Tuesday, May 4, 2010

you fulfil my fantasies

wuahaha. had a wonderful time with my darling, as always :)
our date yesterday was different.
instead of shopping, all we did was eat eat and eat! lol !

and darling risked gaining weight just to fulfill my cravings. hahaha! so so touched :P
we had sho much fun. eating, then worrying whether we'll have enough space for our next stop.
and of course, we did. wuahahah!!

there were times where i thought my stomach was gonna burst.  *scary* T__T

but then, we ate most of the things on the list. teehee~ ^_^
sorry can't tell you what the food(s) are! will show you in the next post. waiting for more picssss from Jac,

my lenglui darling and date of the day! :D

at night, we went for practice as well. zomgg i am so loving the people there lahh.
especially Jac's father. he is just so funny. hahahaha

 oh, louis HAR too. hahaha!! *faints*

am i getting whiter?
if yes, then i will promote the cleanser i am using. hahaha!!

we bought blings too! ^-^
darling helped her boy bling his, while i rebling my phone. lolss
but... still no time. T.T
after today's lessons i suppose.
hehe. :)

P/S thanks for the wonderful time, darling.  <3

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