Sunday, May 30, 2010


i am back with another update! :))

today was blissful. feel so blessed.  <3
in the morning, played accompaniment with Jac dalring in church. so nervous. our hands couldn't stop shaking hahah!!
but it went well. hehe i think? :O
because my dalring pro maa. hehehe ^-^

arrived home, played piano. sang to some of the songs. really made me feel alot better.
wasn't feeling so well yesterday... something bad happened. :|
but i'm not gonna elaborate on it. i'm leaving it in the past. moving on with my life.
or at least, trying to...

went out with Wee. we ate sundaes at Desserts. wakaka~~
so nice of Wee. she knows how much i like eating cold stuffs, so she went with me.. really touched dao.

chocolate brownies

Melba something. ahaha~
yumms!♥   >:)

after all that fattening stuffs, we left for Imperial! teehee~
walk walk. no idea what to buy actually. simply looking around. lol !
saw this cute Nike bag!! gahhhh ~ pink color kok !
was totally in love.
i even told Wee in my determined voice : "you are going to see me using that bag sooner or later."


but after walking awhile, jiu lose interest liao. -__- what the hell ?
instead, fell in love with VAIO. ! hot pink VAIO to be exact. ahhh hahaha. so nice ler.. 10" screen 2k. will dad say yes? HAHAHA!
damn but it's soooooo cute! :3

Wee bought masks, i bought eyeliner. and hello kitty hair tie. wtf? :b

but the happiness i felt when i saw all those hello kitty stuffsss ~
 i wish i can feel that way every day :)

after Imperial, we went to.... Servay! hahaha but it was too boring D: walk few minutes then we beh tahan. went to Toys World! cute cute stuffs. T3T

saw this at the entrance too! hahaha
musketeers ftw \m/

thennn we ate kuehs at the shophouses near bou. ! hohoho ~

yumms! <3

i'm feelin' much better nao. thanks Wee for the wonderful time. thanks for caring. haha
everything's gonna be alright. i know it is. ..

pix to end the post. :)) ~ cheers !

this toy is so cute! hahaha !

hello kitty hair tie :))  ♥
actually i bought it cos the shop owner was friendly... i was looking at it, then suddenly she told me the price. rm3.90. quite cheap right? haha! then she proceeded to show me where all the hair ties were and i asked me to choose one.
and when paying, she said to me, "you really like this brand (hello kitty) hor?"
of course i smiled sheepishly while nodding my head. :P

eh eh why so many cam-whore pix? LOL!

my bad.. :b

going tennis now. woots  :))

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