Thursday, June 3, 2010

wish upon a star

done with the efpc presentation this morning. then had Mechanics quiz in the lecture hall. clueless, as always. *sigh

everything just feels so messed up idk why.
am i not supposed to feel happy, now that the presentation's over? but somehow i'm not..

my eyes keep wandering, searching for you. i know i shouldn't but i just do. sometimes i feel so stupid. even after knowing what i know, i still can't stop myself from wanting to see you. just one look, i tell myself, one look will be enough. is it really enough? haha. i know it isn't, cos i'm greedy. :))

so i didn't see you today. so what?? it doesn't matter. and it shouldn't matter.!! arghhh. i really need a slap. i wanna scream at the top of my lungs, i want to know that everything's gonna be alright, that i'll look back on this and say "what was i thinking?!". i want to feel better and let go of all the emotions i'm currently feeling. i want to be happy. *sigh. but happiness seems so far away right now... there's this heavy feeling on my chest, suffocating me. making it hard for me to breathe.. i'm trying, i really am. but for now, it's not alright. everything's not alright, no matter how much i want it to be..

ah Bong. ^^
she treat me very well ler. haha :)) thankss for being patient with me. though i'm a damn slacker and pretty much useless in everything.

the two goof-balls in my group. haha they're pretty funny i must say, especially when they're together.
Rohit's always scolding Alex and i'll look at them and laugh.


went to Kuching on Tuesday. considered a day trip lar. went back on Wednesday cos of the presentation -_-

rainbow <3

the sky was so beautiful. but the beach was bo-o-ring. never liked beaches.
sat on a pointy rock and my butt was numb when i stood up. D:

my brother on the other hand, enjoyed so much. kids.

haha. another person who's not-so-fond-of-the-beach  :D

 didn't do much in Kuching. just eating only. lol! eat eat eat :D
honestly, i prefer Miri. :S
but i did try the Roti Cheese, which is not available in Miri, that was nice ;D
had laksa, it was okayy. D:
what else? hmmm....

ok lah. really nothing. it was that boring.
but i did get to see my cousin :)) so yeh, worth it.


what you think of the new header? i like it. :))
though sadly in my case, i doubt my wish would ever come true. :|

i'm just waiting for time to erase everything. let me drool over someone else please! i really need to distract myself. :(

neways, my hair ain't that curly nemore. sad arhhh.

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