Thursday, February 5, 2009

when cookie met milk

yesterday was a fantabulous day ~!!
didn't need to work,
so we planned to drive to Riam to have lunch with Karen babe and Noorul darling
turns out in the end plan cancelled..
so we changed it to next week lo

then round 1pm liddat,
Emily came to my house,
we wanna go bag hunt bahh XD
cause feels like so long didn't buy myself a bag,
so she peii me go buy one lo =D

we talked talked in my room, while she got her make up done *ahem*
we went to Bou lohhs XD
walk walk walk..
then we went in to idol house,
in the end bought two cute cute CUTE turtlesss !!!
damm chio bu lorh the turtles..

then weird lo got one 8.90 then the others all 15.90
so Emily go take the 8.90 de and asked the salesgirl there,
confirm liao the price,
then we *evilly* took out the price of the 15.90 one
so we bought two for rm16 LOLOL!!!
evil, I know.. hahahah !!

then also found a bag in 'In Look'
quite nice + it's similar to Emily's bag,
which is a plus,
haha.. cause now we have same bags and turtles!
happy happy =p
then it only costs rm40.
quite cheap loh cause I expected a bag to be at least 60 or 70 liddat

then at 3.30pm we left Bou cause need to go pick my younger brother from school,
so didn't get to buy mascara and eyeliner cause saw the damm security guard on that floor ==

went to pick him, then brought him go makan rojak + ABC!
got lost lagi ~
cause not so sure where the place was..
when finally found the shophouses,
went wrong direction again .__.
the road was one way only then I go drive the wrong way
and I even thought I was on the correct side,
then go look at the driver coming from the other ==
no wonder he was glaring at me @@
then in the end only then my brother told me that I was the one on the wrong side..
thanks much for the info?
too late liao lah !! =="

the prawn biscuit..~
so yummy lo..
but ABC rm3... macam ex a bit lah..
but stilll...

after makan,
went home again~
then took pics with Emily laopo (",)
cause see the turtle toooooo cute liao bahhh
so feel like I must share it with the world!
or at least the people who reads my blog.

haha.. chio bu bo??
notice the rounder one on the left?
turns out, that the turtle different size one .__.
emily get de smaller while mine rounder
so what to do?
just buy lah since it fits the owner too

me and Emily laopo !!
cam whoring in my room
you know what?
we do look kinda similar.. haha..
just that she's taller...
*note: she's bending in the pic to fit my height ==*
laught till mouth pain liaos
our similar bags and cute turtleeessss
ngaiti lo~
so chio lahh ~.~

then at night went to Susan and Karen's house..
talked soooo long at both houses,...
lmao lah
reached home 10++
very late liaos..
then Emily sooooo worried,
keep say muz call me when you reach home ohh
but jiang zhen, got a bit touched larhs ><
then my dad also, when he called,
he just say okay as long as you drive safely.

all I can say is,
it's great to know that there are so many people caring bout me =)
and I want to say,
I do appreciate you all.
even though I don't voice it out loud,
doesn't mean I don't appreciate.

and omg lah..
this morning while eating dad lectured sooooo long .___.
but still, got lesson also lah ~
at 1st was crying cause he shouted at me cause of a misunderstanding ==
but in the end he apologized larh,
so it turned out well,
then last last I was crying because his story was seriously touching.
and wow..
to think that a miracle really did happened in his life.
amazing bahh =O
sorry can't talk bout it cause I'm kinda rushing now,..
gonna be late for work soon.

been kinda emo-ing lately..
due to certain reasons.. =/
and I don't like myself when I'm emoing loh...
emo sux..
that's all I can say

but still,
dunno larh @@

this is cute ^^
I'm the cookie and You're the milk.. =D

waiting in the rainfall feeling so small
gazing at the sky wishing forever was more
i miss you

we said let go, but I kept on hanging on
inside i know, it's over you're really gone

you told me you're going lion dance today..
though it's raining..
how come,.. the 1st thing that came into my mind when it started raining heavily,
was whether you're okay...
whether you're having fun..
whether you're gonna catch a cold or not. ?
I don't wanna feel like this..
I really don't...
feel like asking you,
but I'm afraid you'll think I'm a busy body..
do you have to be so cold?

2 more days..

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