Tuesday, June 22, 2010

i wanna be white like Edward Cullen!!

look at the time- 1040 1100pm already! D:
exhausted. but i have to stay up to watch the 230am match between Argentina and idk what country 

today was spent at Sanjeet's house. Joan was there as well. only Doreen ditched us for exercise. pfft~
we watched movies and more movies and trailers. damn there's so many movies i wanna watch :3

Charlie St. Cloud - staring Zac Efron.
Beastly - some hot dude's the main actor. plus Vanessa Hudgen's in it too!
Inception - not only is Leonardo DiCaprio in it, the movie's kinda intriguing as it's about how you manipulate dreams or something.
Babies - this show is just too adorable!

omg there's so much more. but i can't remember anymore. boohoohoo :|

it was fun, hanging with the retards :)
had so much group hugs ahaha
i ate non stop while watching. Jennifer's Body was so scary. zomg !
then round 6pm we took a nap ROFL! first time hang out at friend's house til fall asleep. xD

gifts from Sanjeet!
i love gifts. haha <3

mine mine! pink braceletsss! :P

but i must say, Megan Fox sure is hot.

Joan why you lookin' so petrified? hahaha!

omg i found this nici bear on San's bed. arghhh so cute!!!
i kept squealing like mad. ! it's just so adorable. plus it looks like my pencil case. it is the same bear :O
cuteness to the max!

hahaha <33


rewind to the day before, which is Monday.
finally, at friggin long last, the lappy arrived!! \m/

the delivery man came round 11, but i wasn't presentable so i rushed upstairs for a quick change. but when i got downstairs the van was gone! :(
imagine my disappointment.

but thank goodness the delivery man came again in the afternoon. just before i went out with awhyo.

and the delivery man said to me, "this morning i came by but nobody was home. all went to school is it?"
rofl. i struggled not to laugh


went to imperial's Blue Cafe round 4pm.
our original plan was to eat fishball, but sold out :S
so Kri and I had mee goreng. haha!! love the mee goreng there. yumms! > :)

walked round Imperial. then we headed to Parkson.
can you believe that the shopping malls in Miri is so boring that, instead of shopping, we walked around discussing and finding proof whether the products are authentic or not?

hahahaha! OMG we really boh liao. actually not WE, is only a HE. *cough*

cool kid. :D

lol ! Kri looking cute there. haha

i really become black le hor..... :(
big big sigh. T_______T

so it's like 1222am now. ahhh have to stay awake for the 230am match later! Argentina yo!
which also means Higuain yo.! :P

so yeah, imma stay awake to watch. hopefully he'll score some goals like last time. ^__^

hello kitty ftw  <3


Joan said...

hahah, you crazy thing. XD <3

MeLo♥ said...

loook who's talking! wonder who was in a 'inapropriate' position in one of the pix. hahaha ;D