Saturday, February 21, 2009


what a day..
started out like shit.
can't even take a decent bath,
inside the bathroom still need to hear people shout here shout there
ask me to ask piano teacher things etc etc etc!!
have you no mouth?
why can't you ask yourself need to rely on me?!
and fine, want me to ask I can ask,
can you at least wait for me to finish bathing or something?

then I can't stand anymore I go message teacher,
then still scold me again!!
what the fuck?
I want to save credit so message also wrong har?
you want me to risk getting electrocuted by calling is it??
ma gu...
damm pissed I tell you.

shiitty start of a soon to be shitty day.

on the other hand,
I'm currently addicted to Yoga's 我愛的人..
omg damm nice one that song

I can't get it out of my head,
and whenever I listen to it,
I feel like crying..
especially .. this part :

我愛的人 不是我的愛人
他心裡每一寸 都屬於另一個人


我愛的人 他已有了愛人
從他們的眼神 說明了我不可能..


I'm just sad sad sad...
nothing I do can get him out of my head..
I'm just hopeless..

hopeless in everything..

I just want to say:
hey boy,
don't think you're all that !
you mean nothing to me.
you're just one of the many boys I have a crush on.
you think I'm in love with you?
hell no.
I don't give a damn..
I don't care that you don't feel the same
cause you're just a game to me.
I'm never serious with my feelings and never will.

get it?
but you're not like other men..
cause you're my boyyy =)

oh fuck.

my dad's going on and on again,
about you better not let me catch you dating har
fuck you lah.
the guy I'd do anything for doesn't even give a damn bout me,
how am I suppose to ...
suan le..
think whatever you like..

you say you trust me,
and yet now you're doubting me..
do you even treat me as your daughter?
oh dad..
sometimes you just don't get me..
and you never will
nobody knows me,..
nobody understands me..
nobody gives a fucking damn about me!!

and guess what..

at the end of the day..
it all comes back to him..
he's everything to me..
too bad I'm nothing to him..
he doesn't care..

everyone around me tell me,
I think you're seriously in love with this guy...
then I'd say:
LMAO you're kidding me right?
love? that's a big word.

look where I am now...
in love with a guy who doesn't feel the same.
it hurts..
hurts.. so deeply.

fuck this picture..

why is it smiling?!
smiling at a situation like this..
is just so fuckish..


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