Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#nowplaying More Than This - One Direction

(love the bow, not the hair)

belated christmas everyone!

i wrote so much words, but deleted it all. i read back and it just feels like crap to me. my blog's like crap now. i don't know what's wrong with me. i'm feeling lost, don't know why i feel this way. i guess it's probably of that stupid dream which i had a few days ago. funny how something that never crossed your mind, suddenly becomes all you think about, once the thought is planted in your head. inception?! it's possible.

i don't want to feel this way. heck, i don't even know what is this i'm feeling. all i know is, i stay up late at night, sitting in front of the computer doing nothing, listening to One Direction songs. i just want to disappear, run and hide from everything. this was the old me, i'm supposed to be a better person now. seems like i'm growing back to my old habits. *sigh

thank you for the gifts. :)  ♥ 

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