Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 is ending!!

 hello! i am back from my trip to China! (well few days ago actually hehehe)

did you miss me? did you miss my updates? haha :D

well the trip was fun. kinda adventurous, not my typical type of holiday of course. my ideal holiday would be to stay in a five star hotel, sleep til i wake up naturally, and shop for the whole day. hah!

so many activities throughout the trip. mountain climbing, waterfall hiking, village visiting and whatnot. no doubt, the scenery in China is breathtaking. and i definitely can say the same for its food (no, not in a good way).

one of my favourite pics. :D
simply because i look good in my specs HAHA

sad thing about the trip is that
1. for the first two days i was sick, and i got car sick and puked -_- when we arrived at the waterfall i was still kinda sick and i puked again. HAHA hallelujah!

2. i lost my glasses! not the ones in the pic, my eyeglass! >:(  dad lost his sunglasses too. we're both very sad. lololol

(abrupt change of topic)

happy things about the trip
1. i now love Malaysia more than ever. and my parents too have come to terms that there will be NO MORE WINTER VACATION. yes! LOL 

2. checkout the bracelets i bought. hahahahhahahaa *happy girl cry* 


there's sooooooo many bracelet stores in KL. everytime i walk by my eyes can't stop scanning the stalls. and dad's beside me looking and shaking his head while saying, "confessions of a shopaholic"


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