Saturday, December 31, 2011

pffft old habits die hard

6 more minutes to a new year --- 2012!

so exciting. it's as if everything will magically change just because it's the new year. pfft.

i think it's pointless to make new year resolutions, because well, if you really wanted to make a change, you don't have to wait for a new year to do so. hahaha just saying.

and guess what? i ended 2011 by purchasing the above casing. -_-
just when i told myself budget is tight and i need to spend cautiously.

old habits die hard, oh yes they do.

but on the other hand,


"if you're a bird, i'm a bird"

ahh. new year's eve. bet it's gonna be a great year ahead. :D 2012. i'm ready for ya!
don't feel like doing anything though, everyone's hype about celebrating new year's eve. perhaps half the city's gonna get wasted, but all i want to do is stay in my house. lol whut

btw my brow is so arched it makes me look like a transvestite wtf.

anyways, it's about time i posted some pictures of my China trip but then again i'm too lazy to resize the pictures. *smacks head* i guess it'll just have to wait... probably til after chinese new year. HAHA

anyways, watched The Notebook the night before. it's such a nice movie!! just talking about it to a friend made me tear a little. D:

seriously, watch it! :D
guarantee you'll feel #foreveralone. hehehe

i guess my new year's resolution miracle would be to find someone who looks at me the way Ryan Gostling looks at Rachel McAdams in the movie. :S 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

hello kitty case!

guess what came in the mail today :D 


put a smile on my face. til now i'm still smiling hoho. definitely the best buy of 2011 xD. and when the phone arrives next year, it'll be the best buy of 2012! :D

how sweet of the seller to give me this Christmas card too! 

nice right?? good quality too.

support her. :)

what you think of this new layout? i like its simplicity, but the chatbox's gone, and i don't know how to put my ads. -_- so no $$ for now. not that it makes any difference, my blog hits lately is low like shit. LOL! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#nowplaying More Than This - One Direction

(love the bow, not the hair)

belated christmas everyone!

i wrote so much words, but deleted it all. i read back and it just feels like crap to me. my blog's like crap now. i don't know what's wrong with me. i'm feeling lost, don't know why i feel this way. i guess it's probably of that stupid dream which i had a few days ago. funny how something that never crossed your mind, suddenly becomes all you think about, once the thought is planted in your head. inception?! it's possible.

i don't want to feel this way. heck, i don't even know what is this i'm feeling. all i know is, i stay up late at night, sitting in front of the computer doing nothing, listening to One Direction songs. i just want to disappear, run and hide from everything. this was the old me, i'm supposed to be a better person now. seems like i'm growing back to my old habits. *sigh

thank you for the gifts. :)  ♥ 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

bby, let me love you

i cannot not love you.
you are perfect


Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 is ending!!

 hello! i am back from my trip to China! (well few days ago actually hehehe)

did you miss me? did you miss my updates? haha :D

well the trip was fun. kinda adventurous, not my typical type of holiday of course. my ideal holiday would be to stay in a five star hotel, sleep til i wake up naturally, and shop for the whole day. hah!

so many activities throughout the trip. mountain climbing, waterfall hiking, village visiting and whatnot. no doubt, the scenery in China is breathtaking. and i definitely can say the same for its food (no, not in a good way).

one of my favourite pics. :D
simply because i look good in my specs HAHA

sad thing about the trip is that
1. for the first two days i was sick, and i got car sick and puked -_- when we arrived at the waterfall i was still kinda sick and i puked again. HAHA hallelujah!

2. i lost my glasses! not the ones in the pic, my eyeglass! >:(  dad lost his sunglasses too. we're both very sad. lololol

(abrupt change of topic)

happy things about the trip
1. i now love Malaysia more than ever. and my parents too have come to terms that there will be NO MORE WINTER VACATION. yes! LOL 

2. checkout the bracelets i bought. hahahahhahahaa *happy girl cry* 


there's sooooooo many bracelet stores in KL. everytime i walk by my eyes can't stop scanning the stalls. and dad's beside me looking and shaking his head while saying, "confessions of a shopaholic"


Thursday, December 8, 2011

feeling excited :D

my new bag says hello! :D :D :D

woots. i'm very happy with this latest buy of mine. :3 though part of me still thinks it isn't necessary.

neways, went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night with Karen babe. hehe. after that bloating dinner, we headed to Permy Mall for some shopping.

 view from upstairs. yes there's two floors of Pizza Hut.! lol! much spacious than the one in Parkson, with a nice atmosphere as well.

 service was good, and the garlic bread looks presentable. (the last garlic bread we had at the Parkson branch was horrible)

no picture of the delicious pizza cos my camera died after taking picture of the bread. T_T
we had the 7 cheese pizza with chicken toppings. HEAVEN! *licks lips*

 i love her bag!

Karen babe! :D 

i'm feeling excited! haven't packed. not sure what to bring what to wear. haha. i just hope my throat heals soon. i wanna eat tonnes of food yo! :D 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

but i never told you

ohh it's bout time i squeeze out an update to fill the emptiness of this blog. D:
life's been busy, great, good. but my gum is swelling and it hurts like hell. thankfully i feel it getting better, the pain is more bearable now, and my fever is gone. :)

actually it's a good thing, falling sick before travelling. at least i didn't fall sick during the holiday right? :D

well.. the past week was nice, though tiring.
attended a Christmas party on Saturday. it wasn't that fun, to be frank. no droolable guys at all, we just sat down, ate and i spent the rest of the night staring at cute kids. haha

 this is dad. every time i held the camera, he'll be like "come on, take a picture of me. since you're already holding it" -_-

 me and my bro's. :D

 dad and mum

 after eating, went downstairs for some 'shopping' and look what i bought -- a Hello Kitty laptop bag. wuahhaa <3

that's one big... no idea what you call it :o

but wait! the highlight of the night was....... *drum rolls*

we won the raffle draw!! TWICE!!! hahaha 
ain't it amazing?! 

and this pink luggage is one of the prize!! T_T so happy please. muahaha. since it's pink so naturally it's mine. HAHAHA double happiness ;)

hehe and the other day, went on a date with Doreen!
we had sushi then Secret Recipe after. :O
after cake she had McD ice cream again -_- i was too bloated for ice cream though. how on earth is she so thin?!?! T_T

love her! :]

birthday pressie from Doreen! hhahaha :o

okayy. my update is over. please do return to my blog. don't forget about me. hahaha :0

vain pic of me to end the post. long time no camwhore lor. hehe. bye everyone!

happy December.

Merry Christmas. :)