Saturday, December 31, 2011

"if you're a bird, i'm a bird"

ahh. new year's eve. bet it's gonna be a great year ahead. :D 2012. i'm ready for ya!
don't feel like doing anything though, everyone's hype about celebrating new year's eve. perhaps half the city's gonna get wasted, but all i want to do is stay in my house. lol whut

btw my brow is so arched it makes me look like a transvestite wtf.

anyways, it's about time i posted some pictures of my China trip but then again i'm too lazy to resize the pictures. *smacks head* i guess it'll just have to wait... probably til after chinese new year. HAHA

anyways, watched The Notebook the night before. it's such a nice movie!! just talking about it to a friend made me tear a little. D:

seriously, watch it! :D
guarantee you'll feel #foreveralone. hehehe

i guess my new year's resolution miracle would be to find someone who looks at me the way Ryan Gostling looks at Rachel McAdams in the movie. :S 

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