Tuesday, December 6, 2011

but i never told you

ohh it's bout time i squeeze out an update to fill the emptiness of this blog. D:
life's been busy, great, good. but my gum is swelling and it hurts like hell. thankfully i feel it getting better, the pain is more bearable now, and my fever is gone. :)

actually it's a good thing, falling sick before travelling. at least i didn't fall sick during the holiday right? :D

well.. the past week was nice, though tiring.
attended a Christmas party on Saturday. it wasn't that fun, to be frank. no droolable guys at all, we just sat down, ate and i spent the rest of the night staring at cute kids. haha

 this is dad. every time i held the camera, he'll be like "come on, take a picture of me. since you're already holding it" -_-

 me and my bro's. :D

 dad and mum

 after eating, went downstairs for some 'shopping' and look what i bought -- a Hello Kitty laptop bag. wuahhaa <3

that's one big... no idea what you call it :o

but wait! the highlight of the night was....... *drum rolls*

we won the raffle draw!! TWICE!!! hahaha 
ain't it amazing?! 

and this pink luggage is one of the prize!! T_T so happy please. muahaha. since it's pink so naturally it's mine. HAHAHA double happiness ;)

hehe and the other day, went on a date with Doreen!
we had sushi then Secret Recipe after. :O
after cake she had McD ice cream again -_- i was too bloated for ice cream though. how on earth is she so thin?!?! T_T

love her! :]

birthday pressie from Doreen! hhahaha :o

okayy. my update is over. please do return to my blog. don't forget about me. hahaha :0

vain pic of me to end the post. long time no camwhore lor. hehe. bye everyone!

happy December.

Merry Christmas. :)

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