Monday, October 11, 2010


hello bloggie. i just realized that i haven't updated you in quite some time. guess i was too addicted to tumblr. hohoho anyways, yesterday was 10/10/10, did any of you made your wish at 10:10am or 10:10pm? XD
i most certainly did. muahaha. :))

last Saturday, went to KSL, mum and dad's office held a Family Day event there. it was quite fun. watched the people play games, so sad mum didn't register me for any of the games. -__- seemed fun.
rainy days. kinda emo lately. even more so when i listen to emo songs. haha ok lah. lazy to write. i'll just post some pics of my family. haha. my youngest brother to be exact. i think he's getting more and more handsome. lool~

 lolol dad in monkey suit ;D

 hahaha check out Bong Bong's pose!

 in the end the sole of mum's shoes came off so she borrowed my brother's slippers. he had nothing to wear rofl so he walked to the car bare footed. he didn't complain at all. awwww such an obedient son :P

ooh i like this pic. my head looks like it's unattached itself from my body. ROFL.

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