Saturday, June 12, 2010

Love Ya

oh yea! a pic of KHJ♥ for motivation to start off the post :D

arghh i can't believe it's Saturday already! oh wait, Saturday's ending soon :((
double arghh ! =[ 

yesterday was fun. after prayer meeting, Jac dalring and i headed to KFCK for burger C: 
had beef burger ----- yummeh !
seriously , wayy better than chicken.

after burger, we weren't full. so next stop was Ming's for roti cheese. hehehe. but sadly, Ming's was packed with people watching the world cup :|

so we switched to plan B -- Desserts!! woot woot~

oh why my dalring so ham. haha :b

we tried some of the flavours. orange cola not bad, but kinda.. weird?
had Cappuccino with Chocolate Mint. omgg so nice
especially the Cappuccino. <3

but i still slept like a pig immediately after reaching home -___-
caffeine has no effect on me.


okay camwhore shots before i bore you on emo stuffs.

dalring i help u crop cos u look good here! i'm so niceee  *angel's halo*

i look sad right? cos someone scolded me the other day
 Sim Chia Wee you know lah hor? muahahaha.


okay.. so like, i've been studying maths for the past few days.. and it's tough. even tougher than the beef they use to make Big Mac's.
and i even downloaded the past year questions to do leh! this is the first time EVER.
i'm not usually this serious in studies leh.
you know how many marks i got???

35, out of 100. WTF?

better don't do. at least i won't know i suck. *SIGH*

shit i had tonnes more to write. but dad wants to use com. ZZZ.

oh yea. tennis competition tomorrow. finals the day after. WOW !


Joan said...

hey, don't so emo, yo.
so unlike you. (:

jia you bah.
you did ur best, leave the rest to God.

MeLo♥ said...

u refering to the first post is it? haha cos this post not that emo :O :O.. haissssss

thanks for your comment. see le reli cheered me up :)!