Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hehes. I said, that if someone were to give me rocher bouquets, i'd melt right?

So yeah. Karen babe gave me one >< thanks wor babe!
You really shouldn't lor =/
Melt my <3 sia XD
MUACKS babe!
Thanks for giving me courage too. To do you-know-what-you-and-my-bro-help-me-did *winks*

Thank you so so much. Doesn't matter what reply i get. Or maybe, he'll never speak to me again. As it certainly seems like it. But HECK, i've got you guys, and thats all that matters!

Sorry if i got you in trouble ><

Blogging via handphone XD
Will post more pics tomorrow. :-P
Tataz all~ hope you had a great valentine's !

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