Tuesday, June 8, 2010


went to Olic's house today for sing k session. had lots of fun!
halfway thru PL suddenly went berserk. it's like, Kri and I left awhile to run some errands, then when we got back, we heard his out-of-pitch voice from outside. lol !

and he kept 'singing' so loudly and filled with emotion. rofl. so dramatic one made us laugh like crazy.
in the end, Olic's brother even sang 切歌 with us. haha! not bad ler his voice, especially if compared with PL.*ahem*


then at night, went for choir practice. damnn i sucked. hahaha!
after, Jac dalring and I went to Ming's for roti again.
woots ;)
ordered Roti Bom and Cincau. both of us same order wtf hahaha
only when we were leaving did we realize that they make roti cheese too!
that's definitely next on our to-eat-list. 


ooh~ plus i edited some pix too. cos i was so bored. my photoshop skillz deproved! if such a word even exists.!! ROAR

so sad.

like shit. KNS! just look at the color of my hair. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! *slaps forehead*

this one looks real right? wait, what am i saying, it is real. *wink wink*

"talk to the hand."

btw, i'm using the free disposable contacts from FreshLook. wtf nobody could tell i was using them. really damn natural lor. -___-
sadly i prefer more obvious colors - like PINK!!

can't believe it's Wednesday already. i should start to worry.... soon. hahahahaha. finals finals finals. D: 
die die die.


Joan said...

really nice hair. XD can't wait to meet up with u guys, the retards. lol.

MeLo♥ said...

thanks Joan! haha. suddenly 6 comments scare dao me eh -.- !! :P