Friday, October 15, 2010

pull a crap

my stomach has been acting weirdly lately. halfway eating and i'll have this uncomfortable feeling, then minutes later you'll see me dashing to the toilet. haha. sad case. neways, had brunch with Jac, YM and AC. woots. it's been awhile since i've been Jac's personal driver. ahaha. neways, headed back home again after eating cos urm.. well tummy issues. plus i had to help mum with something. then Wee came by and she helped me with my maths quiz. i seriously don't know what i'd do without her. the maths quiz is damn hard! thanks so much Wee :)) <3

after a little stalking and whatnot, we headed to Parkson to meet Katty, turns out she didn't went to work. owh well at least we treated ourselves to McFlurries! :D  but i must say after today, i won't be having any McFlurry's nemore.. made me feel sick. SAD! fooled around in Watsons, Wee intro-ed me to all the products there. rofl. and she kept bragging that she should work there =.=

hmm.. nothing much to blog about. i'm too addicted to tumblr that i'm just too lazy to type out anything anymore :(
i guess the pictures shall make up for my lack of words. ^-^

 Rocher roses! ;D ;D
awwwwww this Donald Duck is simply too adorable!! :3 I WANT ONE!!! BUT IT COSTS FREAKIN' RM135 :(((((((((
WHY SO EX LAH?! *moans*

took this pic while riding the Curtin bus. Wan Ching, Mei Yuk and I decided to take a joy ride on the bus since we had time to spare. the ride to the bus stop outside of Curtin was fun, and enjoyable. however, there were so many students entering the bus from the village bus stop. WTF and we were like ZOMG what if not enough space for them?! then we felt so so guilty :| sadly in the end there really wasn't enough space for all the students then everyone had to squeeze. the three of us kept our heads down in shame and Mei Yuk kept assuring us that no one knows we don't belong. WTF HAHAHA FUNNY SHITZ!


having breakfast with awhyo tomorrow. i always aeroplane them they must hate me so much right now! :(
i must not be late
i must not be late
i must not be late
i must not be late
i must not be late!!!!!


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