Friday, October 8, 2010


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created a blog on Tumblr. bad, bad idea. i am so fucking addicted. plus it's such a bad influence on me - my life, my language, my thoughts. on Tumblr, there are lots of pictures, some artistic, some emo, some vulgar, some pink, and some are pictures of gorgeous people. so yeah, i've been pampering my eyes, no doubt. ;]

and there's this cute guy's blog i've been stalking. he has like 569 pages and i'm at 100+ page. don't give me that look, i know i'm crazy. i don't even know what's gone into me. i'm not in love with the guy, barely have a mental picture of how he looks like, but he looks sort of like Justin Bieber. more importantly, he's 15 and gay. you can stop holding your breath now, ladies. wtf

my eyes are so heavy and yet i still struggled to read his blog, i guess i just wanted to find out how he looks like. (he barely posts pictures of himself, but there are tonnes of people commenting saying he's so cute blabla so i just HAD to get to the bottom of things)

i guess i really am a hardcore stalker. i didn't mean that in a good way, sadly.

looking at myself, all i can say is: what is happening to me? i skip classes, i forget about responsibilities, i sleep at wee hours of the night. assignments, quizzes, due tomorrow, none of which i've bothered to do. i have a reflection to write but can't be arsed to do so, instead i'm typing this post. i know i'm being repetitive, but WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?
this isn't me. i'm better than this.

PS: i wrote this last night, after my dad switched off the internet. it's so sad that i don't even have time to blog now that i have Tumblr. sorry my dear bloggie! :3 will catch up with you soon! once my addiction is gone. hehe yayyy

til then, it's off to classes for me! (: see ya'll soon! after i finish my reflection and quiz, both due later on today at 5pm. hahaha! woots. don't you just love the feeling of last-minute-ness? ;]

oh and feel free to visit my Tumblr. hehe

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