Friday, October 29, 2010

eat shit

police? to me, you're nothing but doughnut eating fat asses who get paid for driving around in your police cars. serve justice? pffft stop kidding yourself please.

so a friend of mine got into a car accident just recently. here's a map to make explaining the whole thing easier.

so, my friend was on her way to Ming's. the traffic light was green, so she turned. who knew, there was a Kenari speeding from the north, and the stupid driver didn't even bother to step on the brakes. is he in such a hurry that he didn't notice my friend's car crossing into the junction? and my friend clearly saw that the traffic light was green, then why did the asshole continued speeding even when the traffic light is RED in his direction?? fucking blind is it?

the Kenari hit the side of my friend's car. the left side, thank goodness, not the driver's side. imagine, her car did a 180 degree turn after being hit. thank God she's alright. and guess what? how unlucky of her that the driver of the Kenari is a fucking police. just because you are a police you have the right to disobey the traffic light signal?

in my opinion, it's so fucking obvious that it's the Kenari's fault. his car fucking hit the side of my friend's car. don't give me shit like the light is green and so on, there's a fucking car there and yet you still go ahead and bump into it? fucker. after that, you go and call all your doughnut eating buddies and put on a show of measuring the road blah blah blah. then in the end concluded that it's my friend's fault? LMAO?

you're pathetic. seriously. i pity you. she's a girl, for Pete's sake. bullying her with your shit talk and fake act. and you call yourself a man? i feel sorry for your sorry asses. I look down on you, for abusing your authority like that. just because you're a police doesn't mean you're right in everything. pfffffft. shame on you. seriously, shame on you.

one day, karma will come knocking on your door, and let you have a taste of your own medicine. let's see who's laughing then. hah! can't wait to see your downfall. :)

P/s: i'm not saying all policemen are like that. who knows there might still be justice loving policemen who do their best to restore peace in this small town of Miri. i'm just saying. no need to get pissed, i am not talking about you. or am I? depends on what kind of police you are.


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