Thursday, December 8, 2011

feeling excited :D

my new bag says hello! :D :D :D

woots. i'm very happy with this latest buy of mine. :3 though part of me still thinks it isn't necessary.

neways, went to Pizza Hut for dinner last night with Karen babe. hehe. after that bloating dinner, we headed to Permy Mall for some shopping.

 view from upstairs. yes there's two floors of Pizza Hut.! lol! much spacious than the one in Parkson, with a nice atmosphere as well.

 service was good, and the garlic bread looks presentable. (the last garlic bread we had at the Parkson branch was horrible)

no picture of the delicious pizza cos my camera died after taking picture of the bread. T_T
we had the 7 cheese pizza with chicken toppings. HEAVEN! *licks lips*

 i love her bag!

Karen babe! :D 

i'm feeling excited! haven't packed. not sure what to bring what to wear. haha. i just hope my throat heals soon. i wanna eat tonnes of food yo! :D 

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