Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is NOT a kfc ad

yesterday, had kfc for lunch with the two sei kias ;D
mum was in Bintulu, so i was in charge to feed them. wahaha~

anyways, these two really damn funny lor. in the car, they kept teasing each other.
brother on the left is Ariston, and the right one is Ryan.

Ryan: your girl name is Aristonia.Aristonia Aristonia Aristonia~
Ariston: shut up, Rihanna

rofl. couldn't stop laughing.
mum arrived home round 8pm, so we ate out.
i just got back from tennis so decided to take a shower before going. who knew halfway mum said that they were leaving already -__-

so of course i hurried lor. then when i entered the car, mum was like
"just now so much time to bath don't bath. now then bath."

when my youngest brother heard this, he looked at me incredibly and said,
"you bath??"

i said yesssssss. 
and he was still in awe while saying :
"but you usually take 30minutes to bath. how can you finish bath in 10minutes?!"

i laughed. he continued saying: "you should be like this, you should be like us. bath in 10 minutes time."


and during dinner, we played our usual game - the alphabet game. lolzzz ~

Ryan: what starts with the letter B, has three syllables and bears the meaning 'rich'.

the only word that came to my mind was 'beautiful'. lol
non of us knew the answer, so we gave up and waited for him to tell us.

can you guess the answer? it's....

billionaire. wtf


Joan said...

hahah. love this post. very sweet and funny at the same time. XD

MeLo♥ said...

haha. thanks Joan :)) you're so supportive. ahaha!!