Saturday, June 5, 2010

what to say!

*evil chuckle*

today's not a bad dayy :)
went shopping with Susan Karen and PL!

  • first stop, had happy meal <3, not literally lah.
  • saw Joan outside of Popular. i laughed like a mad woman. -___- forgive me. 
  • saw Pikachu ! so cute can!
  • saw Chels.!!! hahahaha. i was high so i called out her name, like, really loud. she turned back, saw me and said "oh my God.

  • walked round parkson. got hungry then Karen and I bought ice cream :O 
  • saw a pair of shoes in Vincci but don't know whether it's worth it  - HUGE dilemma -
  • bought bling (points up)
hmm.. what else ar? ~.~

i think we got bored of Parkson, so we left. went to Pujut 2 ABC for fishball. but they ran out! D:
my brother and his friends ate the last one! ROARRRR !!!

went to a party at 7. guess who i saw there? non other than Chels!
hehehe happy ^-^
Abigail was there too.
first time see so many young people at a party. wtf! i mean, most of the parties my parents bring us to are like, old people parties. NO OFFENCE YO~

ok ok i've got nothing to say :((
maybe i'll buy that pair of shoes after i get paid. hmmm we'll see..

finals is just around the corner, gahhh~ wish me luck peoples! i desperately need it. *SAD*