Monday, May 10, 2010

secrets to be happy

i really can't stand guys who flirt around when they already have a gf.

with that out of my chest..

today was a great day for me :)
i was in a super duper happy mood. in the morning, tweet tweet tweet. then stalked some stranger's blog with Jac darling. her comments were hilarious so i had to struggle to hold back from tears!
she's getting sarcastic-er and funnier now that she's in love.

plus, the food blog went thru a heavy make over this morning and it is now super gorgeous. ^-^
this adds even more happiness to my already very happy day.

then i went to school for my 6pm class.
to our horror, it wasn't the usual tutor. it was mr. R himself. we were all like WTF?
ah Bong even asked me to borrow someone's tutorial to copy for my life's sake.

and out of the whole class, the teacher happened to notice that my paper was empty. *SAD*

though i did not see my #1 today. i get to see my IndoMee (nickname for one of the many shuai ge's in my never ending list.) instead. the minute he step out of the door (smiling, wtf), i was star struck. *~*
and couldn't stop laughing like a crazy woman.

oh, the quiz was hard. but we discussed it out loud. rofl
and something funny happened.
i was having hearing issues, as always :(
and Simon was sitting quite far away. so i asked him what's the answer. he replied:
"狗。苹果,苹果." (Dog, Apple, Apple)

which sounds like "gou, ping guo, ping guo" in english.
and because i had hearing difficulties, i actually misinterpret it as "gou, bingo, bingo"
so instead of D,A,A , i circled D,B,B.

wtf is this shit !

my hearing is so so screwed man. Mei Yuk kept telling me it's DAA lahh but i insisted i heard correct. WTF STUBBORN. LOL

night time, had dinner with Wee. wanted to try out Bamboo Cafe. gone thru all that trouble finding it, with help from Jac. then when we arrived, it was not open. ROARRR FTS lol !
so we ended up having dinner at Airy Cafe. not bad also lar. hehe :)

arrived home, chatted with Crystal. hahaha damn is she funny or is she funny.
kept laughing and laughing. =.=

hoho then round 11pm Wee came back from her badminton. then chat chat while window shopping.
i think i'm going ki siao liao. why 2am but i don't feel tired at all! D:
i guess that's why i'm typing out all this shit this post. hehehehehehhehehehe

and i stumbled on this super cool widget or something that plays all songs by KHJ !! got video kok. *tears of joy*

ok lah. sorry no pix hor. i know u all wanna see my face hahhaa!!
it's 2:15am now. GOOD NIGHT!
gonna bank in tomorrow woohoo~~~~~~~~~~

PS: Bogoshipda is a really really nice song <3
it means 'I miss youuuu'

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