Tuesday, June 15, 2010


long overdued pix from Kuching! C;

my hair so messy. :O

cute but obnoxious cousin. !

so tomorrow's the 2nd big day.  --- mechanics! wtfffff
it's 10.59pm now, i only finished Statics part, which leaves me with Dynamics and Fluids UNTOUCHED!! oh my. D:

and thanks to Bobby Tie Huo Cong for distracting me with make up videos, which led me to hair tutorials, which further lead me to comedy videos. and ended with me founding the love of my life, NOT.

but heck the guy is seriously cute! LOL !

Leon the hottie. ZOMG. *drools.

his famous quote:

"look into my crystal eyes, now your balls are paralyzed." - Leon the hottie.!!!
hahaha. what the. and i stole these pix from his facebook fanpage. (go find it yourself!) :D

 he's cute right? looks like angmoh. *drool drool* 

but i think younger than me. omg i'm so old. *emo*

ok lah. dynamics and fluids are calling me.

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