Monday, June 28, 2010


just look at that hand. is it tanned or is it tanned?
(i do not mean this in a good way)

i think i'm losing my blogging mojo :(
so many thoughts in my mind, but i'm finding it harder and harder to put them into words. plus i have shitty memory and leave out little details in my posts.


been addicted to football lately. actually i'm just in it for the hotties. (it's not my fault i'm a girl)
so yeh. go Argentina! go Higuain. :P
i supported England in the England vs Germany match. cos England has got Lampard. ooh~ he's cute yo! hahaha
but owh well. they lost :(

on the bright side: Argentina won in the Argentina vs Mexico match. ^_^
Higuain <3 <3 <3 
and how come Argentina match always at 2am one? watch til half dead awake all the time.
this morning at 430am dad went downstairs, i think he's also kinda blurr cos he just woke or something.
he saw me watching tv, but he still asked me what was i doing. -__-

me: watching tv lah. 

dad: *walks down the stairs*

dad: waa. you also crazy for world cup ha? 
so who's playing now? 

me: Argentina. *big smile* and Mexico.

dad: ooh. how bout Germany and England. who won? 

me: Germany. 4-1 

dad: ooh. 

then he proceeded to walk upstairs. ~.~
sot sot one. he was scolding me in the beginning. but got distracted by the game. muahaha!!

received this cute note from ah Vian. hahaha. so funny lah her. aduhh.
the p.s part says : "it's new money leh. try to smell it. got the very new de smell. HAHA! :P"

i laughed after reading it. and funny enough, i really smelled the money. -___-


i look like a guy with my hair up :|

neways, changed muh blogskin. can't say i love it. cos i don't :S 
it's just so...... so... hmm.. hehe. i also don't know how to say.
i guess 'not right's the word for it.

had brunch with KC and Wan Yeng this morning. they're probably in Tawau now :D
sadly Wan Yeng's not gonna be in Miri next sem.. cos she graduate already. haisss..

plus i'm kinda nervous for tomorrow... *sigh. hopefully everything goes well! gonna get a good night's rest tonight. no more football matches for me i guess.
i hope i get the job. and please please please. i hope my future boss is nice. :3

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