Tuesday, June 29, 2010


got a job, thanks to my ninang Jop. :D dad helped too.
gonna go buy shoes later! woo hope i find a nice pair. must be black one. sad sad.
is there a nice pair of black shoes that is comfortable as well? wakaka. doubt it. owh well. :)

working means responsibility, punctuality and commitment, and i lack all three. wtf
ok lah. imma stop looking down on myself. i can do this! ^-^

p/s: i know the two pictures are irrelevant. i added them in cos they're pink. LOL! 

Monday, June 28, 2010


just look at that hand. is it tanned or is it tanned?
(i do not mean this in a good way)

i think i'm losing my blogging mojo :(
so many thoughts in my mind, but i'm finding it harder and harder to put them into words. plus i have shitty memory and leave out little details in my posts.


been addicted to football lately. actually i'm just in it for the hotties. (it's not my fault i'm a girl)
so yeh. go Argentina! go Higuain. :P
i supported England in the England vs Germany match. cos England has got Lampard. ooh~ he's cute yo! hahaha
but owh well. they lost :(

on the bright side: Argentina won in the Argentina vs Mexico match. ^_^
Higuain <3 <3 <3 
and how come Argentina match always at 2am one? watch til half dead awake all the time.
this morning at 430am dad went downstairs, i think he's also kinda blurr cos he just woke or something.
he saw me watching tv, but he still asked me what was i doing. -__-

me: watching tv lah. 

dad: *walks down the stairs*

dad: waa. you also crazy for world cup ha? 
so who's playing now? 

me: Argentina. *big smile* and Mexico.

dad: ooh. how bout Germany and England. who won? 

me: Germany. 4-1 

dad: ooh. 

then he proceeded to walk upstairs. ~.~
sot sot one. he was scolding me in the beginning. but got distracted by the game. muahaha!!

received this cute note from ah Vian. hahaha. so funny lah her. aduhh.
the p.s part says : "it's new money leh. try to smell it. got the very new de smell. HAHA! :P"

i laughed after reading it. and funny enough, i really smelled the money. -___-


i look like a guy with my hair up :|

neways, changed muh blogskin. can't say i love it. cos i don't :S 
it's just so...... so... hmm.. hehe. i also don't know how to say.
i guess 'not right's the word for it.

had brunch with KC and Wan Yeng this morning. they're probably in Tawau now :D
sadly Wan Yeng's not gonna be in Miri next sem.. cos she graduate already. haisss..

plus i'm kinda nervous for tomorrow... *sigh. hopefully everything goes well! gonna get a good night's rest tonight. no more football matches for me i guess.
i hope i get the job. and please please please. i hope my future boss is nice. :3

Saturday, June 26, 2010


gotta love gifts! :P

this week was so so tiring for me. had tonnes of gatherings. woo enjoyed spending my time with me friends :)
not to forget the late night drama + crying marathon.
met up with Doreen yesterday. ahhh it's been so long since i last saw her. really missed her crazyness. Chang, Joan and Sanjeet were there too.
the ultimate retard gathering. hahaha!

i realize i have so many groups of friends. all of them special in their own way.

first off, i have awhyo. they're like family to me. every time we gather together,we just can't leave. there's always so much to say, so much to laugh about. and we've been friends for so long now, we stab each other in the front. rofl!

sad to say, they're slowly leaving me.. haha since the end of form 5 they've been leaving me slowly. eesh.
and i wish each and everyone one of you the best. good luck in your studies!!

 2ndly, my dalring. hehehe.
she's simply one of a kind. ;)
she's funny, full of joy and energy. haha. hanging with her is very fun. of course guys turn into wolves whenever they see her, cos they can't stop howling and whistling at the sight of her

she's always been there for me. good times and bad. and i can trust her with anything. thanks dalring. <3

awwww. the two goofballs :P

and of course, Joan!

all four together forms the retard club. but Chang and I are normal la, obviously. *coughs
:D :D :D

hanging with them makes you forget about the world, put your worries aside and just be crazy.
they're the ones who says to you "screw the douchebag you deserve better" even when it's not necessary true. haha
they're really sweet to me and i love them for that ;)

and when i'm with them, we just talk loudly, eat heavily and laugh crazily, ignoring all the weird stares we get from the sane people. wahaha. retards ftw ! \m/

my dear friend, Sim Chia Wee. :D

she always curi curi read my blog one. hahahaha :P
and my eating buddy too! woohoo~ we have our own food blog as well.
basically all we do together is EAT. LOL jokeeeeeee. ~

she's a great friend :)
(so great that i cannot describe it in words)

and of course my musketeer buddies :D :D
damn fun. one of them is a stalker. *cough you know who you are ^_^
still remember the last time, we sang at Piasau Boat Club til the wee hours of the night.! total shiokness!

pix from yesterday are still with Doreen. zomg she camwhored so much using Sanjeet's phone, it's a miracle the phone's still alive. ahaha~~

also, i think i've finally accepted the fact that i'm ----- tanned! wtf all thanks to tennis! pfft. 
suan liao. :((

this is my Gu Jun Pyo (angry) face. hahahha!! really similar.
like when he's gonna scold Kim Chan Di he'll put on this face. :D :D :D

-proof- hahhaha!!

ok lah. Kim Hyung Jun pix to end my oh so random post:

hiak hiak hiak! i love you! :))))))))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i wanna be white like Edward Cullen!!

look at the time- 1040 1100pm already! D:
exhausted. but i have to stay up to watch the 230am match between Argentina and idk what country 

today was spent at Sanjeet's house. Joan was there as well. only Doreen ditched us for exercise. pfft~
we watched movies and more movies and trailers. damn there's so many movies i wanna watch :3

Charlie St. Cloud - staring Zac Efron.
Beastly - some hot dude's the main actor. plus Vanessa Hudgen's in it too!
Inception - not only is Leonardo DiCaprio in it, the movie's kinda intriguing as it's about how you manipulate dreams or something.
Babies - this show is just too adorable!

omg there's so much more. but i can't remember anymore. boohoohoo :|

it was fun, hanging with the retards :)
had so much group hugs ahaha
i ate non stop while watching. Jennifer's Body was so scary. zomg !
then round 6pm we took a nap ROFL! first time hang out at friend's house til fall asleep. xD

gifts from Sanjeet!
i love gifts. haha <3

mine mine! pink braceletsss! :P

but i must say, Megan Fox sure is hot.

Joan why you lookin' so petrified? hahaha!

omg i found this nici bear on San's bed. arghhh so cute!!!
i kept squealing like mad. ! it's just so adorable. plus it looks like my pencil case. it is the same bear :O
cuteness to the max!

hahaha <33


rewind to the day before, which is Monday.
finally, at friggin long last, the lappy arrived!! \m/

the delivery man came round 11, but i wasn't presentable so i rushed upstairs for a quick change. but when i got downstairs the van was gone! :(
imagine my disappointment.

but thank goodness the delivery man came again in the afternoon. just before i went out with awhyo.

and the delivery man said to me, "this morning i came by but nobody was home. all went to school is it?"
rofl. i struggled not to laugh


went to imperial's Blue Cafe round 4pm.
our original plan was to eat fishball, but sold out :S
so Kri and I had mee goreng. haha!! love the mee goreng there. yumms! > :)

walked round Imperial. then we headed to Parkson.
can you believe that the shopping malls in Miri is so boring that, instead of shopping, we walked around discussing and finding proof whether the products are authentic or not?

hahahaha! OMG we really boh liao. actually not WE, is only a HE. *cough*

cool kid. :D

lol ! Kri looking cute there. haha

i really become black le hor..... :(
big big sigh. T_______T

so it's like 1222am now. ahhh have to stay awake for the 230am match later! Argentina yo!
which also means Higuain yo.! :P

so yeah, imma stay awake to watch. hopefully he'll score some goals like last time. ^__^

hello kitty ftw  <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day

yes, it's dad special day again :D

went Youth mass today. just me and my bro. the rest went to morning mass !
really happy to see Karen (choir) and the others as well. miss them all so much! <3 
went to Olic's house to return her notebook + glasses after church.
glad to see that she's happy again. :)

to my horror nobody was home. i was so scared they'd go celebrate without us  LOL
so quickly called mum and asked where she was.

in the end didn't eat out, they bought pizza! \m/
it's like family tradition. whenever there's birthday, sure pizza one. ehehe

so dad was like, wearing the shirt i gave him, and sporting his new watch - gift from mum.
good life hor!

then 2nd bro was in the kitchen cooking something he saw on tv. he's only 12 ler. :D
but in the end his so called masterpiece failed. muahaha.
then mum asked my 1st bro what's his gift to dad. he said he don't got no monehhhhh.

so mum said, "got some honeydew in the fridge, go make honeydew juice for dad.

lol !
and when dad drank the juice, he's like "this is the best juice ever!"


dinner was so damn nice. mum's cooking ler :))
and we had ice cream after. zomg felt so happy don't know why! not like i've never tasted ice cream before. it's just the feeling i guess, eating something special during an even more special day. XD

 and my youngest brother was so cute again just now!
we were at the shop buying ice cream, then i saw this young girl inside a car.

me: heyy~ what's your number ? (on behalf of my bro of course ;D)
bro: *annoyed face*

               i don't think she even has a number.

lol! @ the way he said it  -_-

ok la. tired already. can't believe i didn't take any pics at all :(
should have showed off the shirt i got dad hor. Olic Ting chose it with me :D

neways, the #1 dad award goes to.....
-drum roll please- 

sexy in blue ei? :D

woots. love you dad. <3

Saturday, June 19, 2010

thank youuu ;)

finally, finals are over. i have more than a month to do nothing. yay~

the past few days were tiring. we went for Michael's steamboat on Thursday. had fun eating and talking. great exercise for our mouths! :D
even cheated Daryl Soon that we went Al Fresco and watched the football match there. lol !

saw the tennis shuai ge there. he was with his gf.
was i disappointed? yes. was i sad? hell no. i had fun with my friends and didn't let this get to me.

that's just life - you can want many things, but not everything you can have.
i know my example up there is nothing compared to the strong love the two of you used to share.
but look closely, i wrote "used to share".

please, when will you face this fact?
i'm sorry for being harsh on you. but if i don't, you just won't wake up !

as a friend, i really want to slap some sense into you. why why why. why do you let yourself suffer because of a guy?
one day you'll look back on all this and say, "what the fuck was i thinking? i can't believe i wasted so much time and energy, tear and sorrow over someone so unworthy."
how the hell are you gonna look back on all this if you don't fucking move on?

all of us have reached our limits. we won't ask you to move on if we see potential in this relationship!
we will never stop you from being happy.
however in this case, we know that you're better off without him. why let a guy bring you down? 

no matter how much i say, you just won't listen.
don't tell me you cannot. you can. everyone can. more importantly, i know you can.
so please be strong and let time heal you.


and there's another thing that's bothering me.
 the two together just make things worse.
my head is gonna explode wtf.

i can't look you in the eye. i can't pretend as if nothing happened and that i don't feel anything. sadly there's nothing to forgive and forget because you did nothing wrong. it's just me. there are some things i can't accept and you broke one of those rules. yeah i'm a bitch. but i'm a good bitch so i'll forget all this ever happened because there's nothing i can do about it.

hot stuff and I. (picture highly edited cos i look like shit)

conclusion is, i'm emotionally drained. really tired of all this. why do humans need to feel?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


long overdued pix from Kuching! C;

my hair so messy. :O

cute but obnoxious cousin. !

so tomorrow's the 2nd big day.  --- mechanics! wtfffff
it's 10.59pm now, i only finished Statics part, which leaves me with Dynamics and Fluids UNTOUCHED!! oh my. D:

and thanks to Bobby Tie Huo Cong for distracting me with make up videos, which led me to hair tutorials, which further lead me to comedy videos. and ended with me founding the love of my life, NOT.

but heck the guy is seriously cute! LOL !

Leon the hottie. ZOMG. *drools.

his famous quote:

"look into my crystal eyes, now your balls are paralyzed." - Leon the hottie.!!!
hahaha. what the. and i stole these pix from his facebook fanpage. (go find it yourself!) :D

 he's cute right? looks like angmoh. *drool drool* 

but i think younger than me. omg i'm so old. *emo*

ok lah. dynamics and fluids are calling me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

i need a miracle

nobody understands. what if i really fail? what will i do then? switch course?
sounds like a good plan, since i never really liked engineering.
but... sometimes i think to myself: if others can, why can't I?

then when i think bout dad, and how disappointed he'll be.. it's just impossible to hold back the tears..

i can do this, right?


hey! why should i feel sad and blue about something that hasn't even happened yet, right?
like everyone said, i should stay positive. everyone else believes in me, then shouldn't i believe in myself as well?

thank you everyone for believing in me. i shouldn't look down on myself. stay positive... yeah i really should.

had a talk with mum just now. i told her, what will happen if i really fail?
like, this is only the first year of degree, and already i fail, what about the year after? surely the course will get harder and harder right?

she said, you want to change course is it?
and i said i don't know... haha

cos i really have no clue of what i want.
i'm really envious of those people who know exactly what they want, what course they're gonna take, what job they wanna have. once they have goals, they work hard to make it reality.

unlike me, if asked what i want in life, my answer is always 'i don't know?' *shake shoulder*

yesterday during the tennis competition, i screwed up as well. i'm always like that.. so nervous my legs were shaking, literally. i lost all of the matches that i joined. i was bringing the team down :(
i was so angry with myself. if i did my best but lost, then it would have been okay. but no.
i screwed up as always. i know i can play better than that!

so i walked  to the benches dejectedly. i expected dad to scold me, shout at me for being so lousy.
but no. he patted my shoulder and said, "it's okay. as long as you had fun. and don't be so nervous, play your usual game. you're good and i know it."
i was so so touched after hearing that..

had a break during lunch and we went home. i almost wanted to give up. i wanted to stay at home and not go back.
but of course dad forced me to go back  -___-
so i did. thank goodness i did. cos we won the match. haha! at friggin long last! i was so happy.
finally i proved to myself that i'm not that shitty. and that i can actually win a match. that victory meant so much to me. it really did.

and i was lucky to meet so many wonderful people too. everyone on my team were so supportive. they didn't look at me as a burden, really so touching.
plus my partner was a very jolly person. she's so positive seeing her being so positive puts a smile on my face :D

and on the way home, i told dad how happy i was. hehe
he was happy for me too! ^_^
and he said, "like i said, you're a good player. if you're not good i won't tell you you're good okay."
me: who say cannot? you can say i'm good to cheer me up ma! 
dad: aiya. if you're not good, then i will say something like 'practice more'. better than telling you you're good when you're not. 

haha! made me laugh C:

God is very generous to me. he's always been there supporting me. and i know i can do this as well. i know i can. as long as i believe in myself. everyone else does, so why should i doubt myself?

thank you for believing in me. i will never give up on myself. i know i can do this.

finally i have a goal in my life - i'm gonna be an engineer.
not only for my mum and dad, but for myself as well. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Ya

oh yea! a pic of KHJ♥ for motivation to start off the post :D

arghh i can't believe it's Saturday already! oh wait, Saturday's ending soon :((
double arghh ! =[ 

yesterday was fun. after prayer meeting, Jac dalring and i headed to KFCK for burger C: 
had beef burger ----- yummeh !
seriously , wayy better than chicken.

after burger, we weren't full. so next stop was Ming's for roti cheese. hehehe. but sadly, Ming's was packed with people watching the world cup :|

so we switched to plan B -- Desserts!! woot woot~

oh why my dalring so ham. haha :b

we tried some of the flavours. orange cola not bad, but kinda.. weird?
had Cappuccino with Chocolate Mint. omgg so nice
especially the Cappuccino. <3

but i still slept like a pig immediately after reaching home -___-
caffeine has no effect on me.


okay camwhore shots before i bore you on emo stuffs.

dalring i help u crop cos u look good here! i'm so niceee  *angel's halo*

i look sad right? cos someone scolded me the other day
 Sim Chia Wee you know lah hor? muahahaha.


okay.. so like, i've been studying maths for the past few days.. and it's tough. even tougher than the beef they use to make Big Mac's.
and i even downloaded the past year questions to do leh! this is the first time EVER.
i'm not usually this serious in studies leh.
you know how many marks i got???

35, out of 100. WTF?

better don't do. at least i won't know i suck. *SIGH*

shit i had tonnes more to write. but dad wants to use com. ZZZ.

oh yea. tennis competition tomorrow. finals the day after. WOW !

Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is NOT a kfc ad

yesterday, had kfc for lunch with the two sei kias ;D
mum was in Bintulu, so i was in charge to feed them. wahaha~

anyways, these two really damn funny lor. in the car, they kept teasing each other.
brother on the left is Ariston, and the right one is Ryan.

Ryan: your girl name is Aristonia.Aristonia Aristonia Aristonia~
Ariston: shut up, Rihanna

rofl. couldn't stop laughing.
mum arrived home round 8pm, so we ate out.
i just got back from tennis so decided to take a shower before going. who knew halfway mum said that they were leaving already -__-

so of course i hurried lor. then when i entered the car, mum was like
"just now so much time to bath don't bath. now then bath."

when my youngest brother heard this, he looked at me incredibly and said,
"you bath??"

i said yesssssss. 
and he was still in awe while saying :
"but you usually take 30minutes to bath. how can you finish bath in 10minutes?!"

i laughed. he continued saying: "you should be like this, you should be like us. bath in 10 minutes time."


and during dinner, we played our usual game - the alphabet game. lolzzz ~

Ryan: what starts with the letter B, has three syllables and bears the meaning 'rich'.

the only word that came to my mind was 'beautiful'. lol
non of us knew the answer, so we gave up and waited for him to tell us.

can you guess the answer? it's....

billionaire. wtf