Friday, October 29, 2010

eat shit

police? to me, you're nothing but doughnut eating fat asses who get paid for driving around in your police cars. serve justice? pffft stop kidding yourself please.

so a friend of mine got into a car accident just recently. here's a map to make explaining the whole thing easier.

so, my friend was on her way to Ming's. the traffic light was green, so she turned. who knew, there was a Kenari speeding from the north, and the stupid driver didn't even bother to step on the brakes. is he in such a hurry that he didn't notice my friend's car crossing into the junction? and my friend clearly saw that the traffic light was green, then why did the asshole continued speeding even when the traffic light is RED in his direction?? fucking blind is it?

the Kenari hit the side of my friend's car. the left side, thank goodness, not the driver's side. imagine, her car did a 180 degree turn after being hit. thank God she's alright. and guess what? how unlucky of her that the driver of the Kenari is a fucking police. just because you are a police you have the right to disobey the traffic light signal?

in my opinion, it's so fucking obvious that it's the Kenari's fault. his car fucking hit the side of my friend's car. don't give me shit like the light is green and so on, there's a fucking car there and yet you still go ahead and bump into it? fucker. after that, you go and call all your doughnut eating buddies and put on a show of measuring the road blah blah blah. then in the end concluded that it's my friend's fault? LMAO?

you're pathetic. seriously. i pity you. she's a girl, for Pete's sake. bullying her with your shit talk and fake act. and you call yourself a man? i feel sorry for your sorry asses. I look down on you, for abusing your authority like that. just because you're a police doesn't mean you're right in everything. pfffffft. shame on you. seriously, shame on you.

one day, karma will come knocking on your door, and let you have a taste of your own medicine. let's see who's laughing then. hah! can't wait to see your downfall. :)

P/s: i'm not saying all policemen are like that. who knows there might still be justice loving policemen who do their best to restore peace in this small town of Miri. i'm just saying. no need to get pissed, i am not talking about you. or am I? depends on what kind of police you are.


and the Oscar goes to...

i still can't believe it was all an act, it seemed so real. i was even preparing a speech in my head on how to console him and that no matter what awhyo will always be there for him, and that i'm sure his parents are just lecturing him for his own benefit.

you hurt me, Bryan Goh. T___T

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i'm bored! :D

had 'lunch' at Dessert Master just now. it's a new place, just beside Yong Le.! :D
quite a lot of people there lo. i think that's cause it's new, Mirians love to go to new places one. haha

brief preview hehe. full post in our food blog. :) ---------> meweefoodaholic

okay this is a lame post, i know.
i just don't feel like writing a feelings post.
i don't mind writing it down here, and letting people read it. what i can't stand is people talking about what i write in front of me. LOL!
it's well.. kinda embarrassing i don't know why

urm, gonna prepare for tennis now. hehe byessss

why do i look like i have a mustache? T______T

oh wait, now i do. hahaha ;DDDDDD

and i know i did mention no feelings post, but.. i think i really kinda like you. hahahahahaha BYE (:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

no shitz?


"ZOMG 6 different kinds of cheese? I HAVE to try this out."

*looks at picture*

"are you fucking kidding me."

this is a story of a girl who expected a decent extra cheesy pizza but ended up disappointed by the poor service of her town's local pizza store. 
true story. 

Monday, October 25, 2010


well hello there. it's been awhile since i blogged a decent post. and i really feel the need to blog seeing as my previous post was an emo one. people tend to assume that i'm emo if my last post was emo. LOL!

so.. nothing much to say. just that all the fun led to me gaining weight! >:(
and da jie's coming back soon oh my gosh we had a deal that whoever didn't lose the amount of weight stated will have to dance on the stage in Balcony. WTF much.

this morning was our EFDP presentation. finally, it's in the past. woots <3 and also I met with my EVO mentor just now, which means i am sort of free now? excluding the fact that finals is in a few weeks time. :/ oh dear, i really cannot fail this semester! FAILING IS NOT AN OPTION! (:

hmm so more update on my life? well, things really are running more smoothly compared to the weeks before. :) praise the Lord. well, firstly, feuds have ended and we are back to being friends again, haha you know who you are. now i realize how tiring it is to have an enemy, being friends with everyone is the shit. ;DDD

one more thing: you are so cute when you're nervous. hahaha <3
and your smile, omg *heart flutters* ♥

that's all for now, enjoy the pics (from Jac's camera, as always :D)
p/s: sorry for the late late LATE photos! haha

 Samurai Jack Jacq

 oh my eyes, where art thou? LOLOL

oh i know you miss me, so here's a pic of me too. hahah! :DDDDDDDD

Friday, October 22, 2010

it is bottomless and makes me feel hopeless and sad

"it is bottomless and makes me feel hopeless and sad."

hopeless and sad.
        hopeless and sad...

am not feeling my best tonight. but i'll be better tomorrow. things will be better tomorrow. it will be, everything will be fine. it's just my brain over thinking things as always. it's just the late night getting to me. it's just .. everything falling apart, that's all. i will wake up to a better tomorrow. all the pain will be washed away. i know it will. tomorrow will be a good day. tomorrow will be.... better.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sex God

eyebags - check
pimples - check
dry fringe --- check!

realized that i haven't camwhored in a while. maybe cos i'm not looking my best nowadays. ha ha
so.... i watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging today. Crystal introduced the movie to me. and ZOMG it was awesome!! the guy is so so cute <3 where the hell they find these actors?
i really hope to marry an ang moh lah!! WTF love their fair skin, big watery blue eyes, and messy brown hair. what's not to love?

such hotness, and he's married to a 42year old woman. she's a cougar i tell you, a COUGAR!!!!
release him from the spell you cast on him, bitch!!

note to self: remember to wish for an ang moh (super duper hot is a must) husband who loves me above all and pampers me til i get diabetes for my birthday next year. oh yeah baby <3