Monday, October 25, 2010


well hello there. it's been awhile since i blogged a decent post. and i really feel the need to blog seeing as my previous post was an emo one. people tend to assume that i'm emo if my last post was emo. LOL!

so.. nothing much to say. just that all the fun led to me gaining weight! >:(
and da jie's coming back soon oh my gosh we had a deal that whoever didn't lose the amount of weight stated will have to dance on the stage in Balcony. WTF much.

this morning was our EFDP presentation. finally, it's in the past. woots <3 and also I met with my EVO mentor just now, which means i am sort of free now? excluding the fact that finals is in a few weeks time. :/ oh dear, i really cannot fail this semester! FAILING IS NOT AN OPTION! (:

hmm so more update on my life? well, things really are running more smoothly compared to the weeks before. :) praise the Lord. well, firstly, feuds have ended and we are back to being friends again, haha you know who you are. now i realize how tiring it is to have an enemy, being friends with everyone is the shit. ;DDD

one more thing: you are so cute when you're nervous. hahaha <3
and your smile, omg *heart flutters* ♥

that's all for now, enjoy the pics (from Jac's camera, as always :D)
p/s: sorry for the late late LATE photos! haha

 Samurai Jack Jacq

 oh my eyes, where art thou? LOLOL

oh i know you miss me, so here's a pic of me too. hahah! :DDDDDDDD

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