Friday, May 28, 2010

dream happy dreams

ahh just got back from the Dance Battle thingy in Curtin. it was fun. ah Vian was muh date for the night ;)
we were late... fashionably of course.
ok lah joke. nobody even noticed us cos it was so so dark.

on the way to Curtin, we saw a wedding car decorated with beautiful ribbons. and this brought us to the topic of weddings.
weddings are so beautiful. it gives me such joy whenever people get married. haha idk why!
when i see a wedding car passby, i'll watch it drive pass with a smile on my face.

we talked about how there's so many couples getting together and couples getting married nowadays.
 wonder whether it has anything to do with 2012 or not! haha :P
Vian said how nice to get married on the 10th October this year.
then the date'll be 10/10/10. cool huh?

i've heard people saying that if you make a wish at 11.11pm, it'll come true. haha!
so it'll really be nice to wed on 11th November 2011. don't you think? ^-^

my hair so dry :((
i just did treatment this morning ler.. then still so dry. :|

sad sad. but i don't got no monehh to go saloon treatment nemore, or even to buy treatment cream.
shitttttt !
i'm poor again D:
no more backup savings in my drawer wtf !
how how how did i use it all so fast? i didn't even blink! LOL

just now during the event, saw him pacing around. haha. he was so busy ler. *heartache* wtf
Crystal was there too. when she walked towards me. wao. got wind ler :P
nett nett !!

cham liao lor. lately follow dao my best friend, aka Pui Chee Yong talk liao. hahaha
kik kik kik. nett nett nett. hahaha!! all follow him :D

ohh and this week's math's quiz was hard like shitzzzz. (my dalring said i can't use mlm so now i change to shitttt :b)
ughhh we only did like half of it? in the end overall 50++% just leave it there. totally hopeless.
next time should do in the school lab with those brainy people.

i mean, isn't that what friends are for? *wink wink*

and the highlight for tonight:

while Vian was somewhere talking on the phone with her sister, HE CAME AND TALKED TO ME WALAUU EHHH !! 

when i saw him coming over i was like omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

i seriously forgot what we talked bout. too nervous liao lol lol !

i'm gonna go sleep and dream happy dreams. woo~~

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