Saturday, June 26, 2010


gotta love gifts! :P

this week was so so tiring for me. had tonnes of gatherings. woo enjoyed spending my time with me friends :)
not to forget the late night drama + crying marathon.
met up with Doreen yesterday. ahhh it's been so long since i last saw her. really missed her crazyness. Chang, Joan and Sanjeet were there too.
the ultimate retard gathering. hahaha!

i realize i have so many groups of friends. all of them special in their own way.

first off, i have awhyo. they're like family to me. every time we gather together,we just can't leave. there's always so much to say, so much to laugh about. and we've been friends for so long now, we stab each other in the front. rofl!

sad to say, they're slowly leaving me.. haha since the end of form 5 they've been leaving me slowly. eesh.
and i wish each and everyone one of you the best. good luck in your studies!!

 2ndly, my dalring. hehehe.
she's simply one of a kind. ;)
she's funny, full of joy and energy. haha. hanging with her is very fun. of course guys turn into wolves whenever they see her, cos they can't stop howling and whistling at the sight of her

she's always been there for me. good times and bad. and i can trust her with anything. thanks dalring. <3

awwww. the two goofballs :P

and of course, Joan!

all four together forms the retard club. but Chang and I are normal la, obviously. *coughs
:D :D :D

hanging with them makes you forget about the world, put your worries aside and just be crazy.
they're the ones who says to you "screw the douchebag you deserve better" even when it's not necessary true. haha
they're really sweet to me and i love them for that ;)

and when i'm with them, we just talk loudly, eat heavily and laugh crazily, ignoring all the weird stares we get from the sane people. wahaha. retards ftw ! \m/

my dear friend, Sim Chia Wee. :D

she always curi curi read my blog one. hahahaha :P
and my eating buddy too! woohoo~ we have our own food blog as well.
basically all we do together is EAT. LOL jokeeeeeee. ~

she's a great friend :)
(so great that i cannot describe it in words)

and of course my musketeer buddies :D :D
damn fun. one of them is a stalker. *cough you know who you are ^_^
still remember the last time, we sang at Piasau Boat Club til the wee hours of the night.! total shiokness!

pix from yesterday are still with Doreen. zomg she camwhored so much using Sanjeet's phone, it's a miracle the phone's still alive. ahaha~~

also, i think i've finally accepted the fact that i'm ----- tanned! wtf all thanks to tennis! pfft. 
suan liao. :((

this is my Gu Jun Pyo (angry) face. hahahha!! really similar.
like when he's gonna scold Kim Chan Di he'll put on this face. :D :D :D

-proof- hahhaha!!

ok lah. Kim Hyung Jun pix to end my oh so random post:

hiak hiak hiak! i love you! :))))))))

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