that I won't scratch the side of my car T_T

I still dunno whether got scratch dao o not larh..
but I think no have *phew~*
then the guy inside the booth laughed at me T_T

and want to drive also..
the car cannot move...
so I press accelerator,
and then the car went too fast so I quickly press brake again
omg lah.. =="
they sure think I kopi licence or what T_T
*sobs sobs*

well at least I arrived safely at home .__.

then, another soi thing happened ==
when I go and pick my bros,
suddenly noticed the petrol thing blinking
dun dare drive anymore lehhs like this T_T
sad sad sad!!!

so I so scare..
but just keep driving and hoping that the car won't stop halfway or something..

luckily I arrived at my bro's school ._.
I didn't even on the air cond leh ==
called my dad,
then he asked me to put rm10 1st lols..
so we did that,
my youngest brother and I.
he also soooooo worried.
when I on the air cond,
he said:
no! don't on!!!


and when finish putting petrol we were both filled with joy,
and we both shouted like we were saved by a rescue team while stranded on an island.
lame ._.

woo.. check out this 2 pics..
stole it from one of my many lovers' friendster. =P

from left:
Doris dear, Susan darling, Sing Sien Ai renn, Kri Laopo, C3 Qing Fu, Karen babe, & ME!
this was taken when we were singing K~
should be in Rex Box bahh
haha. the background damm nice one ^^
all gurlzs~ x33

celebrated Doris' birthday at 925..
our photo~
*haix.. getting less and less people.. =(*

I noticed while editing our pics..
that Awhyo gang..
really is getting fewer and fewer people..
that's one of the main reasons I put the pic of our last gathering,
(at Pong's before HH left for Kuching) at the center.
it's because,
that was the time when there were still so many of us.

I miss my friends..
everyone has left.. some to other states.. some to other countries..
I know, we can't be together forever..
and the time will come when we'd have to leave each other.
I believe our time has come. :/
and sometimes, it's just too hard for me to cope with...

last night I cried lerh..
cause it's like..
duno larh..
so many people..
then one by one they left..
in the end,
there's just a few of us left..

that day I watched Lord of the Rings
with mum and dad.
and and.. I was like looking forward to see Orlando BLoom bahh aka Legolas~
cause in my memory he's like the only cute guy in da show~

nehh nehh Orlando~
omg my dad said that he's gay =="
is this true?!
cause I will not believe it unless someone confirms it LOL!
hmmph chou babe say no cute guys in the show T_T

and and before Orlando appeared,
showed a Ranger..
at 1st thought he was the bad guy or something..
then hor~~~
turns out he's such a good guy *drools*

especially when his hair is all messy muahaha~

his eyes..
they are absolutely gorgeous
I know many people won't agree with me but laalla~
I dun care~~ ^^

guess who's pic I found while searching for the pics above?
none other than Mr Edward Cullen~~~

gahhh ~

heard HH's coming to Miri!!!
damm hhapppyyyy!!
though we're not always on good terms.
but it's still good to have one of my friends backk ^^
hope we'll have fun~

Monday, February 23, 2009

i lurve elmooo =D

hoho... stole that pic from chel's blog =D
nothing much to blog bout actually,..
just wanted to post up some picss hahas..

look at him..
eating the ice cream then face so... ham
my elmo + cookie monster tissue!!
cute right? =P
and and..
my duckyyy still there,
cute alsoooo ^^
class photo.. hahas..
I noticed that my ai ren looks kinda like Doris in this pic O.O

my messy drawer ~
Toblerone =D
the killer heels which Karen and I both wore on our shopping trip yesterday
our legs were hurting like siao by the time we reached Parkson
my diary.. LOL!
mum gave me one..
but the front there too..
ugly larh so I edited a bit =O
and yes, that is Zac Efron ;))
sobs sobs..
my saman.. T_T
10 reasons I like you ~ x3333
want to type.. but my com cannot larh ._.
so what to do?
my messy table..
actually I didn't take the messy part LOL!
too messy le I dun even want to take -_-
look at my dad,
he was looking at the people playing golf when we were at East Wood yesterday.
check out his face.
obviously he wants to play golf very much lorh,
cause ahh when he looking at them play,
his mouth cannot close,
then arh,
will smile also leh dunno why
* serious face *

drew this..
see how free I am??!
but school's starting soon

okayy now for Bean Bean's piccssss !! =DDDD
wooo ~!
my baby damm cute one lehhhs hahhaa!!

see see
he's like licking himself or something..
curled up like a ball like that.
sooo cute okay!!!

hehe.. stretching? =D
haha... cute cute cuteeee
took this pic at the couch in the living room.
dunno why we played with Bean Bean till he like tired or something..
he actually remained in this pose till... dunno how many minutes. ._.
so we also keep snap snap snap take pics !! XD
innocent much?

look at his nose =D
like a pig's ahahhaha

notice his hands.. !!!
LOL!! so cute kay!!!
feel like hugging it only it's too small =X

and and and..
I know I called it my baby,
but sadly I wasn't the one who chose it LOL
my brother did..
oh well. ~
still still oh so cute =p

my dad saw Poh Lim's pic in my last post,
and he was like:
who's that handsome boy?

I was like:
*wtf? you're kidding me right?* (in my head)
"handsome meh??!?!" (out loud)

and of course,
I put on my most bewildered face.
seriously omg..
please do not ever ever EVER say that to my face again =="

haha.. cute cute
x333 Bean Bean ~

x333 my Boy more..
hahaha =D

lai babe,
how dare you write things bout me like that in your blog
hurt me sia...
and hor,
I'm not in love!!
you are!!! =DD
oh yes you know it don't deny it anymore ^^
but hor really damm shiok msg with you
dun say you laugh at my messages..
cause I definitely laughed even harder..

you and your stupiak smelly head

see see..
you all must be wondering why I will have such a babe hor?
haven't comb hair etc etc also dare take pic.
*tsk tsk tsk*
ahhahaha!!! ;D
joke joke babe!!

it's actually because,
she damm chio liaos
right? =D
next time I won't let other ppl touch my hair hor babe,
only let you cut f3f3f3
muacksss muacksss x3333

and you dare tell me one more time you no chance I will chop off your head.
serious F5!!!

I won't ask you to come kill me cause I know you bu she de

Sunday, February 22, 2009

i love my boyy x333


happy birthday Mr Sim Poh Lim =DDD

pretty hectic I guess?
hahas... woke pretty late ._.
almost almost...
actually yes I was late for church -___-

woke 9a.m. liddat,
then omg larh.. bro still in bathroom,
so 930 then I went in..
so obviously not enough time larh =="
then late lorh..

and my bro keep rush me cause my parents called and said they were at McDonalds,
and say we can go if we have enough time.
(my bro and I are going to youth mass whereas my parents and my 2 other brothers went to Mater Dei =p)

my brother keep say, faster larh faster larh
I go open gate 1st etc etc..
so I damm sien one lorh...
cause I know that all he wanted was to drive =="
jia si...
say what I drive the car out 1st har wait you

so he soooooooo in a hurry till even called me !!
he was like downstairs and I'm upstairs also want to call!!!! =="
and seeing as how I hate to be rushed,
of course my mood became oh so suckish and I was practically fuming as I made my way downstairs..

damm sien one,
got all my piano books and then hair not even dry yet,
I doubt I even qualify presentable,
and didn't even had the time to practice my pieces one last time,
jiu went out liao.
and as expected there he was in the driver's seat.

so I damn angry,
I straight sit at the passenger there,
and told him,
"okay you want to drive, drive lah!"
so he was shocked..
speechless lah cause I never let him drive marh.. lols
actually I expected him to apologize then let me drive but he didn't ._.
so he drove loh
with me shouting like a lunatic beside him @@
now thinking back,
really very funny loh hahaha!!

then when reach the basketball court,
he went down and let me drive.
and that's when I started breathing again =DD
hahahahasss !!

so dropped him at Parkson,
then myself need rush to Cathedral cause late already T_T
teacher said I needed to reach there by 10.30am..
guess what time I arrived?
11.07... and mass starts.. at 11.15?
omg lah =="
what to do.. cause really jam till... =((

I'm just glad I made through the mass alive =D
played few mistakes lorh... but still..
wOOOTSSS hahas..
but Elina (she's playing the piano too) said that I play too soft liaos T_T

and I love the choir people man.. ~!!!
Karen, (lead singer name) she told me, that I did well
and I just have to relax and follow the beat
even though I know she's just comforting me.. but still
wooo thanks!!! ;D

after that went to East Wood a while~
cause parent's company have family day there~
the food.. yumms *drools*

left there after a while~
sent bro to measure something something..
then almost got lost in riam ._.
we went the wrong way then like circled the whole of Miri LOL!!
omg.. my petrol T_T
mum please help me payy ~~~ *sobs*

then then.. after that went Imperial and Parkson with Karen babe =D
omg lah..
at Imperial..
went to this shop, selling many many Tshirts one..
we definitely LMAO there ._.

all the words on the shirts really so funny lorh
okayy some samples ~ :

not for hire,
only can admire
(Karen wants this =p)

son of a leaking condom

bullshit at the highest level

and and and.
got one damm funny one..
in chinese larh..
something like this :

make way make way~
leng zai coming through.

feel like buying it for him since he damm leng one whahhahahha!!

so funny..
the shop keeper glaring at us sia. hahahaha
but we still laughed. hahahaha

okayy after lepak-ing for some time there..
we left for Parkson lorh..
walk walk a while only ~
then I bought some Elmo and COokie Monster tissues~ x333 !!!
wooo damm cute one lehhs =D
put in my carrr woots ~ ^^
happy happy.. hahaha
saw Poh Lim at Parkson too..
lols.. kinda shocked.

and woots~
I'm in a good mood today =DDDDD
why why why???
well.. only my babe and I shall know LOL!




can't things stay this way forever? =((

more pictures to be uploaded tomorrow ~
I'm happy.. hahaha =D

Saturday, February 21, 2009


what a day..
started out like shit.
can't even take a decent bath,
inside the bathroom still need to hear people shout here shout there
ask me to ask piano teacher things etc etc etc!!
have you no mouth?
why can't you ask yourself need to rely on me?!
and fine, want me to ask I can ask,
can you at least wait for me to finish bathing or something?

then I can't stand anymore I go message teacher,
then still scold me again!!
what the fuck?
I want to save credit so message also wrong har?
you want me to risk getting electrocuted by calling is it??
ma gu...
damm pissed I tell you.

shiitty start of a soon to be shitty day.

on the other hand,
I'm currently addicted to Yoga's 我愛的人..
omg damm nice one that song

I can't get it out of my head,
and whenever I listen to it,
I feel like crying..
especially .. this part :

我愛的人 不是我的愛人
他心裡每一寸 都屬於另一個人


我愛的人 他已有了愛人
從他們的眼神 說明了我不可能..


I'm just sad sad sad...
nothing I do can get him out of my head..
I'm just hopeless..

hopeless in everything..

I just want to say:
hey boy,
don't think you're all that !
you mean nothing to me.
you're just one of the many boys I have a crush on.
you think I'm in love with you?
hell no.
I don't give a damn..
I don't care that you don't feel the same
cause you're just a game to me.
I'm never serious with my feelings and never will.

get it?
but you're not like other men..
cause you're my boyyy =)

oh fuck.

my dad's going on and on again,
about you better not let me catch you dating har
fuck you lah.
the guy I'd do anything for doesn't even give a damn bout me,
how am I suppose to ...
suan le..
think whatever you like..

you say you trust me,
and yet now you're doubting me..
do you even treat me as your daughter?
oh dad..
sometimes you just don't get me..
and you never will
nobody knows me,..
nobody understands me..
nobody gives a fucking damn about me!!

and guess what..

at the end of the day..
it all comes back to him..
he's everything to me..
too bad I'm nothing to him..
he doesn't care..

everyone around me tell me,
I think you're seriously in love with this guy...
then I'd say:
LMAO you're kidding me right?
love? that's a big word.

look where I am now...
in love with a guy who doesn't feel the same.
it hurts..
hurts.. so deeply.

fuck this picture..

why is it smiling?!
smiling at a situation like this..
is just so fuckish..


Friday, February 20, 2009

still missing one thing...

omg.. I had the most amazing dream ever!!! :D
I dreamt that him and I were a couple, and that he hugged me

even the sun shine so hot on my face I still lie down there and smile like a dim witted ass who doesn't want to get her ass off the bed =="

I realized one thing..
that life is precious...
you never know, what would happen the next day,
or the next hour.
we can leave this world, anytime and we won't even see it coming.

you might wonder, why am I thinking like this..
well, it's because,
someone from my church just passed away...
and he's only 12 years old!!
such a young boii.. =((
may his soul rest in peace =)

so like I said,
life is damm precious!
so we should live it to the fullest ^^
to those who ever had the thought of leaving this world..
think about all those, who desperately wants to live,
but unfortunately.. can't.
learn to appreciate life,
for it is the greatest gift from the One above..

each and every one of us,
is special in his or her own way.
don't ever think that someone else is better than you,
we are all special,
and everyone has their own flaws..
whether we like it or not,
there's nothing we can do but to accept ourselves for who we are !

live life to the fullest!!!!
gambateh everyone ~!!!

so here are some advice,
for people who are dear to me *ahem*

you hor...
damm obvious one you two have road,
so must go and 争取!!
懂吗 !!!

okayy actually only you need advice hahaha!!!

ciaoo all~
all the best =)
all the best for me too..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

sohaiii !

just back from Imperial..
hahas.~~ XD
chatted with my jieeee x33
when arrive there we went Parkson 1st,
go eat at McD!~ =D
cause now got what promotion sia
so yummy yummy *drools*

then when done,
that got saman on my wind shield..
oh why owhh why?!?!??!?!?
another one.. like omg lah.. =="
2nd one already hoR!!!

then I thought,
okayy maybe only rm1,
cause didn't put enough ticket..
who knew,
it says there "ticket not displayed clearly"
I put in front there not clear enough har?!
so my jie and I went to ask,
then the guy said,
today is 19th, not 18th....
*drops dead*

of all the times to not wear my watch..
it just had to be today..
omg lah.. if only I wore my watch,
then I wouldn't get the date wrong
damm stupiak one.
and on the ticket wrote,
what pay compound 75% so I was like..
wow so good meh 75% discount..
then when went to pay,
YUAN LAI IS PAY 75%, NOT 75% OFF !!!!!
omg lah =="

damm soiiiiii one!!
but this time I'm not that pissed dunno why =D
maybe because... ~
my jie was there and she damm funny sia !!
we laugh till Parkson almost fall down le

enough saman's for me okayy??? =((((

this is me...
hopeless liaos..

I wish I was a bird..
cause if I was one,
I don't have to study so much,
no Bio, Chem, Physics,..
etc etc~
not to forget, SEJARAH!!!
hor hor!!! life would be good~
and the only book I'd have to study ..
is this book :::




like I said..
life would be easy.. AND good.

maybe learn a little bit of tricks on how to poop or what larh.
180 degree turn?
or 360?
or kick flip
or 299.99 degree turn LOL!!
sot liaos..

turn turn turn *poop*

human: @#$*&@#*%&#$(*%&@#*($&@#*($&@#$

me: ne ne ne POOP POOP!!!!


this is what I meant when I say that I'll have bad side effects if I hang out with my gan jie .__.
I mean look at me,
I'm mental..
going nuts already.. zzzz =="

all I can say is,
just now damm shiok and fun wakaka~
x333 you jie!!
though I know u won't read my blog,
but still.
love you to the max =D


Boy, I miss you...
我愛的人 .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you make me smile more than anyone else in the world =)

okayy ~
just done changing my blog skin :D
I like it more now cause it's not so.. dark anymore ^^
anyways, while changing, *my blog skin >_<* I noticed that Joan tagged me T_T
which reminded my that Juu Darleng tagged me long ago too!!

so since I'm soooooo bored~
I might as well do BOTH!! XD

:.: Juu darleng's tag :.:


It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real...nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.Have fun!

1. What is your name? Melo

2. A four letter word: Milo ? hahasss

3. A boy's name: Mark

4. A girl's name: Mandy

5. An occupation: Mother (it's considered an occupation too, right? :P)

6. A color: Mean red zzzzz =="

7. Something you wear: Make up? LOL!

8. A food: Meat ? T_T *this is damm hard!*

9. Something found in the bathroom: Mirror!!! =D

10. A place: Miri ~~~ x3333

11. A reason for being late: Mind reading ~.~

12. Something you shout: Maaaaaaaaaaa GUUU!!!!! *muahaha*

13. A movie title: My Best Friend's Wedding *~*

14. Something you drink: Milo~~

15. A musical group: M~~~ *dunnoooo T_T*

16. A street name: M----elody!! -__-

17. A type of car: Maclaren ~

18. A song title: My Love - Justin Timberlake O.O

19. A verb: Makan? LOL!

I Tag :

1. JESS BABE!! (know u hate tags.... BUT I WANT TO SEE UR FUNNY ANSWERSS !!! ;D)
2. Ah Vian~~
3. Joan Yang
4. Chelsea !
5. Joanna sapo~

and anyone who wants to do it larh LOL!! ~~

:.: Joan's tag :.:
gosh this is so tiring~

001. Real name → Christianne Melody Calipusan .__.

002. Nickname(s)→ Melo, Chris, Mel, Twinkle (lol)

004. Zodiac sign → cancer

005. Male or female → you think lehhs??

006. Elementary → SJK Pujut

007. Middle School → SMK Chung Hua Miri

008. High School → not same har? Lols

009. College School → dunnoos

010. Hair color → black lorh (no money go dye *sobs*)

011. Long or short → count long ehs? =D

012. Loud or Quiet → loud !!!

013. Sweats or Jeans → sweats? apa sweats ._.

014. Phone or Camera → phone~

015. Health freak → yess but I break all the rules zzz

016. Drink or Smoke? → drinkkk , u chia har? ;)

017. Do you have a crush on someone? → absolutely ! =((

018. Eat or Drink → bothh... hahas

019. Piercings → yess

020. Tattoos → i wish.. =D

023. First piercing → ermm.. 1 year old gua? @@

024. First best friend → Carrie Wong Siaw Shiennn x3333 , who now has become my laopo !! LOL!!!

025. First award → hahas.. dunno

026. First crush - erm. need to tell name meh? HAHA!! NO WAYY =D

027. First pet → doggggiee

028. First big vacation → erm... every vacation is big what .__. hahas

030. First big birthday → haha.. no idea

049. Eating → nope

050. Drinking → nope

052. I'm about to → type in this answer. LOL!

053. Listening to → Back At One - Brian McKnight

054. Plans for today → erm... go jogging? (sure not go one) hahasss...

055. Waiting for → my front hair to grow so I can go out and face people again T_T

058. Want kids? → yeasshhh :D

059. Want to get married? → if got people want lorh.. *muahhaa*

060. Careers in mind → Vet (but no $ T_T), millionaire's wife LMAO!!!!
*slaps self*
okayyy I'm awake again LOL!!

068. Lips or eyes → eyes...

070. Shorter or taller? → taller! duhhh

072. Romantic or spontaneous → errr,,, romantic I guess.. cause if I'm not wrong, and I believe I'm not, he's far far far from spontaneous =="

073. Nice stomach or nice arms → erhhh?. SO HAMSAP MEH?? ZZZZZZ

074. Sensitive or loud→ sensitive bahh..

075. Hook-up or relationship → RRRRR R!!! @@

076. Trouble maker or hesitant → hahas. bad boys me likeyyy =p

080. Lost glasses/contacts → noooo..

081. Ran away from home → hahas,... in my mind, yes

082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → LMAO!!! what's this? who would have the heart to kill me???

083. Killed somebody → hahahaha.. IF I DID, YOU THINK I'D TELL THE WORLD THAT I DID??? ==

084. Broken someone's heart → don't think sooooo =D

085. Been arrested → hahaha.. thankfully NO

087. Cried when someone died → I'm not cold blooded okayy

089. Yourself → not so much... but I try to

090. Miracles → yeapps

091. Love at first sight → perhaps.. but I believe in Love at lonnnngggg sight.
which means the longer I look at him the more I fall in love LOL!!!!

092. Heaven → yeassshh

093. Santa Claus → hahahahaha!! I'm a good girll =D so yeahhhhss

094 Tooth Fairy → no.. how bout Easter Bunny? =="

095. Kiss on the first date → guess so?

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → oohhh... of course lorh... but you can't always get what you want.. =/

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life → yesh.. but I wish I had one more thing..

099. Do you believe in God → absolutely

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people →

i tag..
anyone who wants to be tagged =D

okayy so I'm done!!

yea I know,
but letting go is not easy okay!!! -__-

Monday, February 16, 2009

buaiis.. c3...

okayy ~
some belated updates =P
RYAN K!! x333

hahas.. sakaii or not? =D
okayy this one much much cuter =D

celebrated Ryan's birthday on Valentine's day ~
and my 1st piano teaching was also on that day!
kinda ... weird loh...
me teaching that is.
hahas.. cause I really dunno how to. and not so sure whether I did it right
just hope the students don't hate me T_T
the day b4, which is Friday,
went to Choir practice..
somehow, I managed to embarass myself there too ==
how? you might ask
I parked at the place reserved for priests only
then when teacher Amy arrived she asked whether that's my car,
then said cannot park there T_T
everyone looked at me like I did something really evil..

plus I don't know whether I can play for mass loh..
like very hard.. *sobs*
and hor..
there was a song, without the notes marh,..
so arh, the girl singing, (Karen)
she went to a guy (no idea what name) then sing to him,
then the guy straight tell her what key

I look like a seriously lost deer there the whole time ._.
I'm hopeless LOL!!
next time when it's my turn to play the piano,
then they say no key I straight run away arh ==
don't expect to sing to me then ask me to tell you what key it's in ohh ==

okay back to the partay~
so I left piano bout 5++pm
then went to Cocoberry drink a while,
cause waiting for my bro to finish tuition bah~
then opposite me was a car shop,
with a big banner,
tint 4 doors, rm50.
4 doors + front and rear window, rm 80.
whole car, rm100.

now that's a thought.!!
seriously considering lorh..
cause people always bully me one,
like see me P then just cut in front of me.
like wth larh?

back to the topic~,
my bro and I bought a hamster for RYan K~!

the food~
the pizza left so little T_T
cause we were both late for the party... (at our own house)
see all those children..
how come I don't have that much friends when I was little? @@
woo.. the hamster cage~
till now haven't paid my brother my share of the gift..
lols =O
cute or not?!
his name is Bean Bean~
or chinese is xiao dou!!
but I prefer bean bean larh =D
cute cute cute!!!

then night time,
got ready and went to Parkson!
like lmao larh. damm last minute one.
Karen already arrived my house then I ask my parents whether can go or not..
and this is the 1st time they let me drive at night lehhs!!
excluding all the times when I had 'business' meetings, for example the choir practice.
left home at 8pm.
drove to Parkson..
waste so much time finding parking ._.
but in the end we did,
then went in to shop.
actually wanted to watch movie,
but there wasn't any nice one so... SHOPPING LORH!! =D

we went into Parkson~
then go try on clothes!!
hahas~ so shuang T_T
then fell in love with a pair of jeans..
then after that went to try on shoes lagi~
then we decided that we'll buy the next day.

saw Jac Darling there too!!
with her super *NEW* and *HOT* hubby LOL!!
she damm chio bu bahh =P

after leaving Parkson,
we went to he cha~
with my brother too.
before he cha, we did something stupid.
well actually I did the stupid thing.
so not gonna talk bout it =p
moving on~
pergi he cha~
that time already 11 liaos ._.
so went 99 cafe.
and then,
order drinks.
then talk talk talk...

the taiwan chicken thingy.. lols
okok bahh.. cause kinda salty
my brother and I~
notice the chicken in his mouth ._.
and me trying my best to act kelian,
cause the 3 of us are like.. SPENDING VALENTINE'S ALL ALONE T_T
me and Karen babe!
kelian face~ =./
man.. why is Karen so happy?
maybe her xxx got give her gift eh?
okayy I admit I'm evil!
simply because~~!!! XD
Karen and I walked to the western food there marh, cause wanna see whether got sell fries o not.
then really got,
but then not enough money so dun wanna buy anymore.
but all the people there thought we wanna buy,
so they go shout 'Western!!'
like calling the person in charge come ==
omg larhh.!!!
we went back to our sits..
then saw everyone like pointing to us,
then talking to the 'western' guy ._.

then he brought the menu,
and walk towards us.. =="
so I was like,
oh oh.. he coming liao oh..
Karen: mia ma... no have so cham eh?
then sure enough, he stopped in front of our table.
omg.. LOL!!
and then ask, want to order anything?

so I just laughed.. hahass..
then look at my brother as he's our only hope.
then my brother said yes.
so hence,

Karen babe's gift for me =)
touched... ^^

okayy more pics of Bean BEan~
cause he's just so damm cute!!

hahas.. sleeping like pig.. =D
Ryan K playing the piano~
he looks... thinner. lol

last night,
celebrated Doris dear's birthday~
woots you're 18 liao wor dearrrr x3333!!
and paiseh Terry.. didn't take dao any pics cause..
I also dunno why..
all the pics are in c3's camera..
wait she upload in Friendster lorhh ><

we ate at 925~
b4 that, Karen and I went to PArkson~
splurge so much sia
spend till not even have enough money to pay for dinner ZZZZZ!!
bought heels,
same as Karen, but I got the white ones whereas she bought the black,..
no more next time liaos,
cause buy same one, people will compare and say who's nicer bla bla bla T_T
and mine is NOT the nicer one lorh =/
but nvm larh.. lols
bought liaos,
must love it!!
then I also bought the jeans~
yay!~ LOL!
or maybe not so yay -==
cause mum and dad'll kill me when they found out T_T

c3 went to Taiwan already this morning..
can't believe I missed it lorh..
wasn't able to go and see her for the last time .. =(
almost everyone went I guess..
all the best in Taiwan c3 ^^
hope u can find a good and rich laogong yang you wakaka!!!

Kri laopo and me at 925 ~

more pics of Bean BEan b4 I end this post.. =D

look at it drinking water!!!
damm cute one!!
makan makan

I took it out of the cage..
it walk very slow one lorh ._.
too fat liaos
sooooooooooooooooo cute!!

dun look down =O~





I'll miss you.. c3..
I miss you already...